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All in One - Ashram.

Updated on October 14, 2014
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Benefits of spending few days in a spiritual center..

This Ashram located some 50 KM from Bangalore International Airport now called as KempeGowda International Airport ( KempeGowda being the founder ruler of Bangalore ) is a place where you will get transformed from your present self to a super different self in 45 days of starting with your lessons on various aspects of health,mind and body being trans formed to unbelievable experience of your life.If you do what is taught to you in 45 days just for 45 minutes our of your 1440 minutes that god has given your work,your thoughts,your style,your look,your attitude,your whole healthy life will extend to more than 95 years with out the help of a doctor.

The Ashram has a system of finding out how your body is balanced and is running as you submit your pulse rate to find how it is running and and what herbs will bring it to perfect balancing.You cannot expect you will be perfectly fine after 45 days.When you return home you got to get up at 4:30AM and practice for a maximum of 45 minutes and a minimum of 30 minutes.Just as you get hungry at various times for your food 3 times in a day this exercise needs just 45 minutes with a Tape or if you remember from your 45 days practice and no tape is required.

The Ashram has hundreds of highly educated young boys and girls who look after all the system and they work freely.There are over 3,000 rooms and special rooms for people all over the world.The course may cost $150 per day including food and Bed.This Ashram has over 180 Ashrams all over the world but Bangalore's Ashram is a super duper Ashram in terms of felicities and environment.

The training programmed may be reduced by you if you have the strength to practice for more hours daily.There are no fixed rules for a person who takes things in with some discipline that is prescribed at these Ashrams for the benefit of the student who enters the Ashram like a student in a college.Like the syllabus which cannot be changed in the college so is the syllabus of the Ashram.However if you want to deviate you can after informing the teacher who is appointed for you but you need to extend your stay and of course it is extra fee for such items

No course extends over 15 days and it is advisable you confirm the course details and be fully prepared for what ever fresher course or advanced course that you would be asked to try to follow.

Take care regarding food,bed details and communications inside or out side the Ashram.

World Citizens Come to his Ashram.

When you visit India do plan to visit Bangalore and make your foot print at Sri Sri Ravishankar's The Art Of Living International Center a one hour journey if there is no traffic jam in the city's busy roads.You will feel like staying there and in fact you can stay their if you inform them in advance they will keep a nice good room as seen in the picture below.What you can see in one day may not cover all the real activities of the Ashram but you will get much benefit just staying there and walking around the Ashram,I can assure you that there will be such an impact on what you see that you will extend your stay by further few days and you will never forget the experience that will rejuvenate your full body that will invisibly enable changes in your thinking and taking steps as you will be advised by no one other than Sri Sri.Ravishankar only..This Ashram is entirely of a different kind you would have seen or will see any where in India.The Programmes given below are indeed under active participation by his followers and be-livers of his convincing teachings already doing their part of contribution volenteryly in all parts of the world specifically in 180 countries the daily visitors itself is over 10,000 and they are given free lunch and prasad ( Equal to Dinner ) in the evening also.If you are hungry later there is a Cafeteria which supply's satvic snacks of your choice that are available in plenty of varieties which are not only hygienic vegetables but fresh from garden of Ashram including the bakery items.You have a doctor on Ayurveda who will check only your pulse and tells you your health issues but prescribes Ayurveda medication which is sold just behind the Doctor's cabin at the Wellness Center on the Main Road near DEVINE STORES.Though there are no persons to ask who you are even though you do not have a ID Tag around your neck it is expected that you register you self at the reception counter and get your ID card as advised by the gentleman at the reservation counter.Remember there are no workers working at the Ashram and all of them are volunteers every where,the person may be student,bureaucrat, industrialist or a retd govt or other executive who have been benefited from the Guruji's training and treatment and just like that from all those who want to join the Divine Society to create a Divine World without violence and fight.The one Guru who can make you listen for any length of time.The only requirement you need is talk to him the whole world listens to him.I talked to him on 12th August,2012 at his Ashram.

