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Spiritual universe

Updated on May 14, 2017

Imagine the spiritual universe

During our lives we might go through a spiritual awakening and we will see many religious things in a different way, just like what I have written in the text beside.
During our lives we might go through a spiritual awakening and we will see many religious things in a different way, just like what I have written in the text beside. | Source
Spiritual things can be of any shape and form, it is up to our imagination and what we believe they could be.
Spiritual things can be of any shape and form, it is up to our imagination and what we believe they could be. | Source

God Spiritual Universe

Welcome to our article (4-83), God spiritual universe

Let us start by telling you in a very strong way how we see the spiritual world.

There is only one God throughout the universe, and God must be the life force of the entire universe, it must be so, because there is no other way to explain how life on earth came about, so, we believe that those life energies that make life possible on earth and the universe exist, and they could only be called God.

Dear readers, as we have said a few time already, we are going to set up our religious articles that we have already written in a different way, in the hope that we would be able to shorten our religious writings overall. Now this is what we are doing here, and may be one day, we are going to find another way to make them even shorter. Anyhow we would also like to say that most times our articles are not pure religious discussions, in fact, they might be said that are more philosophic discussions than religious discussions. So, let us say what we need to say, whether these discussions are philosophy or religion.

As we all know, most times there are two ways that we could use, in religious matters we have the physical side and the spiritual side, in our last version we have tried to use more the physical side, in this new version we are going to try to use more the spiritual side, we are doing this in the hope that we would be able to make them shorter and easier to follow. In this new shortened version, we will be talking about the spiritual universe side more than usual, but before we start to do that, we would like to bring to your attention something important that we have learned, when we have written our articles the first time; so, we would like to state that in the future it would be helpful, if all serious religious books would state in the first page, or in the first paragraph this phrase:

There is only one God throughout the universe and God is the life force of the entire universe.

This phrase above is going to be the most important statement in all our religious articles of course, therefore, all our religious articles have been written to show our readers, how our universal God would fulfil this part, and why it has to be like this, of course, this has already been written in our article, Reconciliation of the Universe, which will be part of these new shortened writings, because it contains very important articles. Anyhow, now let us talk about our spiritual beliefs in this article, and in next article we will review our study of religions, and the reasons why we are trying to write these religious articles, after that we will write about the new religious setup and what we are going to do, in order to make it easier for our readers to follow our religious views or beliefs.


Some people see angels as the soldiers of God

Some people believe in angels and other spiritual things as demons that fight each other, but what we believe may or may not be right, as it is more likely that if they exist they are not at war like as we describe them.
Some people believe in angels and other spiritual things as demons that fight each other, but what we believe may or may not be right, as it is more likely that if they exist they are not at war like as we describe them. | Source

Our human spiritual beliefs

Humanity has always had the need to believe in spirituality and therefore God or gods, as we all know from our human history, and if we look for this information, we may say that it is the way our brains work, when we cannot explain easily certain things, we start thinking that there is something out there that we cannot see, but exist in another form like spirits or angels or demons, whether these spiritual beliefs, have come about because we have been exposed to these beliefs, it is hard to say, but this is the way that our brains seem to work today.

Therefore, let us talk about God and the spiritual dimension, since we believe they exist in the universe, starting with the ways that some of us believe, how these spiritual entities or things could and would exist, so that we might be able to find the link that links our lives, and all the spiritual entities together. At the same time, let us look at how all these spiritual beliefs might have come about, because they are beliefs, but there is no real proof of their existence, except that there seems to be some widespread beliefs of their existence. So, because of this widespread belief, we may have to accept that the spiritual dimension really exists, even if it exists only in our minds as beliefs.

Okay, we may have to accept that the spiritual dimension exists; but is it because of our own human behaviour and beliefs; therefore, we would also like to question ourselves whether the spiritual dimension is real or it is all an invention of our minds? Once we have decided that, we should decide what the best way for us humans to precede; therefore, would it be better for us to believe in spiritualty, God and religions just the way they are now? Or what else could be done to improve the situation, since there are times, when spiritualty or religious beliefs don’t seem to do their job properly. So, let us see briefly what we know about the spiritual world today and how it affects humanity.

