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Spiritual Warfare: The Real War on The Saints (Part 1)

Updated on February 22, 2015

Do dark powers exist?

I come from a European heritage and parents who talked much about the spirit world, when I was a child. When they gathered, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles sat around the table telling their accounts of mysterious confrontations with ghosts and other such surreal characters. The younger ones among us listened with interest as the adults described encounters in the dark, or strange visitations with creatures they could not really describe.

Not until several family members became entangled in circumstances that included Voodoo spells to the death and witch hexes that caused psychological blindness, did I begin to delve into the study relating the concept of there being such a realm around us that includes dark forces, and evil spirits, in other words, the occult. A firm foundation was established through vivid experience however, through several circumstances that could not be explained by any tangible resource; but was clearly addressed among the resources I explored throughout my search.

In one particular case, a person who inadvertently became involved with a practitioner of Voodoo, shrivelled to half his proper size, so that he went from wearing men's clothing to wearing children's clothing. The voodoo curse that had been placed on him intended him dead. Sunken eyes that lacked focus, a mind that could not concentrate or think straight accompanied that shrunken body, almost to the intended end. Nausea accompanied irritability, an inability to keep any food or water in his system, and headaches as well as body aches that forced him to leave all other life functions behind. Seeing him diminished to such a degree caused his family to believe he really was nearing the end of his life.

By The Grace of God, the evil that was being imposed by dark forces was rerouted by prayer warriors who did not give up. By interceding on his behalf around the clock, these prayer warriors utilized the only weapons they had at their disposal, weapons most people scoff at, or think of only when there is nothing left... namely quoting Scripture verses and praying in The Name of JESUS. Though the curse was powerfully placed, and prayer had to be accompanied by fasting in order to come against the bodies of invisible spirits working to destroy that life, breakthrough was achieved. Days turned into weeks before breakthrough occurred, but breakthrough occurred; and the individual was finally able to receive nourishment, think straight again, and begin to rebuild his life. Clarity as to the benevolence of God's Mercy in fighting off the belligerent powers of darkness, was celebrated by each individual who participated in fending off the unseen enemy through intense prayer and sacrificial intercession.

Though still a child when the initial introductions into what power evil could impose, I learned well the lessons that proved there is a spirit realm. What's more, I learned that those who ignore the existence of a spiritual dimension will unearth more than they would think to discover regarding the ongoing effort behind the scenes to keep humanity blinded to the existence foul entities, by spirit beings. Sadly, if a person has died, the discovery will be realized when nothing can be done to fight back.

If the question is, 'do dark powers exist'? There is a lot of evidence to prove they do. The Bible contends for the need to recognize and repel such power. History presents countless records of manifest evil, indwelling people of power, and fictional stories attempting to describe various scenarios depicting the war between forces of good and evil.

But, do you understand that dark powers not only exist, there is a warfare that has been ongoing since before the world began, and continues to flex power and authority upon the human realm, in an effort to steal, kill and destroy those who acknowledge a need to defend themselves, while leaving those who are heading down a road of self-destruction to fall off the edge of reality before ever discovering what is making their existence hell on earth, or why? Dark powers do exist. In fact, an entire kingdom of darkness exists.

The books of hundreds of insightful authors present a very vivid and probably more accurate than anyone would hope, picture of this dread realm, under the leadership of a very blackened and indescribably evil entity. The book series by J. R. R. Tolkien called, "The Lord of The Rings" is one such novel. C. S. Lewis also rendered a rather interesting version of the force propelling darkness in his, "The Chronicles of Narnia" series.

Of course, no one wants to believe that there is anything of truth in fictitious works of that sort. Watching creatures Tolkien named 'Orks" march, by the thousands, in order to fulfill the agenda of a high and lofty leader, who doesn't do any of the dirty work, except to invoke an underlying air of sinister desires in those under his command, is not only creepy, it is downright hideous. The idea that the spirit realm would have to be approached and begged for assistance, in order to quash the efforts of the super soldier embodied by the creation of menacing giants, is even more disturbing.

What J. R. R. Tolkien depicted differently in his writings was the idea of The One Being that, not only is Supreme over all evil forces, but will one day return to take back what He Has Already Redeemed through an act of Sacrifice most individuals on this earth choose to ignore. That "One" is JESUS (YESHUA in Hebrew); and He Is The One to whom all intercession was directed in order to preserve the person upon whom Voodoo curses to the death were imposed. HE Is The One Who Answered those prayers.

He Is The One Who Is now waiting on the sidelines to Return to reclaim dominion over this earth. But before that happens, HE Is Waiting to see His Followers awakened to the fact that there is a war going on. Not merely a physical, visible war between what is good and what is evil, but war in another realm; a spiritual war that can only be fought using spiritual weapons, and the understanding of spiritual laws that govern the dimensions outside the sphere we see and know is occurring even as you read this.

