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THINK. (Formerly a different title. Reason for retraction found at the bottom of this post.)

Updated on February 24, 2015

We Are Three in One Just like The Creator

(Note **Before anything else is written, please let me apologize for the many phrases that may cause me to sound self-righteous. Like every other human being, I am flawed. I am constantly searching my heart and my motivation, in order to uncover any insidious quality that might bring me to share information for the purpose of belittling anyone reading my work. What I write, I write based on over three decades of study and personal experience. My desire is to bring aspects of spirituality to the forefront that some may not understand, and some may never articulate; but that everyone will grapple with at some point in time. My personal view is plain: as far as I am concerned, individuals who believe there is no Creator, embodied as Father, Son and Holy Spirit are missing out on a foundational aspect of human revelation. Getting to know The Creator has been the greatest adventure of my life... and the most abiding engagement I have ever embarked upon. I grieve for those who will never know such glorious perceptivity.**)

To say man came from nothing and will return to nothing is to discard the most valuable facet of mortal constitution, and should be considered a rebellious rejection of The Creator Who made man in HIS Image. To say, 'there is no Creator' is to state a position upon which to base that rejection. Just as adherents to this claim ask Creator honouring individuals to prove HE DOES EXIST, atheists, and other non-committed hearts could be asked to prove HE DOES not. Such a request would be of no use though, since that person has determined there is no Creator; and, would merely state The Creator failed to reveal Himself, because 'there is no God'.

In actuality, our Creator Promises to make Himself known to those who sincerely seek Him, not those who shun Him. In which case, the very stance of repudiation shouts to out to Him, saying, "leave me alone", a pronouncement of heart and mind HE Promises to respect. You see, our Creator does not deal with the outer man, but with the heart's desire of each individual. In so doing, He remains true to His Commitment obliging 'free will'.

I believe that, sadly, individuals who make such a claim shall discover in the realm of existence that follows our human journey, the mistake of deep-seated repudiation of The Creator, or any 'other dimensional presence' existing, is more than costly. None-the-less, any free thinking individual has been created free, to pursue the spiritual course that defines his/her heart's convictions (The Creator respects the right to freely choose. That is why He gave us 'free will'). FATHER never steps on the toes of those to whom HE Has Granted the privilege of 'choice'.

The Holy Bible presents a platform to anyone who considers the idea of His Existence a welcomed thought. In The Bible, FATHER tells us, He not only created humanity, He created humans in HIS Image. For many years, when I read Scripture that presented this fact, I grappled over the statement (as one grapples over many concepts that cannot be plainly understood). Not until I began pitting the idea against Scripture verses that helped me understand better, did I perceive an analogy that opened my mind to the possibilities.

You see, everything on earth is a mere shadow or type of what 'is' in The Kingdom of Elohim (Hebrew for God). That man was made in the image of The Creator, doesn't need to be a problem, just like a robot being made in the image of man is not too difficult to envision. When a person builds a robot, that robot may look like a human being, but the complexities of human life cannot be compared to the wire connections used to build the robot. Similarly, we appear as Elohim appears outwardly, but humans are a mere configuration of Him, a reflection, not an exact replica. Moreover, in the un-regenerated spirit (the person not re-Born of The Spirit of God) The Inbreathed Life of our Father in heaven, is not flowing in a manner that nourishes, teaches, guides and blesses. Everything a person with an un-regenerated spirit does, he/she does under a carnal/natural influence.

Considering the concept of man being made in the image of The Creator, let's examine a few factors: a robot does not contain organs and is not made of flesh and blood, but is, rather, composed of mechanical elements that give the robot the ability to perform a variety of substantial tasks; however, no matter how well built, never does a robot perform every task a human performs. In essence, what has been made is subject to the maker.

In essence, man does not make another 'man' when he builds a robot, no matter how hard he tries, because the elements he is using are nothing like the ingredients used to make us. Outside of putting into practice the human act of reproduction, humans cannot create life out of nothing. Nothing plus nothing always results in nothing. (No matter how hard scientists try to create something from nothing, such a feat has not been mastered. Nor will humanity ever master this exploit.

