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Spiritual Muscles – Work them out

Updated on November 17, 2015
Frank Wouters Flickr via Wikimedia Commons
Frank Wouters Flickr via Wikimedia Commons

Some of us are aware and awakened to a consciousness and know that we each possess gifts that we can use for the greater good. But so many are not sure how they can tap into those gifts. It’s discouraging having a gift as I like to call it and you are not sure what to do with it, where to go, and how does it work. I will go into some details that you might not know about that can help you exercise this gift and get the most you can out of it. Now I’ll repeat this again until I’m blue in the face. Spiritual gifts are like a muscle. The more you use that muscle and train it the stronger it gets. So if you are an empath, healer, psychic, or medium, it’s essential for you to use it.

Daily responsibilities and pressures sometimes prevent us from fully focusing on our gifts but even simple techniques can help you keep your gifts strong and precise. So here’s a list of things you should do as much as possible.

  • Don’t Interpret - Empaths, Psychics, and Mediums you will get hunches, feelings, senses, information, visions, shapes, here’s the thing to remember…don’t try to understand the information you receive. I’ve learned this myself. You may see a fish in a bowl and you think what’s spirit trying to tell me? You will often over analyze this and give the person you are reading for the wrong message. You must just tell that person whatever you see but of course use best judgment and you will learn that as you progress. If you see a fish in a bowl and tell that person they may be able to connect. It may be a person who lost their pet gold fish. Spirit is acknowledging this information and it’s important you tell them. Sometimes the sitter may not be able to put this together but later it may make sense.

  • Signs and Symbols – Spirit uses many signs and symbols apart from visons, feelings, hearing, and seeing. You might see a cross and make your own personal interpretation. For example, when I see a cross during a reading this symbolizes someone who was religious or is currently struggling in their spirituality. It’s not as easy as it seems. You will need to be specific in telling the sitter what exactly you hear and see. It’s often like a big puzzle and the pieces will fall into place but you and the sitter must put the information together just like a mystery case.

  • Practice makes perfect – If you can set up some personal exercises at home with a loved one. Ask them to turn on the television and turn around and have them mute the voice. Then tap into your gifts and the television. Tell them what you see on the screen. What colors, shapes, signs, symbols, people, genders, animals, and scenery. Ask them to think of a number between 1 and 10 and see how you do. The more you utilize your gift over time the stronger the connection gets and the stronger you get. Eventually what seems like a lot of work will become something so effortless.

  • Trust – You may be guided to tell someone a message or listen to someone who you may think needs your help. It’s okay to be the person who people come towards for answers. However sometimes we get taken advantage of by being too nice. Now I’m not trying to say we must be jerks but there are boundaries and you must protect your energy and know you can only do so much for someone. If they don’t want to listen this is their problem not yours.

  • Personal Drama – We all have a personal life and as we are on our spiritual path you may have hiccups and drama. Maybe not created by yourself but you know what I mean. We often have worries and concerns with bills, deadlines, finances, relationships, and the list could go on and on. This is the number one cause of people who are gifted not being able to help others or information appearing to be blocked. How can you help someone else with their life when yours is in shambles? In these cases you need to realize that it’s okay and you’re gifts are not going anywhere any time soon. Just sort out your own issues and then you will be able to read people, provide insight, etc. When we are in a better place full of light and not full of negative emotions then it’s a perfect combination to tackle life’s situations.

  • Dream Journals – If you information often comes from dreams and they are lucid then spirit is communicating. They are not always lucid but spirit can still come through with it. Try not to interpret it but keep a dream journal and document your entire dream. It might not make sense right away. But ask yourself what in my dream stood out the most? What object, person, and words were said or shown? Write it all down and reference.

  • Sleep – Some of you are probably laughing and thinking sleep? Really?? What is that? But remember part of your spirituality is your physical body. It’s the vessel that houses the soul. If your body isn’t getting proper rest and sleep then you are not recharging your energy. Remember we are all full of energy and our bodies speak to us. The less sleep you are the more likely you will be tired, lethargic, and unable to help someone else.

  • Coincidence – There’s no such thing as a coincidence occurring when spirit is involved. Everything that occurs is for a specific person and often pre-determined. For example you might see that you met someone at the store. You weren’t planning on going to that store in the first place but your brother asked you to stop by and get something for them. While there you connect with a long lost friend. It happens to be your friend is having a hard time with her life. You re-connect and exchange numbers. Later you speak more and become re-connected. This is what I mean by no coincidences. It all works out for the greater good.

  • Doubting – If you are gifted you know we all read people and get to the part where they can’t take or validate certain pieces of information. Its okay, it really is! Remind them that the information may not resonate now but later it may. The worst thing you can do is to doubt yourself and worry that you were wrong. This is NOT what our gifts are about. You can’t worry about being wrong or right. If you worry then this is what happens. Psychologically you psych yourself out. You will begin to let fear set in and be reluctant to share your insights because you think that person will tell you that you were wrong. Keep going and keep the faith. For every reading you do or insight you provide you will notice people may think about it and then come back to you. Sometimes they often will do this via PM because they don’t want to admit that you were right but that’s okay. We are not to judge others just take it and smile and know that the person at least validated.

Every single gift we have is to be cherished. I am so happy to say that I’m still learning and will continue to learn many things. As I continue on my spiritual path I will be sharing tips and techniques I use. If there’s one goal it’s to help others develop their spiritual gifts and come to embrace their spiritual path. You are WORTH IT! Blessings in love n light. X


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Interesting Hub and some very nice touches and lessons included. An informative and spiritual Hub.