Art of Living Programmes.

  1. Art of Living Courses - Part 1 & Part 2
  2. ART EXCELL - All Round Training and Excellence of Children.
  3. YES - Youth Employment Seminars.
  4. CEP - Corporate Executive Programme
  5. Sahaj Samadi Meditation.
  6. Prison Programme.
  7. Disaster and Tramma Relief.
  8. Organic Farming.
  9. Education in Villages,Slums and Tribal Area.
  10. Divya Samaj Ka Nirman ( Creating a Divine Society )
  11. YES - Youth Empowerment Seminars in Universities.
  12. Breath - Water - Sound Workshop ( Nav Chetana Shibir )
  13. Sri Sri Yoga.
  14. Programme for Drug and Alcohol Addits.
  15. Peace Intiatives.
  16. Woman's Empowerment.
  17. Heritage. ( Vedic School ).

The Art of Living Foundation.

The number of Video talks by Sri Sri Ravishankar on various subjects are perhaps the largest by any spiritual guru in India.Perhaps he deserves to be mentioned in Limca Book of World Records.You can hear him from few of the Video's that I have in this Hub.I am sure you will search his Videos and get to hear him in all Videos that he has made as I am writing this one more Video will be added to his hundreds of other Videos as every speech he makes get Video graphed from start to finish.He is now in Bangalore to cast his Vote for the general elections that are being held and no sooner he Votes he will be in another country to make his spiritual talk and train all sorts of people including prisoners in jail.His meditation technique's are simple but most effective if it is practiced as per the training that one gets freely in his ashram if you are not residing in his ashram.

This Ashram by name " The Art of Living Foundation " has over 140 Ashrams all over the world.The Guruji as he is called is the CEO of the foundation.He stays in his Head Quarters which is Bangalore Ashram only on days that are prescribed by him other wise there are plenty of his disciples to whom he has perhaps allotted portfolios to manage the Ashram which is spread over 1000 acres of land given by the govt and he has made it a 5 Star Ashram by his standards and there are over 1000 rooms for guests both Indian and foreign nationalities can stay.The huge Ashram is pure with everything from main door gate to the entire complex and you can travel in a Bus to see what are his achievements.What is not there you cannot tell.You can stay there for just minimum may be less than UD$100 per day and no lady's are allowed to be lodged in men's campus. There are far away and you cannot even enter the area.Free or subsidized food is given and when ever there is Guruji in the Ashram you can talk to him in person during group meetings or by appointment with out any hassle as it is arranged very very methodically.There is a Ashram even in Pakistan and China but his major work is in Africa and other under developed countries.In his Ashram there are boys who have come to learn in all aspects of prayers of all India traditions.Sanskrit is taught compulsorily to these inmates.The inmates are mostly parent-less intelligent kids who not only learn about many of the curricula prescribed by Sri Sri Guruji but they also do many other manual work in the ashram.Excellent students are sent to different countries to manage any department where there is a vacancy.No one gets paid only boarding and lodging is free.If you wish to join write to Officer in Charge of Human Resources, The Art Of Living Foundation ",21st Mile, Kanaka Pura Road,Bangalore 560 082.- Phone - 080 327222473- Tool Free - 1800258 8888

A lady - Mata speeks in another lady's meetings on family issues.( This is not The Art Of Living Ashram )

This Mata does not give lectures but gives her opinion on domestic and personal problems.You can ask her any question which is heard with in a group of people listening to all questions of everybody and complaints that are made by husband and wife sitting in the gathering..Even young Boy's come to this group discussions and ask questions.She has also her own Ashram and few chosen persons live with her serving her and taking training ,I heard her saying to some one that if she comes to her Ashram she must do any work allotted to her.Running an Ashram is the most popular among these Swami's and Mata's. One Ashram feeds nearly 20,000 people free daily.Some even provide food at evenings also as those staying there have to eat besides those who visit in the evenings traveling from morning from their place far away and come by available public road transport.

