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Summer Solstice 2012: the message for the next six months

Updated on June 21, 2012

Solstice June 2012

The meaning of the solstice for personal astrology

The solstice is marked twice a year in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. These are two days in the year we recognise as the longest and the shortest day depending of the amount of day light hours and although it is a relative value depending of the place in earth where you live, it marks the closest and the farthest distance between the earth and the sun.

The Sun as an astrological symbol of light, represents a compass for our personal journey that illuminates individual areas of experience depending of the time of the year. During this solstice we experience the entrance of the Sun into Cancer and for the next month, we will even unconsciously draw our attention towards nurture, memories, family, tradition and how the past can or has shaped our present experiences.

The chart of this solstice shows a map of the new developments we are likely to experience over the next six months. During the time the Sun transits Cancer (until July 22), the energy will concentrate around nurture. Whether offering nurture or nurturing yourself through experiences and memories, the emotional strength of Cancer lies in refining emotions so that your roots and your past give you a solid ground to move toward the future.

The overall picture of this solstice suggests that we must expand our knowledge and involvement in nurturing the planet as a whole. This can only be achieved in the extend that each of us learn to filter knowledge: discern and analyse the value of the information you receive so that you can focus your energy on what is really worth pursuing to reach a higher vibration. It is easy to be distracted by the media and the continuous bombarding of information. If we learn to choose information that is really valuable we can use it as a powerful tool to heal the planet and nurture our communities.

Society could be about to experience unexpected shifts of power and it is everyone’s duty to become aware of the impact that individual decisions may have in the development of the collective.
Practising small exercises of awareness on regular basis can help you to heal past wounds and those of others. Try at least once all of the above during the next month:

  1. Look at pictures of your childhood. Compare the feelings these generate now with the feelings you remember from that time. Memories are your personal construction of the past but this by no means is real or relevant to your present unless you choose to make it so.
  2. Break away from mass media for a day or a week. Stop watching, reading or listening to the news for a period of time that allows you to see how your perception of your current circumstances change. This is the first step to learn how to filter and discriminate the information you really need.
  3. Practise flexibility by modifying your habits or traditions. Strengthen your capability to adapt to changes. Without loosing the value of your traditions give yourself a chance to experience going out of your comfort zone.
  4. Question everything. This is another way to discriminate and filter information to find what you really care about and nurture yourself with this rather than overcrowding your surroundings with useless information.
  5. Find out what is your Moon sign as an exercise to become aware of how your emotional reactions shape your personal circumstances.


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