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Spirituality, Souls, Drugs & Suicide – It’s Your Responsibility to Help Yourself

Updated on March 19, 2013

We recently heard of a friend's significant other who committed suicide due to drug addiction. We offered much compassion and hope that he finds the strength to forgive, accept, and heal.

We believe that souls who have passed on under similar circumstances can be helped by asking your guides and angels of the Light, and calling in Archangels of the Light, to assist the soul in healing and rehabilitation.

Meditate and explain the situation out loud for the guides and ask for assistance. Also, think of the good times shared together and send the person love and forgiveness. You'll meet again and that soul will be doing much better at that time.

A channeler claimed that our friend sent the recently departed soul " a very high level in the afterworld..."

Based on our research with the afterworld, that channeler is mistaken. You cannot "send" someone to high or low levels in the afterworld.

Where a soul goes, and what happens to them while living in body on Earth, depends upon them. Also, suicides and drug addicts do not go to high levels in the afterworld, according experts on life after life, such as Michael Newton.

As a side note, we are not judging her for her addiction. We feel a lot of compassion for her and others who are influenced by addiction. In our opinion, based on objective observation, drugs always lead to a dead end street and halt and reverse personal and spiritual progress. They also attract negative entities and spiritual parasites.

Although we certainly recognize that the only option at times for many individuals is to take select medications, more and more health professionals today are recommending safer alternatives to prescription drugs.

Also, we understand that some people are prone to depression and that suicide may seem like the only escape. We urge people in this position to explore options such as diet changes, like avoiding all sugars and maintaining a suitable, healthful diet tailored to their body type, exercise, alternative medicine, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and finding the spiritual causes of depression through meditation and past life regression.

A psychic told our friend that the recently departed soul is "stuck." This may be correct, in our professional opinion. Souls involved in suicides and drug overdoses, according to life between life and past life regression research, sometimes do not go to "the Light" as other souls do when the body dies.

They may wander around in spirit form on earth or get stuck in a lower energy plane. However, in this case, we do feel that she will be okay, and we feel she is now receiving assistance from her spiritual guides. But in the meantime, she is learning the hard way that drugs as a permanent escape never work and suicide isn't a way out. She will likely have to come back and live through similar trying times until she passes her earthly tests.

On the other side she will learn or is also learning that drug addiction, not getting what she wants from family or friends or partners, and everything else in life, is her responsibility. She's learning that taking responsibility for everything that happens "to" you and avoiding victim consciousness sets you free. Most past life regression and life between life researchers agree that everyone (our souls, not our personalities) chooses life situations before incarnating. There is no one to blame.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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