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The Subconscience Leader

Updated on January 15, 2016

Subconscience Leader of Man

Are you disturbed when the unbeliever seems to constantly experiences negative results? This may be because the losing individuals are people we know, we love, or we care about. Ever think, this could be you? Or, that you could still be among the unbelievers (in thinking)? Of course, not, you say. Reason being, you, as I do, have an agent of a higher power then ourselves. Listen! Regardless of where you are in your prayer life and in studying the Scriptures, the learner cannot and will not supersede the intent of the author. You either believe and trust God’s truth or deny and try to use logic to justify bad choices. Every decision you make has consequences. "Boy was that the lesson that took me the longest to learn." That is it. Learn the lesson. We know where we’ve been, but not always where we are going. Everyone, at one time or another thought they knew what was best, only to find out, down the road, it was not for the best. Some bad choices are very costly.

In the Holy Scriptures, The Old Testament is about promises and expectations. It is mainly about a people (the Jewish culture). There were promises that things would get better if they followed a certain course. Even then, since those specific procedures were not followed there were deadly conscequences. The New Testament is about fulfillment and completion (born again, salvation). A fullfillment of the promises of the Old Testament. Notice I did not use the term religious people. In my opinion, when people get to be religious they demonstrate a form of worship without God's anointing, a practice, a tradition, a show. The worship service becomes a learned procedure that involves more self and less of His Spirit. When God's anointing is not involved in the worship service the religious have no awareness of The Spirit of Truth. He or She is in the flesh, discerning what they see in the physical, and not allowing direction from the subconscious leader. It becomes all about themselves, and not about sharing God's Truth for His people. The worship service becomes a program. You cannot invite the Holy Spirit In when you are in control yourself.

Now, what does all the above have to do with being amoung the unbeliever or unrighteous"? Most of us make conscience choices that produce results not beneficial to others or one’s self. We've all been there. I know, I have. Unfortunately, not until we lose family, friends, money, possessions, etc., will most of us wake up or grow up. Well, I am here to tell you, you cannot do it yourself. You can only become more destructive when self is involved. You are in a dark room until you turn on the light. Common sense, right? That is exactly what it is. Light and darkness cannot occupy the same space.

There are two paths, one good, and one bad. Each path must and will produce accurate results. The deliverance or change comes from a "Spirit helper", and not an “enable spirit.” The Holy Spirit will never help you to do wrong. So do not expect His help in your mess or destructive thinking. That is not His job. He wants only the best for you. He is there to warn and guide you. This higher conscience is bigger than your own ego. You cannot compete with Him or out think Him or defeat Him, but you can egnore Him.

I remember a time when I was “out-of-control." I didn't realize I needed help, or even see help "knocking at my door." You know, it's true. You can fall so low that the next step can only be a step up or death. Alleluia! I am here to tell you that there is a step up. Just like I know there is a heaven and a hell, but that is another hub. Once you step up and move on towards your life purpose then and only then can you instruct the unbeliever or unrighteous correctly. Then and only then, are you walking in His love. The subconscience leader instructs the conscience mind to put the physical dwelling under submission. That is when the anointing takes control. The love tools become unconditional in advising and helping those in need. It is not about you, it is about how you are helping and relating to the unbeliever or unrighteous (who also maybe in the process themselves of becoming a believer). Now you are developing accountability attributes. This is not awareness in words; only. These attributes becomes a way of life. It is a passion you begin to possess. It is a life changing experience.

So, let the unbeliever or unrighteous be, until you are in the transformed position as helper. You can’t change them, but if not equipped (transformed yourself), you will join them. Let them see your light. They are watching. Pray for them. Pray you say. Yes, pray. Did you forget that you prayed to God to get you out of that situation you were in? Didn't He do it? When you truly repent, from the heart, and ask for forgiveness, your inner man is being fed. He (the Christ in you) makes you aware that you are forgiven of your sins, i.e. "the subconscience leader takes over." Then He strengthens you to overcome your destructive thinking. Only then does a transformation take place? Where there was darkness, it is replaced by a light of hope.

It takes real courage to listen to your subconscience leader because He comes in with a confirmation to your conscience mind leaving no second thought. Courage also because your old way of doing things change, and you become aware of the change. People and things begin to leave you like a terrible cough. You do not want to catch that cough again, ever. You will begin to make sacrifices that may involve family, friends and love ones. Your thinking is that "no one comes before your Truth." The subconscience leader is advising you, constantly, about all things. He always knows the correct path. He is the God Spirit inside you. He is with you always.

It takes practice and discipline to listen. The mind has to be trained. How do you train yourself to listen? Training comes through serving God's people. Ask the "Spirit of Truth" to reveal His Word to you. As you read the Bible or hear the Word of God you becomes convicted in a supernatural way. You can't always find the words to express this experience, but you become more willing to just accept and your faith grows. When the time comes to share or witness, the Holy Spirit speaks for you. Trust this! He knows just what to say and when to say it. Then you will hear what you must hear. You will hear as the author (God) intended. You will listen with your spirit. That spirit was never born and will never die; therefore it is always available for receiving. Allow your subconscience leader to make it right. He will!


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    • Pastor Leveston profile image

      Pastor Lester Leveston 8 years ago from Chicago

      Men, get back to leading and not following. Become a Spiritual Success as the "Spirit of Truth come forth."

    • Marliza Gunter profile image

      Marliza Gunter 7 years ago from South Africa

      Yes..Amen..that is so true...leading and not following..spiritual success...yes..."Spirit of Truth, come forth" blessed... :)


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