As we have already mentioned above, since the very beginning of time, when mankind became able to think, we have always believed in some sort of spiritualty and gods, because we have not been able to escape the facts, that whenever we cannot explain something, most of us, if not all of us, might start to think that perhaps there exists something that we cannot see. So, we start imagining lots of things that may or may not exist at all; this ability of thinking abstract things that we could not even see, soon started the beliefs of a spiritual world, where the beings of this spiritual world could not be seen from us humans, but they existed and where more powerful than us, since we could not see them but they could see us, and if they wanted, they could help us or harm us; it was thus that with these beliefs in our minds we started our spirituality beliefs, which later on became more complex, and in the end we believed that there is a god or gods and other spiritual beings and things, as we have written in one of our articles; here you can check our article, Man needs God, where we are able to explain a few human beliefs or things, that we do and also believe.

God of the universe presence

God can be anywhere in the universe, but we cannot see him in his spirit form, so, if we look at some parts of the universe, we could say that we are looking at God as well, since we could be feeling his spiritual presence.
God can be anywhere in the universe, but we cannot see him in his spirit form, so, if we look at some parts of the universe, we could say that we are looking at God as well, since we could be feeling his spiritual presence. | Source

Explaining our religious beliefs

Now, let us try to explain our religious and spiritual beliefs. To do that, we would like to write at this stage the history of mankind about religious beliefs; so, we are looking at as many spiritual reasons as possible, since spirituality seems to be the driving force that has made this possible, and therefore, we believe what we believe today. We are going to do this by using our own intelligence and imagination, once we have learned most of the religious and spiritual things that are known today; therefore, we might have to go through a lot of information, some of it we are going to mention right here as well, because that is the only way to keep our readers informed.

Now, just to mention a few religious and spiritual beliefs; for instance if you happen to read some old literature, you may find that there are many gods like in the pagan religions, but not only there are gods, there are also nymphs, that people may encounter at some strange places and other spiritual entities; in some civilization rivers and brooks have their own spiritual nymphs, or other spirits that makes them do what they do, in fact every civilization has spiritual beliefs, it would be a never ending list, if we would know their names and could write all of them down; may be one day I might try to write a few of these beliefs.

So now, let us go back to talk about these spiritual beliefs, which have led us to believe in many other things, because of the many things that we experience during our lives. You see, when we experience something, we always want to see what this might mean, these experiences may just be everyday happenings, or perhaps even dreams, anything at all may attract our attention and bring a change to our attitude, because we always try to analyse everything, so, we look at everything, and in a way consciously or subconsciously we label them, when we do this everything that does not make sense immediately, we may sometime label them as a spiritual or supernatural event, or we just keep it in reserve as a strange event.

Dreaming are also some of those events that we think they are strange, because most times we dream strange things, then when we wake up, we attach many meanings to our dreams; in fact we attach so much meaning to our dreams, that they are mentioned even in the Bible several times, and in the Bible dreams usually carry important messages from God, or we should say the spiritual side, just for those people that do not believe in God?

We deed to say, that most people believe that some dreams really carry meanings from the other side, specially if they dream about one of their past away family members or friends, so, they will always try to understand their dreams; therefore, even dreams are borne from the spirituality that is within us, we hope that we have explained it clear enough and you agree with us.

Also in real life, sometimes strange things happen to you, that make you believe that you have been protected from God or a supernatural force, what we are believing and saying here, is that a spiritual force may indeed exist and may send you help when you need help, in the strangest ways possible; in order to explain this to you clearly, I am going to tell you my own personal story, which has made me feel that I have been protected from heaven or God, the story is the following happening:

A strong man protected me

A strong man came out of nowhere and protected me from this mob that wanted to bash me. He was not armed or anything but he seemed so strong that he did not need anything to do what he wanted to do for me.
A strong man came out of nowhere and protected me from this mob that wanted to bash me. He was not armed or anything but he seemed so strong that he did not need anything to do what he wanted to do for me.

