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Spiritual Success Techniques

Updated on November 16, 2013

Different Techniques for Speeding Spiritual Development

I have practiced different spiritual techniques for last 25 years. These are some of spiritual (and not spiritual :) techniques that have given me best results. I believe that spiritual person can find spiritual benefits in different moments of her life. If you are aware of yourself and experiences you are having, you may find amazing cognitions in experiences that others wouldn't consider spiritual (like parachute jump, or martial arts training, or even bowling).

Another thing that I find important is the understanding that spirituality doesn't mean the withdrawal from material world and being unsuccessful. My experience is exactly the opposite. I was practicing spiritual and self-development techniques, and they made me more in harmony with myself and material world.

That harmony made me better adjusted, and I was able to behave better in the all areas of my life. Better behavior gave me better results in material world and better material reality.

Zen Meditation

Ancient system, but unsurpassed for getting deep results. There are a lot of new systems that could give results quicker, but none of them is working so thoroughly on deep level. Besides going into zen monastery, and living as a monk, you can practice Zen in few weeks seshins (monastery like life with very intensive meditation, but during limited time (1-4 weeks).

I am practicing zen meditation ever since my first zen seshin in Santa Barbara in 1981. This kind of meditation always give me serenity, and surprisingly stable results on the koans I am meditating on. Practicing it makes my day totally different and stable. (This is the reason why I am so unhappy with myself when I fail to meditate in the morning (and that unfortunately does happen :))

Photo from my fire-walking workshop in Colorado
Photo from my fire-walking workshop in Colorado


Although Firewalking is not strictly spiritual technique, a lot of practitioners get fantastic transformations during this initiation. I have had one of most dramatic experiences of my life. Different trainers organize this initiations in the USA and other western countries.

I had a transformational experience, that could hardly be explained.

In a way, confronting something so "genetically" scary (scary for the human kind on archetype level) was really precious for me. Trainer that was coaching the event also succeeded in connecting the experience and the feeling of freedom to further situations in which ability to confront something like that could be needed.

I was really transformed by that experience (although at the first glance it's much less deep than other practices I covered in this hub).

Interesting Video of Fire-walking

Techniques for improving your material reality

This is maybe the most important activity spiritual person can do. This is what is needed to create the harmony between ones "spiritual life" and her everyday, material reality. Great system of this type is SPIRITUAL OPTION. I had a great results practicing this system, first on my own (with E-Workshop), and later after attending live workshop, the author of the system gave in Asheville (N.C.).

This system is something I can frankly recommend, but maybe even more important for me were general lessons I learned. After that workshop it was so clear to me that it's so easy to use self-improvement techniques, not only to get in more harmony with yourself, but to improve your material reality too.

Spiritual techniques are techniques for getting in harmony with oneself, and that is essential when you want to change some part of your material reality (like achieve some goal).

That was something really precious, and I will remember it as long as I live.

Practicing different activities with awareness

 This could be really important step in your spiritual advancement. It would be optimal if you are able to be aware of yourself during all activities you are doing during a day. But second best is to try to be as aware as possible in activities you like (or do as a hobby). Good example would be martial art practice, learning tea ceremony, calligraphy, bridge, or learning to dance tango (or even a bowling). If you make an effort to be aware as you learn or practice your joyful activity, you would make every occasion an exercise in awareness (and naturally spiritual experience).

Parachute jump as a spiritual experience


 To have improvements on spiritual path, you can use different spiritual and non-spiritual techniques. The main thing is to choose those which give you benefits that brings you more and more in harmony with your true nature and your environment. Technique doesn't have to be strictly "spiritual" technique in order to give you spiritual improvements. 


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    • profile image

      Steven Caldwell 3 years ago

      I also liked your hub very much.

      (It's probably because I feel very

      much like you on this topic :).

      I also feel that a really spiritual

      person could have spiritual.

      It should be the way we live our lives.

      With the best regards,


      experiences everywhere)

    • chris.doidge1 profile image

      chris.doidge1 4 years ago


      No blogs.

      No time for this kind of activity.

      This Hubpage was my only attempt :)

      Glad that you like it.


    • profile image

      joelmaylor 4 years ago

      Dear Chris,

      great hub. I really appreciate the way you approach whole idea of spiritual development (like the path of getting more and more in harmony with oneself).

      Do you have your blog, or facebook fun page?

      Love and light,