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Spiritually Cleansing Your Home

Updated on February 7, 2014

About the Air in the Home:

Our home is our holy land and depository of our spiritual graces and discomforts. Here is where we discharge and recharge energies accumulated throughout the day, week, month, or quarter etc... We are actually depositing them into our environment/airspace. Once we've done this we'll need to expunge what is negative from our home. Then, we need to maintain our home spiritually clean so that it becomes our power supply of positive energy.

As for mentioned in previous articles. All events are experienced in four ways; physically, emotionally, psychologically, & spiritually. This break down can be attributed to the four basic elements earth, water, air, & fire. Where physical/materialized manifestations/encounters are earthly. Being emotionally touched relative to feeling (hot/cold/anger/joy/saddness etc..), is water. Psychological or mental perceptive reasoning, intellect, scientific analysis, is connected to air. Then, fire as the fuel passion, or generative force which binds all energies, is spiritual. Most people look upon fire as something destructive. Yet in chemistry in order to mix compounds or breaking them down to a molecular level, heat is needed. Fire is what ultimately binds substances after separating them at a molecular level, as well. Fire can also be light, combustion, electricity, and radioactivity. Well, I guess you get the picture. Hence, why spiritual healing therapies are important for breaking down negativity expunging them out, allowing positive things to happen. Oh yes, positive things can not happen if negative energies are blocking them. I wrote this article so folks can try a simple ritual or two at home, and answer the polls imbedded in the articles. It would be interesting for me to see from time to time how many people have actually tried them, and what they have felt or experienced. Maybe they will write a hubpage article on the experience..hahaha... Be mindful that there are some negative influences which require stronger rituals to expunge and, for this you would need a qualified expert spiritual healer or exorcist.

Cleansing Your Home:

Spiritually blessing your home not only requires praying for the house to be blessed. But, to also act upon it with a physical exercise. This is why we also ritualize things. Rituals are what empowers or brings to light the energies that we take for granted. Going to church is an active participation in a community ritual. The collective energy of all the minds channeling or focusing on a holy books verse based on the sermon chosen. The verse or verses become the empowerment to be acted upon, lived out, or prayed upon. Through the divine words in the scripture and with faith, positive things will manifest in our lives. The drinking of wine as blood and eating of bread as the body of Christ; is a sacrificial rite and profound ritual act in itself. All religions have their rituals, not just pagan or occult ideologies.

This ritual that I've chosen to share is very simple. It is and has always been commonly performed in homes and temples of all cultures since the discovery of fire. It is the burning of incense(pieces of a chipped bark, wood, or dried tree sap), just to name where some forms of incense comes from. Now, this isn't just burning some incense sticks putting them somewhere because they smell good and just leaving them there. Although, just this alone should have a positive effect because of the principles involved, and doing something is better than nothing. My ritual involves a little more work. But, being that I mentioned the words "principles involved", lets examine what this entails.

We are burning an organic substance, which smokes and fragrances the air. These substances and there characteristics have a spiritual, medicinal, or euphoric, property or just smell good. Upon burning this substance its smoke or fume spreads, i.e. becoming a plasma. What is already in your airspace, such as; dust particles carrying cold spores, gas emissions from our bodies & machines, animal & human perspiration, or that which is parasitic or viral. Normal stuff we have or pick up.. [Now add the human elements of; bad character, anger, fights, quarrel, losses, pain, suffering, sickness etc. Then mix it with a little bit of; envy, jealousy, bigotry, false witnessing, curse, evil eye, hatred, from within the home or from the street. I have not added witchcraft, or spirits that are not part of our spirituality or ancestral makeup. These are the roaming dead which interact in our lives without us being aware of them. They do this because they yearn what they once had, which was flesh. They have not accepted their death and cling to us the living, still trying too partake in living activities. Most have unfinished business to take care off I strongly believe. These ghost slow our progress as in another load to bare, becoming excess baggage. Now, can you see why homes can possibly have darkness lurking in its corners, hovering on its ceilings, attic or roof top. Not to mention a feeling of heaviness or excessive heat, in the air. These are the shadows which happen to pass us by, or are caught by the corner of our eyes. Many times asking ourselves did we really see something, yet shunning it off as "Oh its just nothing."] Well, as I was saying before I got carried away; all of the above comes in contact with the smoky plasma. The spiritual properties of the herbal substances burning have to be strong enough to neutralize negative influence, evil, or what does not belong. The air charged with the smoke will drive the negative influences out of your home. Your home absorbs the burnt organic substances energy and keeps it as long as it can. As long as it can? Because as new air enters your home. The positively charged air is replaced with negative air again, and the cycle repeats itself. So, you must repeat the cleansing again from time to time. How often you might ask? It would vary according to individual life style or way of life. Since, there are more negativity charged individuals living negatively, than others. The negativity will reactivate itself within some homes sooner than with others.


