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My personal story: Spiritual pathways 101 Part 1: One Love

Updated on September 14, 2012

One Love

I was born. I was baptized. I became a Christian for 34 years. Now I am Syncretic. I left Christianity 6-8 years ago so that I could freely explore my intrinsic motivations and belief systems that no longer lined up to the religion I belonged to for the vast majority of my life.

As a Syncretic I still center my practice around Christ Consciousness and some Biblical rituals established in Christ's name. I believe Christ is the physical embodiment of perfect, unconditional LOVE. I, also, believe Christ is fully God and was fully man. However, I believe that there is a Divine Matrix that is 100% inclusive. I interchangeably use the terms God and Source. From my perspective, as Source is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, no soul is left behind in any type of hell or purgatory. All souls are perfect love when viewed outside of the condensed energetic state of Maya (Illusion). All beings aspire and actively seek such sublime perfection through the process of sanctification. Eastern belief systems call this process reincarnation.

Furthermore, I believe heaven is the attainment of perfection...the attainment of One Love with all that IS and will always be. New Agers state that LOVE is all we all have ever been. It is only through our decision to individuate that duality, polarity and Maya came into being. When we choose to know our Source in Its completeness, we remember our true identity as children of the Divine: Perfect LOVE.

I would pontificate that Christianity lost its truth throughout history and that its followers have minimized the role of the soul, spirit and Triune God-head. Though, I also, believe that what we think, we are; so Christians are somewhat locked into their patterns. Only seekers surrendering to their God, whether fully or in part, will find liberation from such rigid thought patterns. This, I think, is a bumpy ride. Christians know this as Salvation and they perceive it to be exclusive to those who win a supernatural knowledge of the Christ through perfect grace. Many are left behind to purgatory and/or hell out of unrepentent sin.

University level research indicates that people reincarnate across religious, genetic and country lines. There are countless studies that show children 3 and under that have significant knowledge of different incarnational lives. The information each child has shown has been accurate and often quite extensive. Countries that believe in reincarnation principles often have more studies than Westernized nations.

I discovered many years ago that life is a continuum. We are always shifting/changing. What I believe today may change tomorrow. I currently believe that I am experiencing different incarnations and that I develop both in the present and that I am developing multidimensionally as well---in the past and future. There is no actual time and space. There is only Source and Infinity. It is not uncommon to experience the physical, mental and emotional realms simultaneously. I call this multidimensionality.


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    • JoanEB1970 profile image

      Joan Elizabeth 5 years ago from Virginia Beach, VA

      I too am inspired by your path. Thank you for sharing and stay tuned for the rest of my story.

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines


      Let me start out by saying, "Wow!"

      Yes, Wow! This is incredible.

      I left my Southern Baptist minister grandfather's church more than 50 years ago. I've studied Yoga, Scientology, Buddhism, Judaism, Kabbalah, New Age, and Christianity.

      I have seen the world with my own, non-physical eyes and my body was close but eyes closed. But I couldn't see my body, because it was behind closed, bluish-gray blinds.

      I have seen miracles, from the first inkling of an idea to its full manifestation in physical reality, all to the glory of the Heavenly Father. One was as startling as Moses parting the Red Sea.

      I have remembered so many lives, most of them like shadows of smoke, but some so vividly that tears of joy washed down my face like rivers.

      I have seen things in the Bible that no one has ever written about. I have found the Tree of Life mentioned in Genesis 3 and mentioned by the Kabbalah, embedded in 2 chapters of Genesis.

      I have discovered the dichotomies that make up the trap which holds us to this physical realm and and which pretend to be us -- a false identity worn over our eyes like blindfolds. I have tasted the everlasting life of which Jesus spoke and long to make it permanent.

      Your article inspires me to continue on that path.

      Thank you.