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Steppin it up

Updated on August 11, 2011

Dance with Me

Dance with me. The spirit we are and the body we have, that is where the Spirit of God literally desires to step in. Do our two halves step in unison or are they, both parts leading? You have seen when a couple dances, perhaps for the first time together and their steps are not fluid, resulting in stepped on toes. This is what it is like to have your spirit dwelling inside you, but not allowing it to lead. For when the spirit in your body is allowed to lead, it leads through example and that example is God.

Today I said farewell to the physical dwelling of a beloved soul, but I gained knowledge of the influence that his Spirit had on her spirit, that spirit which was born of God. Make no mistake, this was a lesson, a sort of dance lesson as witnessed by me and lived by her.

I recall the scripture of David dancing before the Ark of God and how he lost all his worldly steps and started leaping for Joy (2 Samuel 6)
God knows who we are as dancers in this life, he knows are weaknesses. The best we have to give comes from him and God is pleased when we honor him as such, with our best; however, the wife of David, Michal, did not share that same sentiment, most likely she did not care for the way he, David had displayed such humilty and had not acted out of pride, to her this was such a mistake and she despised him for the dancing. She did not realize like David and my dearly departed, had been dancing with the LORD and that means allowing the LORD to be our Lead.

So the next time we see "So you think you can dance?" or "Dancing with the Stars", we should count on the LORD to be our Lead and I hope we will, we must never believe we and not he the best Teacher.

Below, is a link to a poem I found with the same attitude of "Dancing with God" please enjoy it and allowing God to lead, as I have ☺


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    • homesteadbound profile image

      Cindy Murdoch 6 years ago from Texas

      Sorry for your loss.