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Story of Prophet Sulaiman(A.S.) for kids.

Updated on November 11, 2016

This is my first in the series of stories of Prophets for kids. Let me know in comments if you like it, and if your child would read it, like it and also, how I could improve it.
Bismillah hi rahman irrahim

The story of Sulaiman(A.S.).

Sulaiman(A.S.) was the son of Dawud(A.S.). Dawud(A.S.) was also a Prophet and a king. Sulaiman(A.S.) had some special abilities. You will be amazed to know that he understood the language of all birds and could also speak to them.

Allah(swt) had blessed him abundantly to rule his kingdom. He had huge armies of jinn, men, birds, wild animals along with immense knowledge of many other things.

Here is one interesting story :

One day Sulaiman(A.S.) was walking towards a valley with his huge army. Upon seeing the huge army entering the valley, an ant screamed and warned other ants of their arrival. She told them to move away and go to their homes, so that they don't get stepped upon by them. Sulaiman (A.S.) was amused on hearing this. He thanked Allah for granting him special ability to understand the silent creatures.

He made dua :

Rabbi Awzi'ni an ashkura ni'matakallati an'amta 'alayya wa'ala waalidayya wa an a'aamal saalihan tardaahu wa'adqilni bi rahmatika fi ibadika-saaliheen. Quran (27:17-19)

In this dua he asks Allah to enable him to thank Allah for his favours on him and his parents and also enable him to do good deeds that please Allah and make him among his righteous slaves.

This should be our attitude when Allah(swt) blesses us with good things. Sulaiman(A.S.) was always thankful to Allah and an obedient Muslim.

Moral of the story :

1. Be grateful to Allah for all the blessings.

2. Do good deeds to please Allah as a way of thanking him for his bounties.

3. Always pray to Allah that he makes us better muslims.
The story of Hoopoe and Belqis:

Sulaiman(A.S.) also had a hoopoe bird in his army. One day Hoopoe informed him that a place called Sheba was being ruled by a Queen called Belqis. The Queen was very rich and had a precious throne made of pearls and gold. But she and her people did not worship Allah. Instead they worshipped Sun which is created by Allah. Satan had fooled them into thinking that Sun is their God.

Sulaiman(A.S.) was angry with this and wanted to guide them to straight path: the path of Islam where we worship Allah alone. He sent a letter to them inviting them to become Muslims.

On receiving the letter, Queen Belqis sent Sulaiman a gift to bribe him and to make friendship. But Sulaiman (A.S.) refused this offer as he was a Prophet of Allah and could not tolerate their association of partners with Allah.

He sent a threat to them that if they do not become Muslims, he will send a huge army against them and destroy them. The Queen surrendered on receiving this warning as she knew very well that she would be defeated by the huge army of Sulaiman.

Sulaiman ordered one of the jinns to bring Queen's throne to his palace before she comes to him. A jinn brought the throne in the time it takes to wink even though the two kingdoms were very far from each other.

Sulaiman changed some ornaments of the throne. When the Queen reached his palace to surrender herself, Sulaiman asked her if she could recognise her throne. She was not able to recognise her own throne because it was changed a little bit and also she could not believe how it could have reached from her palace to here.

Sulaiman's majestic palace was made of crystal glass. And there were water streams all over with lots of fishes in it. You can imagine it as an aquarium. When Queen Bilqis was entering it, she mistook it for a pool and uncovered her legs. But she was told that it is crystal glass and not a pool.

Sulaiman(A.S.) married her and let her rule Yemen.

Moral of the story :

1. We should never accept bribes.

2. We should be strict when it comes to shirk and kufr.


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