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Spiritual Guidance From the Other Side: 7 Tips to Connect and Receive Insight

Updated on April 13, 2013

The expectation or hope of dramatic, obvious contact with a spiritual guide or guides too often leads to disappointment. Much emphasis has been placed on spirit guide contact by many spiritual authors, but frankly, we believe your higher-self should receive more attention.

Below are seven tips for gaining authentic spiritual guidance.

1. It's very important to note that not all "guides" offer absolute truth and wisdom just because they are not in a physical body. Some have strong biases and may not be objective with their advice to you. It's easy to mistake a disincarnate soul (someone who died but did not go to "the Light" for a variety of reasons) or a mischievous or dark entity for a "guide." If the guide offers input that sounds impartial or prejudiced in any way, doesn't feel uplifting or of a higher vibration, or feels negative and gives negative sounding advice (e.g., telling you to do something that would incur karma), demand that it leave and ask for spiritual cleansing help from whomever you pray to.

For example, if you make contact through a ouija board, pendulum, or some other means with an energy who claims to have been someone famous, such as Elvis, be wary. Even if it really is a deceased, famous personality, there is no guarantee that the information imparted will be truthful and non-subjective. Besides, it's common for dark entities to play such games.

2. Everyone perceives spiritual guidance differently. Some hear (clairaudience), some see (clairvoyance), some just know (claircognizance), some feel (clairsentience), some taste or smell, and some experience various combinations or all of the above (clair-all). This is true with past life recall also.

If you just know or feel, you may not directly hear or see your guides or past lives. Although you may very well have one (or more) main guardian angel or guide, it's likely that most people are not supposed to have a consistent, direct, conscious link to him or her while incarnated. Why, you ask? If you could pick up your spiritual telephone and had an invisible, on-call adviser to give you direct answers, 100% sure-fire direction any time you needed it, this would be cheating; you would not learn the lessons you've incarnated to experience.

Furthermore, we agree that help from angels of the Light and ascended master guides is available to many, but the insight you receive may be so subtle that you won't be able to identify much about the source, other than to know that it feels genuine and pure.

3. It's entirely possible, in our opinion, that many people have created, in their mind, a name and image of the helpful spiritual energy they call their guide. We don't see anything wrong with this, as long as it's only to identify the energy.

4. We don't feel that associating a name with spiritual insight or discovering the name of a guide is important because it may not always be a guide from which you are deriving information, and it's easy to become dependent on a guide.

5. Receiving outside help is great when needed, but relying on yourself as much as possible in meditation by connecting with your subconscious mind and your higher-self is usually best. Your subconscious mind is where all past and present life memories are stored, along with all fears and defenses. Your higher-self is also your link to your super-conscious, or all that is.

Some say it's a direct connection to God, your god-self.

Our Direct Your Destiny (tm) e-package offers extensive tips and tools to help you get the most of your inner guidance.

6. If you meditate regularly and connect with your higher-self, you will have all the help you need, which may sometimes include the help of other-dimensional guides of the Light. All you have to do is focus on the dilemma or question, and if you are meant to know the answer, you will know it, when you are meant to realize it, one way or another.

Through years of practicing meditation, we regularly receive flashes of insight and the answers to questions by detaching just enough from the conscious mind to allow higher-self insight to flow to the doorstep of consciousness. Sometimes it seems as if the answers are waiting there for us to perceive.

7. Meditation is so important for self-awareness and stress reduction. Develop and practice it as a regular discipline and you will benefit in many ways, including receiving regular spiritual guidance and the ability to discern cosmic noise from divine insight.

In summary, we believe it's to your advantage to put aside the desire to commune with specific spiritual guides and instead focus on becoming or remaining grounded and centered, and accessing your inner awareness and your higher-self.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hi Dwaye,There's a lot of value with your videos. Great job of lyinag out the core concepts of keyword research. People that need to learn more about these concepts are sure to benefit from this high value lesson!All the best,Jim Jinright

    • perri taliana profile image

      perri taliana 

      7 years ago from kent england

      thankyou scott and all best my freind!!

    • perri taliana profile image

      perri taliana 

      7 years ago from kent england

      Thankyou scott, animals that eat animals is exepted thats nature as ive been taught, and its also exeptable to eat animals if your living off the land as ive also been taught as people do have too

      survive and need too eat. I wiil persist with my diet and have been advised by my arc angels that its perfectly fine if a vegan diet does not suit me, then to try going vegeterian, and if that did not work then i would remain a meat eater thats if my health was to be in any danger as they would

      never put my health in that position. My religion is very fair and understanding scott and i do hope in years to come i can still talk how this has worked for me and still let you know how healthy i still

      will be aswell as happy. And with the food chain always being that way is right as i know and ive always been a meat eater, but with greater knowledge and understanding from the spirt world it has changed my opinion and hopefully many will follow


    • perri taliana profile image

      perri taliana 

      7 years ago from kent england

      Hi scott, no you read that wrong i will try mediitation as im happy too. Im happy with my new religion and my new diet as i get guidance on both subjects from my arc angels. I know its wrong to consume any meat/dairy products as this has been my teachings from my arc angels to which i have faith in them and the spirit world. If you ever have time please read the philosophy of the silver birch page 101, Aspects of animal survival!

      It is not part of the plan that needlesas cruelty, torture and brutality should be inflicted on animals by humans who beleive that they have a superior consciouness and are much greater beings.

