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Stop Living a Fearful Life

Updated on September 25, 2014

The Polarity of Life exists to teach us fear so that we can fully appreciate Faith (another example of how life happens for you, not to you). But leading a fearful life can be a slippery slope. Fear blocks Faith and feeds insecurity and self-doubt. Self-doubt leads to many forms of self-induced spiritual disrespect, including judgment. And if you allow yourself to indulge in the judgment of others, it can lead to acts of dishonor – one of the darkest acts of betrayal a soul can engage in.

What is fear?

All negative emotion is fear based emotion. Fear is the most basic reaction to challenge and hardship. It is a survival response that surfaces when logic and insight seem lost.

We are not born knowing fear, but experience it at a very young age. Actually, the first time that we encounter something that our Divine Logic cannot comprehend, fear is born and introduced to our Core. And there it sits, waiting for other emotional or physical challenges so that it can manifest itself in negative emotions such as judgment, disrespect and dishonor.

Fear often manifests itself in self-doubt and insecurity. Without fear there would be no doubt or insecurity – only confidence and self-appreciation. If your self-worth is suffering it is most likely the result of you allowing someone or some incident to diminish your ability to connect with your Spiritual Self: the true you and beautiful soul you were born to be.

Never allow the discouraging words of others to hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Always remember that if someone does not believe in your potential, that is their burden to carry, not yours. And your belief in your potential is the only opinion that counts.

Another form of fear is Judgment, which is born out of insecurity. Often our insecurities lead us to look for reasons to reject others. This way we do not have to open ourselves up to ridicule. We do not have to prove to another person that we are worthy of their acceptance or praise.

It is important to understand that judgment is a spiritual burden that you place on yourself. When you stand in judgment of someone, you accomplish the opposite of what you intend. Your words cannot belittle the spiritual worth of another soul; they can only belittle your worth. Judgment separates you from others, which is nonsensical, because we incarnate for the purpose of coming together to love and support each other as we journey through our lives.

If you allow yourself to travel down the path of judgment, your soul will eventually arrive at the dark doors of disrespect. Disrespect grows from the seed of judgment, and if allowed, disrespect will turn to dishonor.

Dishonor is the worst spiritual burden you can place on your soul, other than hatred, and an act that signals your soul is in jeopardy. When you choose to dishonor another, your spirit knows that you are going against the Spiritual Laws of the Universe, and therefore negative karma will attach itself to you. The more negative karma you carry with you in life, the harder it is for you to break free and achieve spiritual success. Please do not journey down this road. Your soul deserves to be treated with higher regard than this, as do the souls of those around you.

How does fear effect your spiritual journey?

Fear blocks Faith, and Faith is essential for spiritual growth. Since we all reincarnate to achieve spiritual growth, only irrational thought would allow someone to choose fear as a governing factor in their life.

When you choose to embrace your insecurities, you are choosing to stifle your Intuitive Voice and diminish your Spiritual Self. Souls who do this struggle through life because they have shut down their spiritual guidance system. Why on earth would you impose such hardship on yourself?

How do you overcome fear?

To overcome fear, you must have Faith, you must believe in yourself and the beautiful soul you were created to be. You must also believe in those around you and the Divine Beauty that lies within the collective soul of humankind.

Never stop searching for the joy and passion that awaits you in life, and respect yourself every day for the kind and loving spirit you were created to be. Rejoice in the love and joy your life holds, and share your goodness with those around you. Embrace the governing voice of light and inspiration that is your Intuitive Voice, and share your goodness openly, willingly, and bravely.

Six governing factors for living a fearless life

  1. LOOK INWARD, not outward to overcome your fears and insecurities, because everything you need to become who you want to be, and live the life you desire, lives inside you.

  2. BE BRAVE and have confidence in your Spiritual Beauty, and believe in your ability to shine for the world. Light your own way by showing your true spirit to the world.

  3. BE DILIGENT in your respect for yourself, as well as those who are different from you. Share your joys and passions while embracing the joys and passions of others.