Ingredients: frankincense, myrrh, garlic skin, bay leaf, angelica, sage, Echinacea, Eucalyptus, a small piece of camphor or camphor leaf, and two charcoals; an incense holder, metal container, something for carrying the burning hot coal, without burning yourself of course. Prayer book, or collection of prayers, psalms, all pre-selected, in which there of special meaning or significance towards expulsion of darkness or evil.

Make sure the the herbs are dry, in this way they will burn much better. Crush, crumble, or powder all the herbs & mix together. Place in a plastic container for easy storing. You can add some frankincense & myrrh to this mixture, and have it all prepared for all future uses. Make sure that the charcoal is the kind which is used for incense burning, and fast lighting. This particular charcoal can be bought at a local spiritual store, hispanic botanica, or Amazon below. Place the charcoal on a burner and light it up, until nice and red. Place inside the container add the frankincense, myrrh, and herbs. Walk throughout the house from the back to the front, upstairs, downstairs. Make sure you are at least doing a lords prayer, followed by any and all other expulsion prayers. Go around the house at least 3 times. Then, take the charcoal holder outside the front door to your home. Place on the ground, then take a glass of ice cold water. Pour this cold water over the charcoal, saying "So I turn off this fire, may all fires in my path be turned off as well." Just a small incantation for added flare to this ritual.

Refreshing the Home the Day After:

The next step is to refresh your home with a positive energy attraction splash. This is done by following these steps. Acquire the following fragrances in form of perfumes or colognes. If you can not find these specific ones, then use what fragrances are closest in appeal to them. These are rose water, orange blossom water, sandalwood cologne, violet cologne, 1800 cologne, florida water, holy water, and which ever other fragrance in the store which catches your attention. You will then mix about a quarter of cup of each in a large bowl add some water, and liquor(white rum/tequila etc.). The liquor represents fire which awakens spirituality. Hence, the term "fire water" by indigenous people. Stir all the ingredients together praying for positive energies to be activated in your home. Now, walk throughout the the home sprinkling lightly this water with your finger tips throughout the home from front to back & front again. What is left over can be poured over your body after showering or in bathwater for soaking. I'm sure you'll feel great. This ceremony helps to bring closure to the ritual by re-enforcing the re-attraction of positive energies. The combination of prayers(as in incantations) and the incense(smoky plasma/organic spirit), are a simple yet a powerful tool, for releasing stuffiness and negative tensions in the air. I hope you'll have as much fun performing the ritual as I have had writing this article...


Using the Spiritual Cleansing Procedures

Did you notice a positive difference in your home after Spiritual Cleansing

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  • BabaSixto profile image

    Sixto J Novaton 6 years ago from Florida

    May the power of your ancestors and spiritual connections bless you & family always...

  • profile image

    Bill & Channah 6 years ago

    Did the refreshing yesterday and painted spiritual room and setup spiritual altar in there as well. Great results!

  • profile image

    Bill 6 years ago

    Doing this ritual today

  • profile image

    bill 6 years ago

    Will be using this very soon

  • BabaSixto profile image

    Sixto J Novaton 6 years ago from Florida

    Much appreciated... just passing down info, that has existed since the beginning of man's involvement with the spirit world... many blessings to all...

  • profile image

    Jennie 6 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to write this article. I am going to do this cleansing exactly how you say. You yourself are an angel for posting this article, many blessings for you!

  • Pya Kule profile image

    Pya Kule 7 years ago from Philadelphia PA and Columbia SC

    I do this with sage and love the result. I'm going to try following up with rose water as you suggest. Thanks for a great article, keep them coming. -S.K.H.

  • BabaSixto profile image

    Sixto J Novaton 7 years ago from Florida

    Your comment is greatly appreciated.... My belief is that all religions and belief systems stem from the same source... GOD.

  • SJKSJK profile image

    SJKSJK 7 years ago from delray beach, florida

    I have always found othr religions and beliefs so interesting.