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Sugar Dolls!

Updated on December 30, 2012

Ramana, Self Realized soul as a boy!

The greatest teaching!

As children, we might have enjoyed eating sugar dolls. There is a fancy to eat the dolls made in the shape of a fish, a bird, a tiger, an elephant and a man too. What do you derive from this? The dolls are equally sweet from head to toe if it is a human one. Likewise all parts of the doll taste sweet without any variation. Why i rake up this topic? Simple! Assume the world as a body of Supreme! Taste anywhere. It is sweet only. What is the taste or sweetness we relish from the Supreme? It is his perennial flow of Love! Yes, in every scripture we read "God is Love". Then how we discern hatred and restlessness everywhere? It is our mistake! Yes, we wear the glass of disunity and differentiation and naturally every thing will look different. Wear the glass of unity or love. Every thing will look harmonious.

What prevents us from wearing the glass of Love? It is our perverted mind which sees disunity everywhere. Print and visual media also contribute to this illusion. Remember that there is a serene and peaceful base like the white screen in the cinema hall. Let any kind of cinema is projected on the screen. It may be flood, drought, fire or war. But the screen which is the base is 'absolutely unaffected'. Likewise, there is a witness on whose conscious, the events of the creation is run. The witness is unaffected like the screen of the cinema hall. The onlooker of the cinema is affected by the events in a cinema. Likewise, the mind perceives the scenes of the world and get affected, swayed by emotions! Why? The mind depends on a body and it identifies itself with the body. This body consciousness is known as Ego or selfishness. The ego assumes itself as a separate entity. It sees the outside world. It feels that every individual in the world as a separate entity. These are the causes of illusion or Maya!

As i have already pointed out in some of my hubs, " a snake is seen when it is really a coir". It is due to the twilight effect. It is neither completely dark nor there is sufficient light. A coir lying on the path is taken to be a snake by a person. He stops in the middle. Fortunately one man who is carrying a torch light comes on the way. The person asks the other man to focus the torch on the 'snake' to check whether it is a harmful one'. When the torch light is focused, the man is relieved from his fear. It is merely a 'coir'. All along, there was only a coir. The image of snake is superimposed due to fear. There is no sufficient light! The condition of human beings in the physical world is also similar. They suffer all kind of perversions without seeing the reality behind the world. Every thing is 'illusion' as the snake seen instead of the coir. The scriptures talk about many examples like the 'cataract formed over the eye'. It blunts the vision. If the cataract is removed by surgery, we regain our clear vision.

Algae and hyacinth has grown over the surface of the water completely hides the water surface. Remove them and you have a water surface. Likewise, if the ignorance that hides our knowledge is removed, we get knowledge. The knowledge is already there. Only 'ignorance' has hidden it. Remove the ignorance. This is also the teaching of a great saint Ramana Maharishi from South India who averred that every one is the embodiment of SELF. He asserted that 'by inquiry, you can become That!


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