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Spiritual World

Updated on August 30, 2010

Astral World

What do we know about the world beyond the one we are living in... not a lot but we do know that SPIRIT, ghost, spectre or whatever you want to call yourself when you pass over enters our very existence constantly. Now you’re wondering why… one of the reasons is that they think they are still alive.

When you die (it’s like moving from one room to the next) your spirit leaves your body but remains the same in form as your physical body when you embark on an adventure in the Astral World which is the world beyond this one. A world of no time. A world where wishes come true. If you want a cigarette or drink or maybe you want to be somewhere else, you just think of it and it happens.

The Astral World is a world before good spirit goes to Heaven, a stepping stone so to speak… but also where bad spirit continues to dwell in a dark place guarded by superior spirits. After saying that, it all depends on you whether you want to leave the Astral World for Heaven by the assistance of spirit (Guardian Angel or Relative maybe) that helps you over the other side.

The Astral World is a place where all sorts of spirit exist. There is one particular spirit known as an INCUBUS, a demon in male form that ventures into our world that preys upon women for sexual intercourse whilst they are sleeping. There is also the opposite which is SUCCUBUS, a female demon preying on men for sexual gratification.

It is also known that there is bisexual Incubi (the plural of incubus) invading our materialistic world for sexual endeavours with men too. It is known that some humans have given into having sex with these spirits believe it or not.

To avoid being too sordid about human sexual behaviour, man will go to extreme lengths to gain sexual stimulation.

What is happening now is spiritual loving… sex with spirits, ghosts, us who are not living in this world. When a spirit enters our existence it can solidify its energy, become solid in stages. It can build up enough energy to touch, to feel, to love, to have sex in other words, whether it’s man or woman. Mind you, you got to encourage the spirit to get more solid by enjoying the experience. You are probably asking yourself, if a spirit can imagine a cigarette, a drink or being somewhere else, why not having sex with another spiritual body – the answer is quite simple… whom? Especially if the spirit is lonely.

If a spirit can gain comfort in a living soul – it would be more enjoyable, more thrilling to have sexual relations with. Once a spirit attaches itself to you, you got it for the rest of your life, sex on tap. Only an exorcism will remove it, using a powerful prayer.

You’re probably asking how can I get involved with a spirit – sensitivity, being close to a relative that passed over recently or even dabbling with clairvoyance will help a lot to bring a spirit into our world but not an evil one unless of course you use a ouija board which can bring in an evil or mischievous spirit.

What happens in some cases when somebody passes over, a spirit can latch onto the person that just died. These spirits are strong in every sense. They are spirits that roam the Astral World for fun – like rebels but also want to enter our world for all sorts of reasons.

NOTE: Before you try any one of these experiments below to see SPIRIT, BEWARE, they are NOT games to mess around with . If you are not mentally strong, don't dabble with these experiments - thank you.

A couple of tips to see spirits (clairvoyance)

  1. Dim lit the room.
  2. Sit at a table and be quiet.
  3. Face a piece of white cardboard about ten inches square with a six inch black circle coloured in. Make sure it is resting up against something but not dead vertical.
  4. Stare at the black circle.
  5. Relax your body – take deep breaths until you are on the verge of unconsciousness then you will see faces appearing before your very eyes in the black circle – that is spirit. It might not happen straight away – you might need to practise quite a bit.

Another method

  1. Dim lit the room.
  2. Sit at a table and be quiet.
  3. Stand a torch on the table with the light bulb lit, exposed without the light bulb plastic casing.
  4. Stare at the light bulb.
  5. Relax the body – take deep breaths until you are on the verge of unconsciousness then you will see spirits passing through the light – practise might be needed before you see them.

One of the things that might happen, you’ll hear a popping sound. That’s when a spirit enters our atmosphere.

Some things you should know

This could be a distraction but a spirit will touch you in certain places to arouse you – this could happen quite often especially at night or when you are relaxed.

Spirit will touch your bare skin during the day and you'll notice it when you're not thinking about nothing.

When you go to bed – you’ll feel movement on your bed until you nod off.

Spirits can hear you talking and will only reply if they want to.

Spirits can hurt you too if you wind them up the wrong way or trespass into their domain.


Spirits can sense fear in a living soul because of the aura that we humans have around us – it will change colour if you show fear in yourself. Spirit will know doubt surround you or penetrate your body and show their disapproval by making you cold or to make their presence known.

Spirit will try at some stage enter your body - you’ll feel pressure in the face, like something is trying to get out of you and on top of the head, pressing downwards for a short period of time. Also you could feel movement underneath your feet sometimes - like a tingling feeling but can be annoying for awhile if you take too much notice.

Itching is another annoyance that could occur, it depends on the spirit. If the spirit wants to keep you as its own lover then it will make you itch to stop you from straying, preventing you from having any friends or lovers.

I’m not sure for certain but you could get a stream of bad luck from being involved with certain spirits – don’t ask me why or how.

Things To Know

If you feel cold in a warm room, more than likely a spirit has passed through your body causing the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up. A spiritual encounter could make your hair turn white in parts.

Spirits use port holes to enter our atmosphere.

If an unexplained thing happens – it might be a mischievous spirit playing about.

For example, a bottle topples over on the table as you were about to grab hold of it.

Another example, you lost something in your home then find it in some obscure place – spirit could be the culprit.

Unless of course you can explain why things happen sometimes – BEWARE!

Mind you, the Lord moves in mysterious ways… and he’s everywhere.

If you could develop your third eye just above the top of the nose, you would be able to see spirit at any time. They roam everywhere in our world. In fact, our world is their world too in a sense.

When somebody leaves this world, they could be in a confused state in the Astral World.


Sceptics will no doubt read this info and say, "what a load of bunkum!" That’s their opinion but life after death does exist. There is another life beyond this world. It might not be well organised as this one because of what exists in the other world. What does exist wouldn’t actually exist in this world without the armed forces getting involved to cover up any sort of strange phenomena. That is why the Astral World is so mysterious and so scary to know about and yet it can be so fascinating too, to learn about.

More to come.


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    • profile image

      Michael Sutherland 

      4 years ago

      Reply to Brenda. First of all, black circles are a way to see various spirit in a darkened room. Departed souls can linger around with their loved ones until they are ready to leave to a higher plain.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Unless you're an empath you can't really know the truth. I think your wrong sir. I can do things like this with departed husband without paper with black circles etc. I know it is him too and not an incubus.

    • profile image

      michael sutherland 

      4 years ago

      Sometimes spirits will try to enclose themselves into a living soul, hoping to come back into this world. Spirits will try just out of curiosity. Just be strong and don't show any fear.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Interesting reading, I have seen spirits, felt them touch me but my question is what entered my body forcefully through my nose. I was not a believer but these events happened to me recently and are real. I am not asleep dreaming or mad.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      We did you learn this from where is proof?

    • profile image

      Harrison ned 

      5 years ago

      my oldest boy passed away on December 09, 2011 and I prayed like I have never prayed before, then on December 19, 2011 I was awakened at 1:10 a.m., then two orbs appeared one above the other about a half an inch between them, then once they got still an incredibly bright light appeared and slowly an outline of my sons face appeared and he was smiling as if he was happy and safe which is what I asked in my prayer a few days earlier...Yes God and Jesus are there answering prayers!

    • Kimberly Bunch profile image

      Kimberly Bunch 

      9 years ago from EAST WENATCHEE

      Interesting Hub! Here's another one:

    • easy1 profile image


      9 years ago from Ireland

      I think I went out with a succubus once.Great hub.


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