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When God finally exhales.

Updated on May 12, 2017

A God whose been holding His Breath.

From the first man until now, God has held His breath waiting for His children to step into eternity after leaving their clay jars. From the first breath of an infant to the wrinkled trembling hand which reaches for His, God has sought a family. And an enemy has found it's hand on time, on earth, and the unseen.

God is waiting to exhale. From the beginning, His creation has seemed at bay from sin, the enemy, the world culture. Often only His Church is the extension of Himself to reach a world, sighing, crying, dying. And in these years, the church seems silent. In the onslaught of a tilted and fallen world, the influence of the darkness, the witness of evil people, the church is dying from within. Blood stains mar where hands refuse to work. Death, a slow steady drain of human life gloats as it swallows the lost into eternity where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. A hell which never is satisfied.

Nowadays, the wind carries knives. There is a coldness in the air. A coldness like those who would feel nippy within and would shudder under heavy coats to walk pass a fallen person in need. People revel in the sarcasm of television's reach. Even a child would give a wary eye to a passerby in light of what he has seen on the news.


Insight for living in a fallen land. Finding a good church

Find a church which:

Believes the Bible is the alive, God breathed. Written by man with no mistakes.

Believe that Jesus is alive, fully God and fully Man.

Believes in the great commission to reach a lost and dying world.

Has a scriptural hold on what prosperity is and it's effect concerning world-wide ministry.

Has a family center.

Prays and intercedes for the world, and world leaders.

Understand the gravity of lost souls in light of the coming mark and eternity.

The hints of to come. The war between light and darkness.

Kathryn Kuhlman. Kenneth Hagin. Ten Commandments in school. The attack and confusion on prosperity and it's role in world missions. The degradation of culture and increase in profanity. The Simpsons. The Internet. Human Trafficking. Mega churches. Kids and swearing in movies. Satanic churches. broken families. Walmart. Homelessness. Cancer. Mistrust in TV evangelist. Attack on Boy Scout's morality. The increase in tattoo parlors in rural areas. An increase in earthquakes. 4 Blood Moons. True love waits. HIV. Bruce Jenner. John Osteen. YouTube. The slant toward a cashless society. Lukewarm.

These names and words and statements are from the last three or so decades. What memories do you have when these words pass through your mind?

Remember way back? The salt of songs of old.

When God exhales.

When it is finally time for Him to call His saints to Him, He will weep for the lost not reached. He will hold us in His arms, and He will wipe our tears away as well. It will be our choices which will fill the Lambs Book of Life. It will be our responsibility to have to listen to His still small Voice concerning His plans, His purposes, His souls... We are God's penmanship, be it what may, for a God who so loves a world lost to itself and unknown of the penalties of sin. For we breathe unknowingly on a ground which could shake beneath us at any time.

And some will stand on His right and more on His left... And after the great separation happens, we will walk into eternity. And for some life will begin. And others it won't.

And God will exhale.

Have you...

If you died right now do you know if you would go to heaven or hell? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Have you been baptized? Have you located a local church? Have you bought a Bible? Have you prayed in how you can serve your local church? Have you witnessed to your loved ones? Have you separated from those people of the world? Have you begun praying for others? Have you learned what the Bible speaks about concerning prophecy?

And have you decided to not turn back?

Imagine finding God... after.

The horror of being left behind is a risk we must all consider. Not because we are unsure about our own lives, but of those around us. Our lost loved ones. They are the delicate fabrics we shear everyday with our words, our lives, our neglect. Our imagination should create within us a proactivity to pursue the eternal salvation of all about us. With our lives, we become the crosshairs for God to strike. It is a time when a cold sarcastic and dismal world be convicted of its own blasphemies. The saying is true today: Hell is too hot, heaven too real, eternity too long, life too short for our lives to not be accounted for. For those around us to be left in darkness. For our lost loved ones to not find Jesus. We must rise. It is time to stand. Lay down that life of sin. Turn to your Word. And look to the clouds... And imagine.


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    • safe-at-last profile image

      Mel Stewart 2 years ago from Western Australia

      Proof that in the dictionary under ironic it says see reduntant and vice versa