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Spiritual Truth Seekers finding themselves

Updated on September 14, 2009

Guardian Angels

Love writes its own story about itself to you from its experiences in your soul's long life up to now. Your soul has the authority and ability to consult with all other souls including master souls. All souls are linked to each other and to God.

Every soul is also linked to an angel. God when he separately created each soul created an angel that was linked to each soul from a perspective of God. This means that from God's perspective the soul and its guardian angel are created together as partners for all time. Souls contain angels and angels are linked to souls. All are parts of God, but angels are energy reservoirs flowing into soul from God and souls are depositaries for living this energy through experiences of love in the constructed worlds with the assistance available from their guardian angel's extra energy.

Angels remaining in the higher God worlds allow a contact with God to be more easily brought down to soul within its human body. This arrangement created an overview for soul to be helped when it felt it was too far removed from God to be helped by him or by anyone else anymore.

An angel is a depositary of stored love energy that reflects back to soul as an afterimage of itself. An angel is a construction which is in a way still a part of the soul, but it is also separate in the sense that this is your soul's true soul mate. Each soul has an imaged angel representing it in this way. An angel is a soul without a soul. A soul is a part of God and has part of God within it.

An angel is also a part of God, but it is more an energy pool of voluminousness rather than of substance. Angels and souls make up God's body. An angel lives in him as much as does soul. Their roles are not separate, but it is more like the heart and the mind in us humans in comparative similarity. The soul is the heart and the angel is God's mind that brings you messages from God whereas the heart brings soul God's love.

Angels look after all souls, as they are not souls as such, but more a creation of light. They live in God as part of his projection of himself as light. If you become aware of a strange light around you, it will usually be the presence of an angel. Lots of angels have the same or similar names to each other, and the Gabriel from the Christian bible overseers all other angels of this name as well.

Angels all have a type of light body which is not constructed from flesh, but is resident in the higher worlds where light is the building block for all of the construction of all of the bodies there. An energy body is not separated into organs nor does it possess a separate mind or a heart. An angel is composed of only the pure energy of love that has formed a reflective prism of God around it that conveys energy messages from God back to souls.

Angels are the part of God that picks up his messages and conveys them to soul. In another way they also pick up messages from souls, but they never convey them back to God unless the soul has first okayed this to be done. Once you get to know your own guardian angel it will be a messenger of your love and your problems back towards God and it will carry your prayers for you with the added energy from yourself being connected to this other angelic part of you.

Angels names are linked in a way to your own name, and Gabriel is a master soul that contains many angels under his wings so to speak. A master soul can be an angel if they wish after they have become enlightened and if they wish to carry out their work now within the heavenly spheres rather than back on the earth or somewhere else in the lower world planes.

My own guardian angel's name is Gladius and this links to my real earthly name by having the same number of letters in it, the number being seven letters. Numeric synchronicity links all and everything together across all time and space and across all planes of existence. It truly is a mathematical Universe.

God is the ultimate mathematician. My guardian angel Gladius reports to Gabriel who acts like a mentor to him now where he is residing. Angels are also growing and learning more about their own roles within God's creation and about working closely with us souls right alongside of us all.

The number seven apparently means fulfilment, completion or spiritual perfection and it points to me being a seeker and a very spiritually oriented person.

The number seven appears a lot in spiritual texts and in the bible it appears well over 600 times. The number seven represents a type of connective perfection from its roundedness being linked to its sharpness. It is all things to all people and this is its danger that you could become a chameleon and not stay as yourself. Numbers more only describe what is, but they act in both directions and will tend to have their own influence on us too.

Within numerology and similar to all other dualities each number has two sides to it. There are positive attributes for you to work more towards, and negative influences that are easily followed by you if not identified and moved away from consciously through your growing awareness.

The angel and the soul are also parts of creation being split into duality by God. The purpose of duality is to bring about comparison. Comparison arises from duality to show the one overall state of perfection the contrasting extremities possible within itself.