  4. SHOW COMPASSION to those who have fallen into despair and need the hand of inspiration to lift them up. Extend sympathy or empathy to those around you whenever and wherever you find a need.

  5. EXTEND RESPECT by recognizing that we all have special and unique gifts that we brought with us into this life to inspire others. Appreciate those gifts as you allow yourself to open up and learn from something new and unique.

  6. HAVE FAITH in the goodness of humankind and do not judge. Instead, try to understand; and not from your viewpoint, but rather the viewpoint of those you might otherwise judge.

Control your destiny

When you lead a fearful life, you close yourself off to the world you live in. You give others control over your destiny, and you ignore the power within you to take control of your life and make your own decisions. You might say, “I would never do that,” but that is exactly what you are doing when you choose to avoid challenging situations by allowing fear to govern your decisions where it pertains to your heart’s desires and Intuitive Voice.

Never disrespect your Spiritual Self by lending validity to the negative words and opinions of those who do not wish for you to succeed; whether their words are the result of self-serving pettiness or their own fear-based reactions. You were born with everything that you need to succeed in life, all you have to do is look inward with a trusting and respectful eye.

Avoid pitfalls

Always listen to your Intuitive Voice. It is there to guide you through your incarnation and lead you to your Life Mission. When you choose to ignore your intuitive voice, your mind becomes weak because the guiding force you were born with is stifled and you are left to navigate the complexities of life on your own.

Reflect back on each challenging event you experience in life and see what lessons you can learn from that event. When you do this, your spirit becomes stronger and wiser, which makes it more difficult for you to diminish yourself in your own eyes because your Intuitive Voice will fight your negative thoughts. This is a much more thoughtful and respectful way of treating your Spiritual Self as opposed to embracing your failure in an event.

Feel confident in who you are

Some of us choose to take a harder path to our Life Mission than others because we want to achieve a deeper respect for the blessings in life, and this can only be achieved through experiences presented by the Polarity of Life.

With every life struggle, you self-judge and reevaluate your self-worth, making it easy to diminish how you see yourself. And only until you find the inner strength to reject that opinion will you reclaim your true beauty and become the person you were born to be.

Embrace who you are as well as those around you. Everyone is born with a purpose, and we are all equal and deserving of the same opportunity and respect. We all incarnate to achieve spiritual growth, which can only happen through extending ourselves to others in a benevolent nature.

Always remember

Respect your Intuitive Voice - Your Intuitive Voice is the result of your spiritual intuitiveness, which is directly proportionate to your value in the universe. Your spiritual intuitiveness is achieved over the span of your spiritual evolution and accompanies you into every incarnation.

Do not fear negativity - Negativity is a form of ignorance, so it will naturally present itself with an “in your face” presence because it lacks the cleverness to exist in any other aspect. Kindness, however, is the result of spiritual intelligence and intelligence will outwit stupidity every time. In other words; negativity can only defeat you if you embrace it and reject your spiritual intuitiveness.

Respect life’s hardships - You choose many of the hardships you endure in a life (prior to incarnation) in order to ensure spiritual growth. Therefore, always be grateful for the polarity of life for presenting you with opportunities for growth.

You are beautiful. You have to be, because your soul was created by a light of Supreme Love. A gracious and noble love that only knows peace, joy, respect, tolerance, and acceptance. These qualities live within each of you, and if you choose to fully embrace these aspects of yourself, you will discover the Universal Truths that exist to guide all of us outside the realm of humanity.

Always listen to your Intuitive Voice. It is a gift from the Universe that guides you through your life to help you discover your talents, passions, and Life Mission. It is the voice that warns you of danger, calms your fears, and helps you make sense out of situations that seem to hold no fairness or logic. It is the voice of meditation and prayer, and hope and faith. It is your source for the emotional and intellectual fortitude you will need to overcome every challenge the Polarity of Life presents to you - without ever giving up. It will guide you down the path of spiritual enlightenment and help you achieve your Life Mission.


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