Typical questions that are asked in this group are like this:-

A Lady from the Audience. - Namakar - My husband say's I must do what he say's

Mata Ji - Does he say that you should do anything Bad..

Lady - No.

Mata Ji - Does he loves you.

Lady - Yes.

Mata Ji - Does he have any bad habits.

Lady - No.

Mata Ji - You have a Ego problem. Do you know that.

Lady - Yes.

Mata Ji - Leave your Ego and you will be more happy with your husband.

He talks and you listen and wonder.

Every day from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM I turn on my TV to listen to what any swami has to tell on who I am and what I am doing here and where I am going.I keep hearing many swami's and they all say different things is all that I can make out.I also hear people asking these swami's so many questions not only problems on their confusion as to what they should do when they have lost everything and what they have to do to a friend who needs his financial help and what to do to her wife who always delay's to go with him and makes him frustrated waiting.There are boys and girls also asking questions as to what they should do when their parents quarrel with each other and ask them to say who is right or wrong.One person was asking as to where he should keep his money other than Bank because going to a Bank people would think he has money and would ask a loan.They all come to hear swami speak on how they can be successful in their life and are confused as to why god is silent for their prayers which are left unanswered.These Swami's are experts in answering questions and their answers are so convincing and the people who asks questions cannot argue with the swami's and even if they do they run out of questions to argue with the swami and keep quite for the fear of the people around who would think that the questions were improper..

Lord Krishna is a ATM for many Swami's.

Here in South India we cannot say which Hindu God is worshiped more than any other God.We have more temples than schools,colleges.universities and hospitals put together.Just one temple in South India has more gold than perhaps any other religious institute in the Asian Country. These Ashrams have turned in to resorts for the rich and hospitals on spirituality for the poor who cannot afford to spend money in any fancy things that the world has in any place.Jungle Resort, Yog Kendra,Atmasram and other names indicating that the organization is involved in spiritual life which makes the person full of positive energy,action and thoughts in his life if he undergoes the prescribed course which of course will be a in hose training with people observing more stricter discipline than the British Army. .

Speaks only in Hindi.

In India there are so many channels other than Cylon,Pakistan,Bagla Desh,Nepal and Bhutan but we get BBC and CNBC what ever be the reason what can the Pakistan TV do to us.We have many Hindi Channels which we hardly see and also many of all the languages in India.Senior Citizens watch any TV channel that speaks about spirituality and stories of gods who did lift mountains and killed snakes as big as ANACONDA.All the stories are explained in detail and even compared to present day politics and corrupt politicians.( For Example :- If Lord Krishna was born in Jail why can't I be in Jail and see what is a Jail say's our politicians )going to Jail is for relaxation some politicians say. Some others say it is required for party tickets as it's an additional qualification. Few of the top politicians are garlanded after they come out of Jail and crackers are lit to demonstrate to people in far off places so they can hear.Few Lady's mention that Sita was kept in jail of a different kind.All these are said in these spiritual meetings by few Swami's.

A Singer on TV Channel Sanskar.

She sings to the images which are shown in the back ground of God Krishna.There may be more than a million songs on Lord Krishna only. Every one in the gathering can even dance at the place where the are sitting or even come near the stage to dance.There is no set rule for dancing they can keep on moving their hands and feet as they wish to the ryethem of music with song sung very pleasantly on most modern musical instruments in huge group also on a super wide stage light with electronic lighting system that does not glare to the eye of performers or the huge audience who sit on very comfortable seats.There are own studios also broadcasting like any other commercial and news channels.How they get money for all these gadgets and the technical crew for poduction is through donations from various people who have so much cash that they can't keep it anywhere else.

Mantra makes repeated bad dreams go for ever.