Despite every attempt to emulate The Creator by piecing together various strains of DNA and other such LIVING particles, science always needs a created based to work from. No human has ever made a life form from nothing. The Bible lends an example of humans, who were considered the religious leaders of their day, trying to make something out of nothing in the Book of Exodus when Jannes and Jambres, considered Pharaoh's leading wise men, among his sorcerers and magicians, tried to make life out of dust, just as Adonai (The MASTER CREATOR) made lice out of the dust, but failed. Only ADONAI Creates Life and Sustains Life. (Read Exodus Chapter 8)

So what? What does the fact that a robot may look like a human, but cannot perform the actions, reactions, have the thoughts, or experience the emotions of a human have to do with anything? The analogy is meant to make more palatable the premise that, just like a mirror image does nothing but reflect that which is in front of it, humans have been made in the 'image' of The Father; yet, this does not mean we are exactly like HIM, or that HE IS like us in manifestation. Humans are merely an outward reflection of His Image.

Considering the complex construction of human anatomy and the fact that the intricate blueprint of the body leaves every other possible design in the dust, discarding the idea of a Supreme Being Who Created Life and Desires relationship with humans, is wrong. The human mind alone, cannot be matched by the fabrication of countless numbers of computers for its intricacy. Of course, there is no human being on this earth who makes full use of the capacity in a human brain, but for the few who come closer to making fair use, the exponential psychological distance between that individual who cannot add two numbers properly and the genius mind is not chartable in vastness or depth.

Trillions of atoms make up one human cell, and there are trillions of cells in the human body; although cells are known to die, divide, regenerate, the actual number of cells in a body can only be estimated. Looking at such magnificent construction, with all the variables and unknowns, then believing such a 'creature' somehow created itself, has no original designer, or simply formed itself out of dead dust particles from which it will return, is illogical, and thus far proves utterly impossible.

Treating His Creation with the approach that this 'being' has inestimable value, our Creator, in The Bible addresses man to include three distinct facets of manifest being. These three facets are body, soul and spirit. While the atheist may propose humans are mere body and soul, The Holy Bible teaches the spirit of man is vastly different and completely separate from the soul.

Each of these facets has its own function and effects a particular purpose. The body is comprised of an outward fleshly shell, encasing internal organs, bones, muscle and a myriad of other interconnected parts that work so long as there is a live association with the soul and spirit. Nourished by nothing less than, food, water, relationship and a reason for living, the soul of man may be considered the aspect of humanity where the personality dwells. The soul is also the place where emotions, conscience, and especially the mind and the will substantiates a human being. the spirit of man is the part of humanity that died when Adam sinned. This part is the vital part that connects us to our Creator when we are born-again through the power of THE HOLY SPIRIT

No Creator? Think about it. Really? You're smarter than that. Still, the truth is, unless The FATHER draws you to Himself... unless you hunger to know The Truth, you cannot know The Truth.

(This Hub has been renamed. Formerly the subject title was, 'Spiritual Warfare: The Real War on The Saints (Part 3a); but this has been changed because Spiritual Warfare is an expansive subject that cannot be treated lightly. To understand this aspect of The Believer's journey, a person must seek to understand The Bible, through The Power of The Holy Spirit, prayer, and an actual relationship with YESHUA/JESUS, The Messiah. For those of you who know HIM, please think about growing closer to HIM as time is growing shorter everyday. Our Redeemer will soon return, but not before persecution of our faith, that has already begun, becomes a solid structure in the new world system. Spiritual warfare has existed in the unseen realm since the first Adam fell into disobedience to The Creator. As we near The End of time as we now know it, spiritual warfare is intensifying, in both visible and invisible spheres. The Best Teacher on the subject is The Holy Spirit of Elohim, from Whom I have learned much, through harsh realities and difficult experiences. I cannot share what I know in a few words over a hub. My attempt to teach principles of spiritual warfare failed to do the subject justice, as more was left out than I could share; therefore, I am withdrawing the subject title slowly as I re-read and renegotiate what I have shared here, for the purpose of being fair to readers and not misdirecting anyone.

If you are a Believer in YESHUA, please understand the times, and seek The FATHER through HIS SON, in the Power of HIS HOLY SPIRIT... If you have not been baptized in The Holy Spirit, ask The Father to lead you to receive baptism in The Holy Spirit. If you have not been baptized in water, ask The Father to lead you as to this public declaration of your faith in YESHUA, and surrendering to His Will regarding this aspect of obedience. My obedience in this area was life-inspiring. Enough said for now.

May The LIVING CREATOR BLESS you, in the meantime.


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    • EmVeeT profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago



      May HE BLESS you!

    • ALL4JESUS profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      God is great!


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