      All life is one. The divine spirit animates all who share this planet and have respsonsibillities towards one and other . You can not divide life into watertight, rigid compartments. All aspects of

      life, man and animals, must move forward together. The animals cannot be left behind while man

      makes hisevolutionary ascent. silver birch

    • perri taliana profile image

      perri taliana 

      7 years ago from kent england

      hi scott thankyou for your reply. I do understand meditation is good for the mind and at some point i will practise this. I have also studied that meat it also can cause some unhealthy problems. The guidance i have been given on veganism is so im playing no part in animal cruelty as ive been taught all animals have a soul the same as we do and i need to respect that. My arc angels have taught me their is an actaul animal kindgdom where all animal souls return to when their lives have finished on our plane.I have also been shown all my past pets that have also passed over and it was very rewarding to them again. And i always practised protecting myself in the past but now i dont need to, but that is how i have been taught how to work i dont speak for anyone else as i know it is dicipline. I have also done a closed circle with a medium who also teaches mediums to enhance their skills and helps put them out to work, she also does not use protection either!

    • perri taliana profile image

      perri taliana 

      7 years ago from kent england

      Thankyou Scott I have been taught that I do not need too meditate to connect and that I don't need to protect myself either as this is also part of the evolution.

    • perri taliana profile image

      perri taliana 

      7 years ago from kent england

      Hi scott i have recently came through as a medium and have done so a great speed with the help of the spirit world. I did most of my own training into the build up of

      my 14 months of training and teaching, I have worked closely with arc angels and guides who have taught me well and i am still in regular contact with arc angel rapheal and arc angel metratron as well as my spirit guides. I have done successful readings, and told my work is part of evolution and will also be playing part of the revolution to which i was taught from the readings of the silver birch. I have now converted from a cathlolic to spiritaulism because it is the only religion that i feel has given me anything. As i progressed through my work i was asked by arc angels to give up meat and become a vegan as it was part of that religion and it was respecting the souls of animals, to which i could undrestand. But i was happy to do so and have now become a vegan for the last 7 months.

      I have also came through as a genral and been tried and tested as it is part of the evolution/revolution which is the teachings of the silver birch. I wanted to know if you have came across ant like wise mediums yourself.

      kind regards perri

    • profile image


      8 years ago


    • putukarya profile image


      8 years ago from Denpasar,Bali

      nice hub...i thought

    • Mystyk profile image


      10 years ago from Allendale

      Hi Scott!

      I enjoy many of your writings on here :)

      I have many skills I use myself, took a lifetime to develop but just like your other reader said here, if someone seeks an answer, it just comes to me, most of the time, then I will write an answer for someone and re read it.. and say.. wow I wrote that? LOL took a while for me to figure it all out, I live in a VERY conservative area. I also wrote poetry which I hope to add in the hub pages soon that I wrote with the help from someone, possibly one of my guides because when I read it, I am amazed at it each and every time.

      I also have ADD I wonder if that is common? I can't meditate to save my life!! LOL I wrote a hub on meditations for dummies LOL well kind of like it.

      I try when I go to bed.. but ohhh noooo I drop right off!!! :(

      Thanks for all your time writing your hubs which help many of us keep our energies up with curiosity and knowlege. *winks*

    • Meme40 profile image


      10 years ago

      It's on hubpages. Just click on my profile image. I know I should post more than I do, but I work 50 hours a week and can't find much time to write. If I wrote down all I experienced , day in and day out, then writing would be all I did.Right now I'm asking any spirit who will listen to me about how to gracefully leave my husband that I never loved or when the day it is he will leave. Beside's being Clairaudio, I've also experienced full body apparitions. I really appreciate you and your brother's website and knowledge! I stayed up until 11:00 pm last night reading your site. Very educational for everyone...not matter what they believe or experience. Fantastic work! Bless you for being the beautiful souls you are and all you share! Take care, Diana

    • Meme40 profile image


      10 years ago

      Hi Scott! I like this blog and agree with you about knowing or learning the difference between good and not so good spirits. I learned this morning on the internet, of the death of comedian George Carlin, my sympathy's go out to his family, mostly because I can't help but wonder which way he went, if you know what I mean, after years of hearing about how he doesn't believe in God. No disrepect, I just wonder what he thinks now???

      I've been clairaudio since the age of 4 and don't usually have to meditate to communicate. I don't have a specific guide or look for one, they seem to talk to me, sometimes all at once and I have to be quiet to listen to the loudest and most persistant to pay attention, but if I'm tired, I seem to relax more and listen better. I'm pretty ADD myself, even at my age, and being a Scorpio, I know when someone is seriously persistant and needs help. I can't communicate on demand with spirits like they do with me, but when I need help through guidance, I just wait, sometimes weeks and the answer comes to me. Not always the answer I wanted and sometimes I hear wrong. Depends on what's going on in my life and how hard I want to listen. After so long of dealing with this "Clairaudience", it's hard to explain it to non-beleivers of the spiritual energy and I feel like I don't have to, and then it's hard to tune it out or turn it off, so I try to be patient with them. As a child my mother and grandmother used to tell me not to tell other people about it, after my asking questions as to why I have this ability. They don't have this ability, but I found out 22 years ago that my great-grandmother did and that the rest of the bible thumpers in my family always kept it a secret.

      Hope you come to visit my blog page and I know I will come back to visit yours. THank you for posting so much about the spirit world which truly helps curious and non-beleiving people! Take care.


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