The saying that if you are clean and pure others will also look to you the same way.Wearing blue glasses you can't see red images.Remember you are a tourist in this world and you need to take things as they are.Nature will change as required by the planet to balance itself.It will get rid of excess baggage not at all helping the person who carry's it.Like wise nature will have to change in as many forms as needed to balance.If there is a cyclone and people and places are destroyed its the excess baggage.When the clouds cannot take more water evaporated from the earth it rains.It does not rain uniformly in every place.It may not rain in many places.It may rain heavily in some places.Have asked any one why it is so.We accept it as nature.If people start not accepting bribe can there be corruption.If all the people give there one day true expenses to the govt the govt may not tax any one.If all the people donate their one day earnings to build a hospital, a school or a home for the homeless and destitute where will be over neighborhood looking like a slum with a slum of course.Listen to the good speakers who say good things.You will not hear bad things.In fact there will nothing bad,nothing to fear.

Bhagavad Geetha recitation and chapter by chapter by chapter by slokas and its hidden meaning is explained with examples by these swami's who are available any where in India and have several mobile phones,e-mail and websites.They come only on two channels daily and same person comes on same day in a week each month and goes away at the discretion of channel boss who will not allow him if he does not pay the charges but the swami earns much more than the TV broadcasting charges.So no such thing ever happens.The swami's earn money more than any hard working busy and honest executive in a private or govt's service or any other type of honest work.

Golden Age.

We may see the biggest and worst type of the present century existence just after 00:00 Hours any time of our existence now on earth.100 years ago we did not have so much crime and destruction of any sort of man made ( like mining ) and natural calamities ( like earth quake's, sumani's ) on one hand and leaders of so many types on our spiritual writings explained by thousands of Maharaj's, Swami's, Guru's, Pujya Sri's,Sri Sri's, Yograj's, Rajyogi's, Mata's, Maharshi's, Yogini's,Bramha Kumar's, Bramha Kumari's, Rushi's, with their Ashrams, Mandir's, Matt's, Shibir's, Yogpeet's, Ayurveda Centers,Sps's with such costly massages costing up to Rs.10,000 Schools,Universities on Yoga as we are now having. These centers call all people of all religions to come and heal their body and mind to which millions are running daily.Why so much of cleaning and scrubbing of our body is going on and even young children are made to meditate in schools.Some organizations conduct competition and ask questions, such as To which God Gayatri Mantra is dedicated, What is Lord Krishna's favorite, Where was Ramayana Written ( Place ) All questions can be answered only if you have read, Geetha, Gayatri Mantra,Mahabharat,and Ramayan They award Prizes in cash up to Rs.5,00,00 for winners who answer all questions correctly. these competitions are only to students in schools and colleges. Even 10 years back we had no TV channel exclusively for our religious teachings and preachings by people in fancy dresses, head gears and hair styles but today there are having many TV channels beaming Hindu and other religion ancient sacred scriptures preaching 24 X 7 daily. We have training camps in yoga in various forms and under different names,songs are sung to film song tunes.Grown up people and senior men and woman dancing with younger men and lady's all praising god non stop one group after another on TV channels. Why and how this change has happened just in 100 years and What do you think will happen in the next coming Century.

What is Golden Age ?.

I underwent a training course in Raja Yoga Meditation and there it was said that we have completed the present Iron Age and will enter Golden Age When there is a un imaginable natural or man made disaster of the type very much bigger than that of Hiroshima or Nagasaki when everything was destroyed.The next set of humanity will be enjoying the golden age.Every one will be a Super Man and Super Woman.Where nothing is impossible.Where Gold is free.Where children are born with out human touch.The Golden Age will last for 1250 years.


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    • skgrao profile imageAUTHOR

      S K G Rao. 

      5 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Dear Sir,

      Thanks and please note if Guruji wants he can change the face of our country but he is taken up global head ach our misfortune.

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 

      5 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Jai Gurudev! Happy to note such a nice stuff of on our Guruji.


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