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Straight Talk about Comforting a Child

Updated on September 16, 2009

Little Hands by A Watchful Wanderer Photography

Comforting a Child

In the middle of my sometimes crazy world (Praise God that these "crazy world" times are not daily occurrences in my life, but trials given to me that I know only make me stronger). I find a little oasis.

I was in Macy's, shopping because they're having a great 1/2 price sale on silver jewelry and when under stress go shopping I always say...

While going through all their great selections, somewhere in the store I heard a small child screaming. It went on quite a while. I laughed to myself "Been there done that." Then the screaming got louder and more frantic. I looked behind me and right in front of the Clinique counter - sitting smack in the middle of the floor was a small boy, probably not even two years old - with his little legs spread wide, his fists scrunched up tight in front of him, face as red as a Delicious apple he sat. and he was screaming like someone was pulling his arms out of their sockets. I could see a group of Macy's employees standing around him. There were five and a few others nearby. They all tried to talk to him and before I could turn my head back around to bring my attention back to the pair of silver earrings I was looking at, I knew God spoke to my heart.

I literally took my coat, a small bag I had from a purchase at Hallmark, and my purse and swept them off the counter. Without hesitation I threw them on the floor behind me and all in the same motion I plopped right down on the floor, opposite this little guy, the bottoms of my feet almost touching his. In a high voice, not a baby voice but an animated and cheery voice I use with little ones - I asked, "What's the matter?!"

He opened his closed eyes and while he didn't stop crying, I definitely had his attention. I asked, "Where's your Mommy? Daddy?" He stopped crying but nodded his head yes.

"So what's the matter, why are you crying?" I slammed my palms on the floor, feigning frustration making a very sad face while I did.

He just kept looking at me and a teeny smile almost began on his face.

I asked, "Do you want to go to your Mommy and Daddy and we can find them together?" I put out my right hand, and he again nodded his head up and down and he put out his tiny hand. We both got up and as we did so I saw his parents who had always remained behind him, around the corner of one of the make-up counters, never letting their guy out of their sight. They were a beautiful young couple and as I slowly brought him to his parents I said, "You don't want to do all that crying and stuff because it makes your face all scrunched up and you've got such a nice face when it's not scrunched!" That got a laugh out of everyone around - and his Mom said as I handed him over, "Now, are you going to stop acting like that so we can finish our shopping?" Quiet as a mouse he got back into his stroller and the tantrum was abated. For now anyway.

Now, did that little boy stop his severe tantrum because I'm so hot? Hardly - the Clinique lady was a much younger, more voluptuous Angelina Jole look-alike. She was way hotter.

Really though - why did I have the ability when no one else did - to stop that full tantrum? Jesus is the answer. It's nothing I was able to do or any ability I could possibly ever learn. I trained in Jesus boot camp and it's an experience that always equips you when you need it. Nothing came to my mind once I knew the Lord spoke to my heart except, "I know what to do." The only thing is, I didn't have a clue what I'd do until I did it. That was Jesus. I'm telling you - it was the Holy Spirit who knew what to do and how to do it in a moment of time.

And what adorable big brown eyes, with thick black lashes that little boy had! It was so sweet looking into them when he connected with me. Which was actually, a connection with the Lord Jesus. My oasis in the middle of my trials.

You may not have a comfort zone where tossing aside your belongings and sitting on the floor appeals to you as a ministry. I get that. But we're ALL equipped as Christians - to be God's light and salt in the world. Maybe it's the check out clerk at the grocery store you should tell about Jesus. If you can't say the words or don't feel comfortable saying them, get those witness cards and leave one with the clerk

Maybe you could mail a card to an Uncle or send an email to someone you haven't been in touch with for awhile. Every single Christian has some abilities. The Bible tells us so in 1 Corinthians 12. Verse 7 makes this very clear:

1Co 12:7 But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit to profit withal.

Then when we read further there is a plethora of gifts we Christians can take advantage of. It's according to what the Lord has provided for each one who He calls His Child. If you don't know what your gifts are, ask Him. Pray about it. But in the world we have today, it is more important than ever, even urgent to tell others, by deed or act - use words when necessary - about Jesus. No matter what your gift is, or how many you manifest, remember why we even breathe. To tell others of the hope they can have in Christ.

In doing what I did with that little fella, I walked away feeling so much better myself. I blessed that Mom and Dad beyond words through Christ Jesus - but their faces told me, and I made it a more pleasant shopping experience for the rest of the shoppers because it was much, much quieter in Macy's.

When we endeavor to do the Lord's work we'll always be able to find our rest even in the middle of chaos.


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