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Success, Time and Space

Updated on March 29, 2020
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Joy Ann is an esoteric science enthusiast, and an avid learner, exploring the ideologies of life through personal experiences one at a time

Time Travel

Unpopular and strange as this opinion might sound, I strongly believe that the difference between my present self (not successful), and my future self (massively successful), is not exactly time. No, on the contrary, time is only the means of TRANSPORT, it's the channel that the difference between then & now exist on.

The true difference however, is in my mind. It's the state of mind, that changes through the passage of time. Mentality is the culprit between greatness and the lack of it. Mentality is what decides how I experience life, where I chose to go, how I speak and what I say.

One could say my entire experience is the product of the type of mind I have. Thoughts really become things.


No amount of time can save you from your mind.


I am where I am right now, in this chair, in this apartment, because I am bound by my mind. My current living conditions were subconsciously decided by me, long before I got here.

In May 2010, as an Associate Degree student, I had a thought under a shady tree at school one day close to the end of the semester. That thought caused me to fill out an application for a University. A series of other thoughts later led me to move my entire life to the city, begin and complete studies and work full time on my own, a decent way off from home, never completely looking back. Essentially the last 7 years of my life are the result of a thought or two I entertained under a shady tree, of a small community college.

Sitting with that for a moment... I can't help but wonder where my next thought could take me. I wonder what thought results in my success.

I wonder which thought takes me to the very top?


Trains & Chains

It may not be safe to say but time may not really be the obstacle between my best self and my current self at all. Perhaps I could even hijack time with thought, I can't even begin to comprehend the possibilities. What should I think now? What can I think next? How can I change my mind to bring me what I want?

Experts say a human brain has anywhere between 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts per day. I don't think I need that many to get me where I want to go. If I can conjure 100 intentional thoughts, which provoke and trigger similar thoughts, everyday for 90 days (it takes approx. 3 solid months to truly cement a permanent habit) until my brain permanently grabs hold of them, then I'd have re-programmed my mind, and set myself on the exact trajectory I want to be on in life.

The good and the bad thing about thoughts is that they are connected like train cars or chain links, one leads to another and another and so on, hence the term train-of-thought/chain-of-thought. 100 starter thoughts of you choice, that connect to several other similar thoughts is automatically 100 separate trains of thoughts that can benefit you. Not a bad start.

Everything is connected like train cars and chain links.
Everything is connected like train cars and chain links. | Source

Thoughts = Things

The 100

Yes indeed, thoughts do eventually become things, and your dominant thoughts WILL find a way to manifest. This is a mathematical universe, I honestly believe that with correct calculations, any mind and by extension life, can be transformed.

100 thoughts (affirmations), can be a bit tricky to fit into everyday. I'll update on ways to do this through what I call sigilism, in a later article. Till next time...

Light an Magic,


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