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Strong Love Spells

Updated on November 8, 2010

Strong Love Spells

First: A Disclaimer

I have a few friends who practice the Wiccan way of life and strong love spells. I’ve always been fascinated by the subject, not only of the cultural and social habits of Wiccans, but the rich history that drives their beliefs of how nature interacts with itself. In particular how nature praises and punishes the actions of all the creatures on the planet earth. It’s a theory based on a sudo-divine omnipresence. One that holds a strict code. It treats all living organisms equally and the laws are set and clear. Nature merely adheres to these laws and displays the outcomes accordingly. It’s a beautiful simplicity that only seems unfair when our own natural desires choose to label them otherwise. I appreciate this belief as much as I appreciate the rituals and ceremonies that surround the Wiccan culture and heritage.


Nature –the realm of Wiccan ‘Spells’ is a fluid environment and although the rules are set, there are ways to influence and guide the actions of how those rules are realized. But, before you dive into Wiccan ‘spells’ you need to understand two very important ideas as I have had them explained to me.

First, Wiccan spells are commonly referred to as Workings. After what I have learned this is a very accurate description for what Wiccans are actually performing. A spell is a mythical, storybook cure-all. A quick fix for our desires. A method to attain instant gratification of our wants. And for the most part this doesn’t exist and where it does it is surely not a spell. A working is a method of meditation and concentration. A holistic ritual that drives your mind and your consciousness to focus on what it is you desire. During a Wiccan ritual – which sometimes involves multiple Wiccans in unison performing specific actions, the participants are engaged physically and mentally on a sole purpose. They are consumed in the world around them. Invoking their desires and wishes on the natural environment. Reaching out and changing the course of their lives or those who they seek to benefit. It is an intimate occasion. One that cannot be performed by someone who is not committed or who does not believe.

Secondly, you do not need to be a practicing Wiccan to invoke strong love spells – or any spells for that matter. As explained above, desire, concentration and devotion to your cause are required. The way I had it explained to me –many times—is that Wiccan Workings are similar to active action. Look at it this way. If you want to move a piece of furniture from one end of the room to the other, you don’t go to work and come back home hoping it has moved so you have a better view of the TV. You need to move it yourself or have people come and help you move it. Workings are invoked in the same way. It is a conscious effort to change your life through active contemplation and effort. Only it works in a less physical way. It deals with weaving the energy of the natural world in a way that benefits your desires. That may be too simplistic, and I’m sure I’ll be met with Wiccan critics, but again, it is my summary of what I’ve learned thus far.

Spell Basics

Finding a Working

Now you have the knowledge of what it means to cast a spell – or perform a working. But, how do you complete the task? When we think about invoking a spell we think about musty old tombs and ancient literature revealing page after dusty page of arcane language and power. And to a certain extent this is true; workings are ancient rituals passed down from history. They involve components, language and motion to focus your power and desires. They are recipes to complete a task. A working tells you how to bring those desires in your life to you. But what is the formula?

There are pre-designated rituals that have been perfected throughout the years. These include complex ceremonies as well as simple spells. There are many places to find these ‘instructions’ all over the web. One good site is the Wiccan Love Spell Emporium. It’s a kind of modern day apothecary of resources and information pertaining to Wiccan Spells and love spells in particular. It’s interesting to see the intersection of old day Wiccan culture and modern day culture. Looking up strong wiccan love spells on the internet doesn’t seem to strike true, but the theories and philosophy are the same – even if the delivery systems have modernized over time.

Which Working?

Strong love spells come in many varieties. Remember that the idea of performing a working is to invoke your passions in the world around you. To set your mind clearly on a sight. The best way to do this is to focus intently on your desires. In order to do this you need to have a working that will focus you clearly. Performing a working that seeks to retrieve a lost lover who has wandered astray is different than attracting the attention of a new lover who has yet to know about your existence. When you are searching for a working make sure that you locate one that most closely resembles your love needs. This is very important.

Why Strong Love Spells?

What kind of Strong Love Spell are you searching for?

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Perform the Working.

You now have the basics of Strong Love Spells. What they are , how the function and how to pinpoint your needs. The rest is up to you. You need to work on freeing your mind once you have the incantations and components. Practice the working, study it and other spells to see how it is performed. Master the motions and the vocalizations. Dedicate your self and if you do you will realize that when you focus your energies your desires will come to you.


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