No Argument

This 'Hub' is not being written in order to provide a subject for debate. The topic of this Hub, 'Spiritual Warfare: The Real War on The Saints", is not one I will waste time defending. The purpose of this Hub is to inform those who care to listen that those of us who want to, must learn that the battle to 'steal, kill and destroy' eternal life from him/her is raging in a realm, that while being invisible, is more real than the world we see with our eyes. In fact, the dimension that I write about is one in which those of us who have spiritual eyes to see, is more real and will have a more effectual weight upon each of us based on the eternal impact and influence that can only be fought against while life as we know it exists.

The World At Large

Perhaps the world at large can, will or has denied the tangible concept of a spiritual realm, delegating this 'unseen sphere' to fictitious stories and/or the stuff nightmares are made of; but, anyone who has engaged in hallucinogenic drugs, or practices of the occult, and who has, as part of the experience, met with foul creatures that oppressed or tormented them, will know that spirit beings do exist. Such beings mean to steal from you, destroy you, and if possible kill you before you find out that they are deadly, have the potential to make you meet with a tormenting, unending eternal destiny, and mean for you to never know the truth.

What is that truth? Humans are sinners. The Law as stated in The Ten Commandments is meant to show us that we cannot be 'good' outside of relationship with The Father. The Truth is YESHUA (JESUS) left His Place in heaven, to become a human being, then paid the ultimate price, as a Sacrificial Offering in place of any sinner who acknowledges His Divinity, His Purpose, His Gift and His Power. The truth is, YESHUA wants to grant each and every individual the option of re-establishing relationship with The Creator, our Heavenly Father, Whose Holiness requires those in relationship with Him to be holy too. The Blood of YESHUA, SHED on the Cross of Calvary is the substitutionary priceless offering of death, purchasing the life of sinners, because YESHUA is Divine; YESHUA is also the only sinless human who ever lived...and HIS BLOOD SACRIFICE is worthy of acceptance by THE FATHER, as a covering for sin, to any and all who surrender to HIS Will, desiring to become a citizen of His Kingdom, after being born again in The Spirit, and baptized into The Family of The KING by, with and in HIS HOLY SPIRIT, at which point in time, a person may begin the adventure of starting to grow spiritually, just like a babe grows. The Holy Bible is The Word of God; and as such, is the nourishing sustenance by which a new member of The Heavenly Father's Family may begin to discover the fabric upon which this family has been built. His Holy Spirit is The Promise of YESHUA to those of us who understand the need for spiritual, supernatural, sustaining, enduring and equipping help, without which we will never gain a foothold relating to truth, wisdom, integrity, humility, peace and so much more.

Too Much to Share in Hub Pages Posts

There is so much to be shared. This is one of the reasons I have taken so long to write the Hubs I started out writing, with the intention of explaining aspects of Spiritual Warfare that could help those who don't understand how to deal with an unseen enemy. Yet, recently, very recently, I have been brought to see, that such instruction is delicate and miscommunication, done (under my own effort, rather than the leading of The Holy Spirit) has the power to be misleading. I do not desire this.

For this reason, I am retracting the Hubs on this subject, except perhaps, (Part 9) which is more of a testimony of The Goodness of THE FATHER, and my personal experience including the struggle to maintain faith while the world around me seemed to be falling out from underneath.

Will I repost what I am about to take away? Not sure right now. I have to pray about everything. In the meantime, I urge you to take your spiritual needs to FATHER (HIS Name is YAHWEH) in prayer, in THE MIGHTY NAME of JESUS, or YESHUA (if you prefer calling HIM by His Real Name), mindful of the fact that YESHUA DIED for you; and if you really want to know HIM, you must recognize your crime of sin was paid for by HIS SHED BLOOD. Now, if you come to Him, renouncing your sin, and asking Him to help you know the Truth, so that you will not be caught in the lie, He Is Faithful and JUST... to forgive your sin, and knowing the sincerity of the innermost heart of every matter, He Answers the prayer of those who are seeking Him honestly.

May THE FATHER in Heaven Bless you, through YESHUA, our SHEPHERD, our SACRIFICIAL LAMB, our HIGH PRIEST, our SAVIOUR, our FRIEND! Amen.


Once again: If The FATHER in Heaven so leads, i will return with edited posts on the subject; otherwise, the posts in the current series will be withdrawn over the next few days. I pray GOD BLESSES you, in JESUS' (or as I like to call Him, MESSIAH YESHUA's) Name. Amen.


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