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Steadying the Mind

Updated on January 9, 2010

Finding Peace in Turmoil

 I was up early this morning and I am not sure why.  I decided to write because I enjoy sharing thought that will hopefully help others and reinforce what I know to be true.  The dominant idea running through my mind today is how to steady the mind and keep it from running away from the present. What I have learned is that when my mind dwells on the past it prohibits me from being productive and it can almost be paralyzing.  Pondering about the past too much is not champion mentality.  What has happen has happened and that is that, learn form it and move on with improvements.  This is what I tell myself, even when I am thinking about the good past.  Sometime I find myself thinking about the "good old days" when .....  So unproductive is that line of thinking.  The next challenge is thinking too much about the future.  When my mind starts really running away it thinks about the future.  My mind seems to want to think about how I will acquire my wealth and help make this world a better place, become the great hero of my dreams.  I have to catch my own mind and tell it to slow down, we have not even made it to work for the day as yet.  Why be so passionate about the future when I do not even know for certain what is going to happen today.

Then after all the running in the mind I come to the mode of goodness, the present.  In the present I have the ability to do what I am supposed to be doing and I know it wil get done correctly once my mind and body are in harmony.  The results of the activity done in the present will become the past and shape the future, so I focus on trying to do only activities that will lead to good results for myself and others. 

Our ancient ones would say those that dwell on the past live in the mode of ignorance, those who dwell on the future live in the mode of passion and those who are stable in the present live in the mode of goodness.  A more thorough explanation may be obtained in the Bhagavad-Gita and ancient Vedic text (book of knowledge) authorized by Lord Sri Krsna 5200 year ago.

What I have learned and I would like to share is that chanting is a great way to keep the mind steady.  I like to chant when things are going good and when things are not going according to plan.  Chanting is one form of yoga meditation that helps people find stability in a world that is not stable.  Chanting helps me to focus and clear my mind of thoughts that I would rather not have, enabling me to see the brighter picture and continue to move forward on this wonderful spiritual journey.

My New Year resolution is to share and remain positive with full resolve.  Who ever reads this hub I encourage you to look up chanting and try it with and open mind, you may be amazed at the instant results you may experience.

I wish you all peace and love, may your good dreams come true.




The Champion Mind At Peace

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    • Trsmd profile image

      Trsmd 8 years ago from India

      thnaks Roberts for your greetings and wishes..