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Subtler than the sky!

Updated on October 26, 2012

Sri Krishna who taught the Bagawat Gita!

God is subtler than the sky!

If we observe the creation itself, every thing is from gross to subtle. The Earth is gross and hence it has got a fixed shape and size and the next is 'water' which is fluid and free flowing. It occupies the form of the container. The next in the series is 'fire'. Though visible, it always blazes upwards. Then comes the air that surrounds us. It is every where. otherwise we won't be alive. Then there is the sky or the ether. It is so subtle that it can not be defined. As things become subtle and subtle, it enlarges and it encompasses all things. Now, God is the subtlest of all the above things. Hence, we can not imagine about God and his glory with our finite mind. Even with the most sophisticated 'electron microscopes', we are able to observe only a minute part of the space and we can not even deduce about the number of galaxies in space. It is only approximation.

Think of the grandeur of God, who has created all these and enabled them to function as a 'well oiled machine'. From micro organism to major galaxies, every thing functions as ordained by God. In this world, when we see some furniture in the show rooms, we understand that it was the work of a carpenter who planned it, assembled it precisely and has painted or polished it. The carpenter may not be seen at the show room but without the labor of the carpenter, the piece of furniture won't be available for sale. When this is the case with a small thing, can we imagine that the world exists on its own without somebody enabled it. Do not call it God or name it so. It is some higher power which conceived all this. Atheists may argue that there is no god. Even in the same assertion, he first says 'there is' and refutes with a negative, 'no god'. Even as per their argument, some thing is "IS". No body can deny that.

During one of his discourse, Sathya Saibaba has said, "Some people assert that "God is nowhere. But introduce a space between 'w' and 'h', the sentence becomes, "God is now here". This is not simply jumbling of words. It has true meaning in reality. When a small furniture can suppose the handiwork of a carpenter, how can we negate the 'super brain' which conceived all these? Belief can not be proved by scientific thoughts or experiments. I believe my mother. I can not postulate any theory for my belief. Likewise, all mothers love their siblings. We can not attribute any reasons for that since it is spontaneous. Even animals loves their of springs. Faith and belief arise from within oneself. If it is from external sources, then the faith or belief may not last long.

Today, we marvel at those brains who invented the computer and internet. No doubt, they are the greatest inventors of this century. But we have to understand that the human brain is greater than those super computers, scientists assemble. But we can not assemble or make a small leaf. It is so complicated than a computer assembly. We may clone things only through a cell from the animal. Hence inventors use the thing available in nature, manipulate them in different patterns and invent a product. These are like permutations and combinations. Scientists break their head for many decades in laboratories around the world to decode the DNA. They can not create any new element. They can only modify it. When the creation is vast and awe inspiring, how can we understand the creator?

Gross things are seen, subtle things are not visible to us. When God is the 'subtlest' of all, how God will be visible to us?


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