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What’s Right With The World?

Updated on February 10, 2014

As the changes and the challenges in the world appear overwhelming, every day we are bombarded with negative trends, stories, statistics and reports about what’s wrong with the world. We often ignore and dump some vital moments and reports that deserve our full attention to enjoy and share what’s right with our world.


In order for you not to totally lose yourself, define and build your perspectives about the world on “a glass half-empty basis”, my goal is to illuminate on some of the events that you and I know that has a tremendous progressive impact on the world today and will continue to give hope and energy to the optimist like you and I.

A Happy You , Creates a Happy Worl


With our limited visions and our mind being driven by fear which pervades our society today, we are compel only to seeing what’s wrong with our world, our environment, our culture, our relationships, our nations, our economy and belief systems. Pulse for a while and consider: “What’s right with our world today?” The media has played a significant role in shaping the way we think and act on a daily basis. The media and the other powerful drivers of global change have been promoting systems and potentials that await humanity if only we listen carefully, selectively and act accordingly. Therefore, it means that the media and the other mind movers in our society today have the power to influence us to choose what we believe and this could either empower us or harm us depending on the choices we make of them. It becomes necessary that what we believe is a vital force in this present time because they shape our world-view which ultimately drives our decisions and actions.

  • Today we have more optimists than pessimists.
  • Today we are more connected than ever before and ideas and information for global transformation are being streamed online every second and could be easily accessed anytime and anywhere.

  • Today sustainability is a hot topic.
  • A great number of people are seeking the truth about the purpose of life, happiness and peace has become important subject in school, home and at workplace.
  • Today problems and failure are no longer seen by many as a stop sign but guidelines and lessons along our journey in life.
  • Today the rate of poverty has dropped and the third world countries are leveling up and building their capacities for development through the influence of globalization.


Are you an Optimist?

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  • Today many religions and sects are converging on the issue of life’s origin and purpose, and they are working together to reach some consensus on peace and harmonious living.
  • Today anti-racism, gender equality is gaining ground in both local and international discussion.
  • Today diseases are no longer stronger to break the human spirit and efforts to cure many horrible diseases have been progressive.
  • Today people can now work at home at their own time and location.
  • Today many are realizing that God’s presence around us depends on what we as His creatures bring and see to it. This has empowered many to cope even in shaken societies.
  • Today fitness and good dieting and relaxation are being promoted, and embraced by many at work, family, organizations and even at schools.
  • Today economic growth has been re-examined and the concept of de-growth is gaining weight across the globe.
  • Today nations around the world are working together as never before to reach out to those cosigned at the margin of our society.
  • Today people are travelling and getting to know each other as never before.


Has the idea of peace and harmonious living amidst our challenges occurred to you?

We strive toward days where there will be many terrible events, shocking the globe and at the same time a good news penetrating the hearts of those that welcome it.

  • What have are the good things you have noticed lately that is right about our world?


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