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Steve Jobs - Success or Failure as a Human Being

Updated on September 2, 2013

Is this the face of a successful and happy man?

We need visionaries who are entreprenurial. Jobs was

Last night I watched the best part of an hour-long documentary on the late Steve Jobs of Apple-McIntosh fame. Today I went to the movies and what movie was about to begin? Jobs, a feature film about the same man. Thought I’d buy a ticket. The movie pulled no punches, and it certainly concurred with the views of the real people – who had appeared on the TV documentary – about the character of Steve Jobs. It seemed he was downright despicable.

It's said Andrew Carnegie surrounded himself with top people

So did Steve Jobs. But if the film is correct, unlike Carnegie, he was neither a loyal or rewarding employer
So did Steve Jobs. But if the film is correct, unlike Carnegie, he was neither a loyal or rewarding employer

But should a driven man drive over people?

What came across was a man obsessed with an ‘open ended dream.’ Jobs was a man driven. In the driving he didn’t care much about who he drove over. Close friends, colleagues, anyone who was of no longer use to him became expendable. He appeared to have very few, if any friends, except perhaps the technical, hands-on electrical genius who was with him from the outset. And even this guy left him eventually.

Business success does not necessarily equate to a successful life

There was so much bitterness and rancor in Jobs’ life that it is difficult for me to see him as the success so often portrayed by some of my friends who looked to him as the Dion of business success. Business success – yes. At the end of the movie it stated that by 2012 Apple-McIntosh was the wealthiest business in the world. But as far as personal success as a human being, well…

Combining cathode ray tube and keyboard - a real breakthrough

The vision of a PC for everyone was something that we can be grateful to Steve Jobs for.
The vision of a PC for everyone was something that we can be grateful to Steve Jobs for.

Is there a correlation between business success and ruthlessness?

I wonder if there is a direct correlation between business success and ruthlessness. I hope it isn’t so. Still there seems to be a lot of evidence to suggest that the more egotistical a man is – and it’s generally a man rather than a woman – providing it is combined with intelligence and acumen, the greater the heights to which he will rise. This doesn’t really matter whether it’s the accumulation of power in business, in politics, or even in religious organizations. The world is seen as something into which they have been thrust so that they might exert their influence.

Continual inner tension took it inevitable toll

It was interesting to see Jobs get his come-uppance when his board of directors turned on him. It was equally so when he made a comeback under virtually his own conditions and demands. Yet, I feel the continual tension between ego-self accomplishment and what had to be, deep down, a self-loathing, albeit largely below his conscious level of comprehension, which led eventually to his ill health and contracting the cancer which killed him.

A beautiful Apple PC. Job's vision again

'Judge not, less ye be judged' it is said, but we do judge ourselves, and quite often more harshly than we should.
'Judge not, less ye be judged' it is said, but we do judge ourselves, and quite often more harshly than we should.

We have to approve of ourselves as human beings

Self-love is important. Famous author, Louise L. Hay has stated many times throughout her books on how critical it is that we first love ourselves; accept ourselves and like ourselves. If we don’t, we set ourselves up for ill health. The healthy mind and the healthy body are dual manifestations of a healthy soul. We are body, mind and soul. The soul is what we take with us when we die. It encompasses the talents, qualities and values. But the essential ‘I am’ – the Observer – is the spirit. This is our ‘god part.’ It is Love, immortal and unchanging. And as I said in an earlier essay, it is our spirit which is boss. Mind and body and even soul are the precipitates of it. Spirit is the raw essence of the ‘I am’ which we all are.

The modern laptop. Beautiful, light and compact

More than a computer on every desk, we now take them wherever we want to go.
More than a computer on every desk, we now take them wherever we want to go.

Love is always the answer - what is the question?

To use another quote, “Love is the answer – what is the question?” From the television and film I watched, it seems that Steve Jobs had a magnificent vision which would, in a very large way, bring benefits to humankind. Such thinking was founded in love. But somewhere along the way he lost site that the ‘means are just as important as the end.’ The means is the journey and the journey is so, so very important.