These polar opposite qualities stretch the perfect imperfection condition to allow love to slip between the cracks and so love can then allow consciousness to understand itself and its place within imperfection now as it heads back towards greater perfection. In truth though it has never really left perfection, but love just wants to take this journey from its unknowing imperfect side to its perfect side to raise its own awareness of itself to an even greater perfection.

Perfection improves itself by growing through different levels of itself to ever greater perfections. The only imperfection is always only relative to the higher levels and as such all is only really ever perfection. Both sides of duality are therefore also always perfect within themselves. Positive and negative are only ever relative truths of each other.

All exist within love and love separates itself into its extremities to stretch itself into awakening to itself and to experience itself in ever new ways by gaining self understanding and wisdom as it does so. Consciousness is always being acquired and clawed back in this way from unconsciousness. Only by creation can consciousness arise to know itself. It was hidden before within unconsciousness.

Love brings you to your angel and when praying with them you recognise the part of you that is in them and they in you. Connecting to your angel in this way will help you to embrace so many unknown parts of yourself and so lead you towards a greater and deeper knowing and understanding of yourself. This then after all is the purpose of soul.

The whole creative process is only a set up for souls to know themselves and to grow within themselves towards knowing and living from their own truths as they blossom in wisdom and love from only ever being their real selves.

Your guardian angel is always being reflected back to you from the light of your own soul. This light that you also grow inside of yourself links you to your angel and when you are both ready to now know each other this will then come about for you both. Your angel also might not know you for now, and is also growing closer to you every day as well. To get to know your angel, get to know yourself and so this angelic aspect of yourself will also begin to become clearer and be better known to you as well.

In truth an angel is only a part of you and you are a part of God. All other souls and all other angels remain also part of God, and you are all part of this one light and one love that is emanating from God.

The truth about angels is left mainly within that realm because you have to concentrate on your own life as soul and help your self to do this much first as much as is humanly possible. Angels always respond to requests for assistance, and they love you always from where they are. Gladius's advice to me is mostly to stop doubting myself enough to see him in my own mirror of myself. We grow within each others arms, as the love passes between us. Doubt always almost always only acts to block this passing of love.

Angels take on the same sex usually of their soul mate and so in my case Gladius is also male. They are actually only energy bodies, but they usually take on a matching or balancing energy to your own. It is not that they are male or female but an angel will exhibit a preference for the male or female energy pattern, and so we will often see them projected in this way when we do see them.

Angels can be seen within or they can be seen at times even outwardly when they manifest themselves to you in some way or another. Angels can manifest physical bodies to be seen physically by us sometimes.

Angels like us can move anywhere within creation. They can clothe themselves for a while in physicality, and this sometimes explains why some people and especially some young people die quickly. They come and go quickly to perform certain tasks while here, and to achieve certain goals, hence the expression to be touched by an angel.

Angels are an energy reservoir of your own energy pool overflow and evolve to match the same similar energy pattern as yourself. An angel will project an image of themselves for you to see in a similar way to your own projections of energy into creating the people that you see in your dreams. You create all of your dream persona from out of your own energy field. Every person that you see in your dreams is a reflection of yourself in some way, and they are only showing you some aspect sometimes hidden of yourself.

Your guardian angel is a similar construct from yourself, and really remains as a part of you in a separate way. Other angels are also guardian angels for other souls in the same way. There is a band of angels that roam freely however, and they are there to assist and to help all souls in the same way as their are master souls always present to help and assist other souls and other angels on their path through life. A master soul or a master angel always appears at times when they are being most needed. Jesus was such a master soul.

Angels are angelic beings of light that reside in God's light and act to lighten our loads by providing us with the greater understanding of the heavenly viewpoint to contrast with experiences here in our earthly realm. Love is no different though on all realms. Love is always only ever itself, love and love is everywhere. Love's energy penetrates into all creation and affects all alike.


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