Protected from God

I believe that there have been times, when I have been protected from God, so, I would like to tell you one of these strange but true happenings.

The house where I live, is a short walking distance from the local shopping centre, so, one day I was walking to the shops which as I said are a short distance from where I live, as you may know or guess I am an old man now, so, I don’t look that strong anymore, therefore some young and up to no good people may think that they could easily overpower me, and for this reason this event has happened to me, but anyhow, I think that this is the only possible reason why this was happening to me, because they thought I was an easy target.

But just see what happens next, I am walking on this footpath all by myself, suddenly a car full of young people stops and a couple of youths jump out of the car, one of these youths says to me we are going to bash you up! I see that there are already two youths out of the car and a few more in the car ready to come out, so, the only way out for me was to ignore them and keep walking, in the hope that they would give up their terrible idea; I thought that walking away would be the best way out, because I knew I could not fight them without being bashed, suddenly a giant and very strong man was coming towards us, so, he heard everything he stopped and looked at the two youths in their eyes and asked them; and who is going to do the bashing? He seemed that he would enjoy very much to have a fight with the lot of them, because he went near the car and asked them again, who is going to do the bashing? The youths in the car suddenly started the car, the youths outside got back in the car and off they went.

Now if this would happen to you what would you think? I am sure you are going to think that somebody from heaven has seen what was going to happen, and has made this giant and strong man come my way and help me, I cannot see it in any other way; so, if we believe about God and spirituality, there are reasons to believe that they may indeed exist, and sometimes they may even help us, of course, there are other happenings in my life that one could say that heaven has helped me, or that something unusual has happened, and I could only think that it was a heaven driven happening, just like the happening that I have written in our article, Prayers for Reconciliation, check it out if you like.


Place where I live and shop

Our spiritual beliefs

There are reasons to believe, that our spiritual beliefs sometimes make us believe things that may or may not exist, for instance, I believe that I have been protected from God, as I have written above, even though I cannot prove it, that is what I believe. So, whatever we believe we will accept as being true, we will not question whether it is right or wrong.

Some people will tell us, that they have seen spiritual being or things several times, some others rarely, but if we happen to see anything unusual, then we have to question ourselves, whether it is our own minds and beliefs, which makes us see them the way we see them, you see, here I have to add that if there are spiritual things, ghosts or spirits, they are more likely to show up if you are sympathetic to them, or think about them, well that is at least what I believe.

The human mind works in a strange way, it always tries to explain those things that are hard to explain. For instance, if we happen to hear unexplained noises at night, in a place we are not familiar with, we might soon believe that there might be ghosts in that place, once you start thinking about ghosts, you would soon be thinking about angels and demons also.

Now talking about angels, we must say that people that believe in God and religions, will believe that there are angels also, it is only natural. Now, there are people that see these angles several times during their lives, the question here is this, if they really see these angels they must be worthy to see them, just because not everybody has seen angels, during their lives. In fact, there are very few people that have seen them; here I must tell you, that a certain person has seen angels many times and he/she talks about them several times; this person has made even a list of the names of angels and can name nine of them, this is the list of the angels cantor: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Archangels, Principalities, and Angles, but there might be more than these Angels, as we all know, we are always talking about our guardian angel, so, there is at list this other one to add to the list and perhaps many more.

So, there are reasons to believe, that most of us believe in the spiritual world, one way or another, for this reason we should accept that spiritualty exists, God, angels and demons exist, what is left to do here, is that we have to try to understand how everything works together. Therefore, here we need to add that there is indeed a spiritual universe, and somehow, we need to understand how it works, and describe it if we can in our own way, now, this is what we are going to do, when we write reconciliation of the universe, where our spiritual benevolent God guides the entire universe, by using the life forces energies of the universe.

I believe that I have said enough in this article for the time being, so, I would like to stop now, but I shall return to discuss about our spiritual beliefs and other things, as soon as I think of something worth saying.

May God bless us all?



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