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The Search For Answers

Updated on April 24, 2010
even in a storm
even in a storm

Looking for answers

The man was experiencing a nightmare. In his dreamstate he was in a boat on the ocean,far from shore. Suddenly a large wave came along side and capsized the boat. The man was instantly in a state of fear, he could not swim. He looked frantically for any sign of another boat or someone that might rescue him. There was none. As he thrashed around in the water he realized that it was only making matters worse. Deciding that all was lost and he would surely die, he ceased this struggle. As he was going under for the final time he called out, Help!

Suddenly he heard a small voice coming from far off saying, "It's time to wake up" he began to awaken and as he became conscious he realized that he was at home safe in his bed and that there had never been any real danger. What he had believed was going to kill him was only an illusion. All we had to do was awaken for it to be over.

This is a wonderful example of how we approach life.When dealing with difficulties. We exist in a state of constant anxiety over how to live our lives and how to fix our problems. Most of us believe there is an answer to our problems, that we can figure out. We live under the illusion that our minds can think of a way to remove all threat be it Illness, death, poverty unhappiness, depression, or bad luck of any kind. We labor under the illusion that we can find the answer if we work hard enough, study enough, are a good person, etc;

Level Confusion

We go through our lives attempting to do or say the right thing in hope that our problems will be solved. If we can't solve them we put them off on someone else to solve for us.

What we are laboring under is a state of level confusion, that is, a belief that problems can be solved on this physical plane. We may find a temporary solution that seem to work for an immediate problem only to find that ten more take it's place. Problems have no solution when dealt with through the use of our intellect.

When faced with what seems to be insurmountable issues, all we need to do is to stop attempting to solve them ourselves. We must take any problems to the spirit level. Here we find the only real solution. That solution is to trust that God will be there for us whatever our need.

Sometimes your problem may appear through your earthly eyes as still existing. This means only that we must trust that God knows our needs better than we do and that he will be there to answer us and will supply all our needs if we are willing to awaken to our spiritual world and trust in the trinity. There is no problem that God cannot handle.Our part is to allow them to be handled for us..

Pray not that he will solve your problems

 This would be telling God what you believe you need. Trust is the key. We must have faith that all of our needs will be met. Prayer is not a time for making demands on God but rather a time to acknowledge him and to give thanks for all he does for us.


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    • Ashmi profile image

      Ashmi 7 years ago from Somewhere out there

      Hi Sandra........I'll check it out, thank you for the invitation.

      Hi are right, all is to be treated equally. The bad as well as the good. It is not easy to look at pain in the face and accept it, but that we must do, and not hide from it.

      Every experience has something to teach us and each can be enjoyed. Even the painful ones lol. Suffering is the result of resistance. The more we resist the more intense the pain.

      I am not suggesting that we can be happy after the loss of a loved one etc. What I am saying, is that we need not lose our sense of peace; which is our Natural State. Balance and harmony and a sense of unity is the essence of bliss and all joy. Pain is a call for attention, and we must answer its call.

    • Challah1202 profile image

      Challah1202 7 years ago from Chandler, TX

      Leaving things to God is harder than it sounds. We want to control and engineer the outcome. Sometimes His answers take us to places we didn't want to go. But they are the best of all possible ends if we will work with Him instead of sturggling against Him. Good job.

    • slock62 profile image

      slock62 7 years ago from Florida

      please check out my "Invitation to a dialog on Consciousness evolution. Don't know what you particular take on spirituality is but you may find this stimulating. Thanks for the comments, you are too kind.

    • Ashmi profile image

      Ashmi 7 years ago from Somewhere out there

      Hi Sandra,

      TY for the compliment....most think me too abrupt and direct or otherwise too heavy and dense.

      I on the other hand; love your fluidity and lightness of expression. You get to the point without falling into the trap of overstatement. You do not labour over it which adds a refreshing quality to your work. It is sincere, lacking the pomposity and pretentiousness that often accompanies the writings of the so called "learned and knowledgeable".

      keep it up, I love it!

    • slock62 profile image

      slock62 7 years ago from Florida

      You phrase things so nicely. I aspire to be able to convey my understanding so well. Thanks. Blessings

    • Ashmi profile image

      Ashmi 7 years ago from Somewhere out there

      Hi Slock62,....good hub!

      I agree....The intellect is useful for dealing with practical problems, such as driving a car, making an omelette or for solving mathematical equations etc....but when trying to solve problems of the mind, the intellect usually confounds the problem. The mind cannot solve problems at the level of the mind: nor clear mental confusions that were created by the mind itself. The mind must get out of the way and we must allow God to live through us.

      We are not geniuses because we do not know how to think, but because we do not know how to stop thinking.

    • slock62 profile image

      slock62 7 years ago from Florida

      What is satan but an excuse for continuing a behavior that is not helpful. "The Devil Made Me Do It" If we acknowledge the existence of satan in our lives that leaves us susceptible to a power that is not real. There is no power except the power of God. I believe the challenge before us is to concentrate on God and our relationship with the holy spirit. Satan is a figment of our imagination. Any power that does not come from God is not a power that I care to acknowledge. I refuse to give the idea any credence.

      I do however respect your belief and your right to give power to what you feel is right for you. God's Blessings

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Slock62, With satan out of the picture, there is no confusion and no need to worry or fret. Everything is clear and calm.

      Brother Dave.

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific hub read you have my prayers god speed thanks