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Celtic Wicca for Beginners: Path of the Bard

Updated on March 14, 2015

Celtic Bards


Importance of bard in history.

Being a Celtic bard may not seem like a noble path to follow, but they have had a tremendous amount of importance in passing and keeping the history of our people alive. Without them a lot of our culture, myths and lore would no have survived to this day.

Threw their sometimes colorful and exaggerated stories we have been been able to keep a part of us alive. If you should choose to become a celtic bard you should be proud in the knowledge that although you will not always get praises for what you do you are like so many others helping generations be informed.

Page Summary

  • Learn a musical instrument
  • Know your history
  • Understand yourself and your talents
  • Share your stories
  • Follow daily events

Learn a musical instrument.

Being a celtic bard is not just about being able to tell a story or sing a song. the celtic bards of old could play several instruments much like the lute, a flute, or the harp. There may not may be a need to learn this instruments, but there are more modern choices you may wish to learn.

You may wish to learn the guitar, the harmonica, or for an unusual taste bongos. Keeping in mind that not ll of us have musical talents that should not stop us from being a celtic bard. If you are not able to play an instrument you should at least be able to carry a beat or play a tambourine.

Know your history.

Know your history! The importance of our history has seemed to dwindle over the last century. We all know a little about some of the important events that have happen, but very few of us if pressed would be able to remember important dates or locations. Now a days it is to easy to look things up if needed, we rely less and less on memory.

The celtic bards of old must have had a great amount of memory power to be able to store the numerous poems, songs, and stories. The job of a celtic bard is not only to be able to pass on notable events but to also convey it in a certain flare to expresses the feel of the event as well. Do not underestimate your role in preserving the history of our people.

Ancient Bards


Understand yourself and your talents.

Before you decide to become a celtic bard you really need to understand yourself and where your talents lie. Some of us are already blessed with talents that will help us make a celtic bard if we so wished. If you don’t enjoy dancing and have no rhythm, if you don’t like reading or learning about history, and if you don’t like conversing with people or entertaining friends then maybe being a celtic bard if not right for you.

On the other hand if you the type that can’t wait to share the latest gossip, or are a very out going person, or need to be the life of the party then a would say this path certainly be the one for you.

Celtic Bards Telling Stories


Share your stories.

There are many ways to share the knowledge you have gained over the year. If you are the type that enjoys writing and composing you maybe more inclined to share through the use of poems or haiku’s. You may be that person a that was blessed with a great voice in that case you knowledge will be passed on by songs or to make it more modern you maybe inclined to use rap as your tool.

Those of us that have rhythm may want to use their bodies as a way to tell a story through the use of interpreted dance. Whatever the way you choose was is important is that you are partaking in something that many others have done through history with any luck it will become bigger than itself and be passed on from generation to generation.

Learn All About Your history

Follow daily events.

Now a days it is very easy to find out what is going on in the world. The internet in bombarded with millions of news stories and events. Not everything that is trending will be a worthy nugget to past on in history, but from time to time there are moment which should be known and shared to the future generations.

Some examples of this would be Barrack Obama becoming the first black president of the United States, or the next Pope at the Vatican. These days it seems like some of us are more interested in what Kim Kardashians in wearing. Although I’m sure you may be able to make a great prose on Kim is up to you filter what you feel will be important.

In conclusion it may not seem glamorous to be a celtic bard but they have play an important role in our time. In our modern times there may not seem to be any of a bard but you never know what could happen tomorrow. Whatever muses you choose to for this path it is vital that you own it and make it yours.

Importance of Being a celtic Bard

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