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  • profile image

    kph482 3 years ago

    This is a very well done Hub! And Oh! how true it is! You are spot on with what you have written. I am a firm believer in the mind- body relationship - particularly with health conditions.

    There have been many studies and I have personally known people in my life who have been diagnosed with serious forms of cancer for example. It seems that many times a person who battles cancer with optimism, positive thoughts, etc. etc. beats the odds. And then someone with just as serious of cancer who fills their heads with negative and pessimistic thoughts, etc. etc. will not do as well.

    I have always felt that our "thinking" has so much to do with every aspect of one's life. The things we tell ourselves and fill our thoughts with play a huge part in how things will turn out. Also plays a large part in our confidence and self esteem.

    Again - nice work Tusitala Tom!

  • Naomi's Banner profile image

    Naomi's Banner 4 years ago from United States

    Very interesting concept. I always admired Steve Jobs and his witty inventions. He was a very successful business man. I truly doubt we will see the same ingenuity in the future with Apple as he was driven to perfection.

    I do know from my own research that anger causes, or should I say has been proven to cause numerous illnesses including arthritis and cancer. This doesn't mean that all cancer patients are angry or caused their own demise. It is possible if he was that angry for that many years he encouraged cancer growth by reducing the immune system from functioning properly. It is also possible that it was a coincidence that he was driven to succeed and also acquired cancer by the luck of the draw.

    It is too bad. Many like me saw him as incredible in business. I do believe he was quite ruthless and greedy in the sense that he could have sold his product for much less.

    I like to believe he wanted his product to be only for the upper echelon which is why he priced it so high. Whatever we will not know as he is dead and not here to defend himself. I will miss him and his creativity.

  • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

    Patty Inglish 4 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

    From my work in the medical field, along with many decades of medical and scientific data in the body of research applied to medical practice since the 1980s, it is evident that long-term anger as well as too much stress certainly can result in, or worsen, a number of unwanted ilnesses and conditions. This fact is in no way a disservice to cancer patients. Some individuals feel that believing the fact somehow makes a cancer (or other) patient responsible for having the disease. It does not.

    If the information in the "Jobs" film is correct, then Mr. Jobs was abandoned by bio-parents and angry about it, even though he loved the adoptive parents who raised him. If the film is correct, he had an extraordinary amount of rage, for whatever reasons. In addition, if he truly ate only fruit, I would suspect that diet with its high acid content as part of the cause of pancreatic problems.

    Recall, if you will, that editor Norman Cousins cured a condition a lot like Rheumatoid Arthritis with organic foods and laughter, progressing from paralysis to total healing. He then taught his methods in top medical colleges and his books are still in print. His story was filmed with Ed Asner in the role.

  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Barbara Ann Brennan and Louise L Hay and a myriad others take a different view, so this is not an original to me in the spreading of what you call "ignorance." I wouldn't go as far as Mary Baker Eddy who a century ago is quoted as saying, "Sickness is a belief, which must be anhiliated by the divine Mind," but there is increasing credence being given to the mind-body relationship in health matters. Psychosomatically-caused sickness does occur.

    Of course I realize that cancer can be caused in lots of ways, but if cancer can be cured by radical changes in our thinking why cannot it go the other way, and our thinking cause (weaken us to the likelihood of) an illness.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

    By what right and from what authority do you say that self-loathing caused Jobs's cancer? Please, don't spread ignorance. Self-loathing does not cause cancer. Your idea is ridiculous and offensive to cancer patients and survivors.

  • Pennypines profile image

    Lucille Apcar 4 years ago from Mariposa, California, U.S.A.

    Unfortunately there is a preponderance of similar people in the corporate world, and they are not alone. Ruthlessness also exists among once close-knit families. As the saying goes, money is the root of all evil, and even once close, loving relationships go out the door. A dear friend recently died, and I remarked to her son how good it was to see the whole family coming together on the event of her passing.

    His response was a wise one. He pointed out that such an event can also cause serious rift between heirs. How true.