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Strive for Permanent Freedom From the Cycle of Births and Deaths!

Updated on September 29, 2017

The purpose of Life!

Billions of people lived on earth without fulfilling the aim of human life. We are not here for ‘enjoyment’ but for enlightenment. But, look at the life pattern of everyone from the poorest to the richest. They fill their bellies, cover themselves and sleep in the night. All insects, birds and animal species share these instincts. What is special in human birth? It is his thinking capacity, intelligence and discriminating power! Man alone can choose his tasks. He can accept certain things and avoid certain things. But all other species act based on their inborn instincts only. They cannot choose! In fact, they have no mind at all. The instincts act as their mind. Why human beings are blessed with the special faculties? God has created the living species, flora and fauna including insects and bacteria. But none of the created species could appreciate the creation as such. Hence god was not satisfied. He wanted someone to admire and appreciate the creation hence he has invested thinking mind and intelligence in human beings.

Even after that, the human beings were acting as per the whims and fancies of their mind. The intellect was laying waste without use. Enslaved by the senses, the mind directs him to enjoy the pleasures offered by the senses. But he was not satisfied. He is not aware that the paltry pleasures are like streaks of lightening. It has no lasting value and hence the pleasures are often termed as temporary, transient and fleeting! If he is wise, he will search for permanent bliss instead of temporary joy. Due to sloth and ignorance, his attempts to seek eternal happiness fails. Man has become selfish and greedy and this is the main reason that he could not march on the royal path of spirituality. But, there were certain people who focused on the question of Eternal Bliss. They sought jungles and caves and started introverting their mind on the real basis for all this creation! After thousands of years of penance, they could intuitively learn that Eternal Bliss could be obtained only in the Kingdom of God! For achieving this onerous aim, one has to relinquish his ego and body consciousness. He has to forsake desires and greed. He should starve the senses of their feed. Then alone, they can achieve the highest aim of human life.

Sages have discovered truths about aim of life!

After learning the secrets of life, those enlightened individuals who are called sages returned to their places and exhorted the ordinary people to learn the aim of life and travel on the spiritual path. They were taught to chant the names of god sing the glories and ever remember him. They were taught the importance of service and sacrifice. If man wants to reach the Kingdom of God, he has to abandon selfishness and ego. Desires harm our life. We should not become slaves to the desires. We must develop detachment from worldly attractions. One should never be after wealth and properties! Only a few people listened to the sermons of sages and tried to follow their path. Out of the few people, only one or two persisted on the journey. Yes, spiritual journey is like swimming against the currents of river. It is easier to go along the flow of the river and no efforts are needed. But to swim against the current requires very great effort! Hence a very few braved the temptations of senses and developed detachment from worldly attractions! Hence one life time is not enough to attain self realization or freedom from the cycle of births and deaths. The efforts put on each birth are added in the subsequent birth to proceed from the place already reached. One need not start from ground zero. This is the benefit in human births. Hence we find many people who easily pick up the treads of past life to go forward further. God too helps such individuals to move further by arranging a suitable preceptor in each birth for the advancement! Spiritual lessons are available in plenty in innumerable web sites. Merely scrolling through the contents won’t fetch any fruit. We must study them with full faith, absorb them in our conscious and follow the teachings in our daily life. Then only it is possible to move up the ladder of spirituality. Mere reading and keeping them in our brain is akin to stacking the books in library racks. Do the racks become wiser because of the book stacks? No! Similarly, unless and until we follow the truths in our day to day life, the reading is sheer waste! An ounce of practice is far superior to mounds of theory!

Great wisdom!

Beware of pseudo gurus!

In the world today, we have many preachers who parrot like repeat the truths contained in the scriptures of the world. They are smart orators. Beyond that they have no personal experience in spirituality. They gather disciples, collect money and develop huge retinue. Books and periodicals are published regularly, CDs are prepared and the so called Guru conduct regular classes on yoga, meditation etc. The guru is expert in discourses but lack the knowledge of practice. How can he guide the disciples? A true preceptor won’t bother about number of disciples. He is satisfied even if one sincere devotee approaches him for guidance. He is particular about the spiritual progress of the sincere disciple. He is not after wealth or fame. He is not bothered about huge retinue. He considers the disciple as his own son or self and teaches him all that he experienced in self realization! This is the major difference between spiritual pundits and real preceptors!

Spiritual path is the sure way to obtain freedom from this mundane existence! There is no charm in mundane life. The so called pleasures offered by the senses is illusory and we must contemplate on such truths forever and tread the spiritual path to realize our unity with God.

The Guru within!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      12 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you! I do share the idea that man has evolved from the lowest form of creation. A thinking mind is different from higher instincts as in the case of chimpanzees and elephant. Still they act in the level of instincts only! 2. The idea of using 'never' is to emphasize that one should not be after wealth and properties since they are transient and they won't accompany us to higher worlds when we die. No doubt man cannot survive without money in this world. Sacrifice has many meanings. One should sacrifice his ego and selfishness. Detachment from worldly attractions also constitute sacrifice! I should have used the word 'moderation' instead of 'never'. Thank you for deep review! As my net connection failed for a day, i could not reply earlier!

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      12 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      1. But all other species act based on their inborn instincts only. They cannot choose! In fact, they have no mind at all.

      No, I believe there is a continuum from animal to man. Evolution demonstrates this. Higher animals certainly do think and make choices.

      2. One should never be after wealth and properties!

      Never? High technology has led to better food production, health and safety. A high-tech society requires land, labor, capital and management. The question becomes: Whether technology is used correctly.

      3. They were taught to chant the names of god sing the glories and ever remember him. They were taught the importance of service and sacrifice.

      What kind of sacrifice? Ritualism (useless repetition) ? The Human mind must renounce the idea of sacrifice and ritualism. I suggest only One Source for all creations and all Humans are One with another.

      I will stop there for your response. Please be factual.


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