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Success is a state of expectation!

Updated on May 23, 2013

Creating your future with thoughts

How satisfied are you with your current life? Are there any goals or things you have wanted to do in life, and you are not sure how you are going to arrive at the destination? You are like many people who really want to experience more in life, yet don't know why they continue to be stuck in the same job, never finding love, or just frustrated.

The answer to change, is changing the way you think about you. Once you understand you have arrived at your destination because of the way you viewed everything, this will make sense.

There are so many examples of this, and yet we seldom take the time to understand the concept and really put our dreams and desires to this test.

Have you ever wondered why someone can pray about something in their life, and before you know it, the world evolves around them and becomes a reality? The reason I bring up the prayer aspect, is that even as a Christian, the thoughts you have pertain to the actual faith you have in prayer.

For those who don't believe that prayer has anything to do with their life, then guess will live what you believe and never experience the wonder of answered prayer. The same goes for anything you believe in life, they create thoughts on how hard life is, and how you constantly are in need, and over time, you will live that actual lifestyle.

That is why it is so important to realize how you see yourself and how you view the world, as to how that becomes the reality in your life. The steps to success is simple in that you don't have to work very hard to achieve your goals, you just have to think of yourself as being able to live the life you want.

Some of the most successful people in the world understand this concept, just read their biographies and most of them will have said that they had this goal of doing something. They saw themselves as an integral part of the future that they wanted to be, and started to move toward those things they had wanted. People who see themselves as only living the life that they receive, never do live a life that they want because they put blame and fault on everyone else.

If you self esteem is low, you need to really look inside of yourself and find the best attributes you have. Most people have talent in some area of your life, what makes you happy, and what you enjoy most of in life. You need to think about your ideal day, your ideal life...really dream about it as if you couldn't fail, because it will bring joy to your heart. In many ways, this is God directing your paths for what he has in mind for you, you just have never stopped to take the time to think about it.

Unfortunately, just knowing what you want in life is the first part of starting your new life. Most people, when you ask them what they want to experience in life, really don't give a very good answer. In the Bible, it talks about writing these things down so that your heart knows what it is that gives you meaning to life. Taking that to believers and non-believers, you will find that people who have written down goals...usually achieve 85% of them + during their lifetime. Those who haven't defined any goals, usually lead a life that is not very satisfying and statistically make about 40% of the goal setters. This is a statement of fact by a controlled experiment of college graduates. Get it - set some of the goals or objectives for your life, and write them down.

When you write down the goals, write them down in a way that you believe you can do experience that in your life, because you need to be true to yourself with who you are. This isn't an exercise in fantasy land, it is something personal to you that discovers who you are, and what you want in life. Once you have that direction defined, you will find that you start acting and thinking about the very things that are most important to you at the time you are living, and you will take the steps to achieving this.

Take away all the negative thoughts that come in, because they will delay your hopes and dreams...but we have all heard this before. An example of the negative thinking that goes on in our lives, is when you ask someone single what they want in their mate. Usually they start off with all the "I don't want them to do this, I don't want someone that does this all the time" etc. Guess what? We are thinking about what we don't want all the time, and therefore we only find ourselves frustrated because of only finding or identifying the things we don't want. That is why you need to stay positive, and the element of thinking you can find the person of your dreams will lead you to discovering that person.

Your life is going to live out the way you think it will, and you need to start building the good things in life that you want. The easiest way to start is thinking about your childhood and the carefree nature of being a kid, who just by asking the parents would get the bike you asked for, or whatever. Bringing a child like attitude is Biblical also, and really opens up the desires of your heart.

Start by thinking and feeling what it would be like to have those desires of your heart...and open up. As you start writing these objectives, you will find it more and more enjoyable as you really think about what makes you happy and what you enjoy. Think about your ideal day...what would you do, where would you be, who would it be with? It is just good to get these thoughts out on the table. What about your job...what would you like to do most in your life? Write down what you would like to do, why, and how your life would be different from the way it is now.

The only thing you have to do from this point on, is make the DECISION that you want them. Deciding that this is who and what you want to be will deliver you to those things that are close to your heart. It is the way every person who achieved anything, everything began with the thought of having it, the rest was just the patience to get it.


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