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Suicide is Not the Answer

Updated on April 24, 2014
My new wife at our wedding
My new wife at our wedding


My best friend called me this morning. This man is truly my best friend. I would do any thing for him and he would do the same for me. He is a non-related uncle to my children. They go to him for advice and guidance. For me he is my brother even if he is from another Mother and Father. He called me and said he couldn't take it any longer and was going to kill himself................... I felt as though someone had punched me in my gut. I felt very emotional. What do you say? Do I have that sort of power that I could talk someone out of that? I didn't know. His wife died just eight months ago and I preached at her funeral. I spoke that I knew his wife had accepted Jesus and because of that she would have everlasting life. I said that I too trusted Him and that I would see her again. He was sitting in the chapel when I spoke the same words at my sisters funeral just eight weeks ago. He told me he was tired of the physical pain he goes through daily and that was part of his problem too. We spoke for a half hour and he promised me he would be alright. I was selfish when I told him I would have a hard time dealing with life without him and I told him so. I also told him the pain he has is his. I have a bad hip and back and I told his my pain was mine. I really hate people saying yeah I know what you mean I have that pain also and it is as bad or worse than yours. Bullshit! Pain is an inanimate object. If a paper cut is the worst thing that has happened to you it is the worst pain you have ever had. It is a ten to quote the doctors pain scale. I told him to concentrate on the pain name it and try to move it somewhere else. That works for me but might not work for others. I told him that when you die the earth doesn't stop for you life goes on. The difference is that it leaves a hole for others that you leave behind. I told him earth and life on it is short time. He would miss out on life after death if he killed himself. I told him that if he would wait for God to decide when he will go we could all be together. My wife died two years ago and I thought that even before she died my life was in the toilet. I was right there like my friend. I thought of suicide. Like him I had a plan and a way to do it so as not to leave a mess. I thought of my friend and my children and grand children and reconsidered. We never know what is around the corner no matter how bleak it seems. One of the boys that lived with us and that we helped raise killed himself after he got out of school and was employed. That was fifteen years ago and I think of him daily. Could I have talked him out of it had he called me, I will never know. I met someone a year later that completes my life now. Trust in God. Let the healing power of Jesus flow over you when things go wrong, and they will. Suicide is not the answer. It only causes more grief and problems. Let your life be an example for others to see in a positive way.


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