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Sun In The Aries

Updated on August 17, 2020

The astrology has special significance for the sun signs and if you are fond of founding about the zodiac family and its interpretation, stick to the end to know interesting facts about the sun in the Aries.

What is the Sun Sign?

Sun sign of any zodiac family member describes the core essence of the personality. What are the major drives, interests, traits, and passion of the personality falling in the sun sign?

Sun in the Aries describes how Aries personality is formulated and what are the authentic traits and patterns that go into making Aries what it really is.

What is the Importance of Sun Sign?

Exploring the sun sign would help the person get the details about the aspects of his personality and their special traits or characteristics. Knowing about your true self is especially beneficial for achieving big in life and being successful in every life aspect.

Sun in Aries

When the sun makes its way into the Aries sign which is the first member of the zodiac family, it stirs up emotions of motivation and excitement.

The Transition Period

The transition of the sun sign into the Aries begins in the spring season and of course at the very start of the new astrological year, therefore, this period is marked with the brand new beginnings in life. The sun in Aries is this phase is known for creating motion without knowing the end. It is not important that an Aries has its strategies in place, the period is just set to spark new events in Aries’s life.

Functional and Dysfunctional Expression For Sun in Aries

When the sun enters the Aries, four main ideas are predominant, “impulse, initiation, energy, activity”. The expressions of the sun in the Aries that are functional for them are courageousness, inspiration, boldness, intuitiveness, decision making and devotion to an ideal.

However, there are certain expressions that can become dysfunctional for the Aries and needs to be worked on by them. These can be impulsiveness, selfishness, self-orientation and egotistic behaviors.

The Traits of Sun in Aries

When the sun transitions into the Aries, they tend to display the following traits and characteristics

The Need of New Beginnings

Aries has a strong desire to initiate something new. Since the movement of the sun into the Aries is the new start of the astrological year, Aries are compelled to begin the new journeys. They have a basic instinct to act on something new in their life whether they complete it or not.

The spark of motivation and energy in the Aries causes them to get the new events quickly off the ground. They have a special affinity for creating newer paths in life but it is not necessary the new paths are always right for them. Aries do not possess the preservation to continue their new goals for longer and also they cannot conserve their energy gained at the start.


Since Aries possess a lot of energy, they are always seeking an adventure. They are also known as infants of the zodiac family as they contain a lot of energy which they take out in through exploration of various things in life. The curiosity to find new avenues always keeps them on the go and every day seems an adventure to them.

As the adventure-seeking impulse originates from the childlike expression of exploration, Aries must learn to inculcate proper consideration in order to balance their enthusiasm with rational thinking. If an Aries master this art of balance, they can explore every aspect and avenue of life but without rushing in where angels fear to tread.

Competitive and Ambitious

Aries can be extremely competitive. They like to be always the first in everything they do. Aries are known for thriving in the fast-paced circumstances and pressure situations. Deadlines and competitive games entice them. The chance of competing with others serves as a vitalizing force to push Aries for self-improvement and cope with challenging situations.

Aries always tend to set a benchmark which helps them to visualize their aim which they can strive for. This benchmark and need to be at the top stimulates them and is necessary for their focus.

However, this competitive nature of Aries can create challenges in their lives as well. The energy required for overcoming any obstacle serves as a catalyst for sparking their spirit of initiation into the gear. Any conflicts with other individuals or practical aspects of life can trigger the Aries.


Aries are impulsive in their actions. They take a decision and then they want to act on it real fast. They do not like to wait for the results rather want to take the process in their own hands. The lack of patience, therefore, can serve as a dysfunctional approach for Aries.

If Aries wants to be successful, he/she definitely needs to be more focussed and patient. Aries are at their best when they are patient enough. It is the most sought after trait of Aries which can change the direction of their life. Aries should learn to be patient for things in life and to be able to see the bigger picture.


Another most influential trait of Aries is dominance. They are their own boss and do not like to take directions from anyone. They work in their own way, take decisions by themselves and like to be in charge of activities and other people. They cannot accept any other person’s authority over them.

While an Aries generally seeks approval for their decisions and actions, they do not tend to take advice from others. They have an extremely dominant nature which reflects in their professional as well as personal life. They are usually the head in their families and enjoy the decision-making process. Aries partners are also seen as dominant in the relationship. Because of the dominant nature, Aries are often found in the roles of business management, entrepreneur, head of departments or leaders in any way possible.


Aries are highly independent beings in life. They act in ways that are totally autonomous and find it very difficult to depend on someone financially, socially or in any other way. Aries are specialized in being “captain of their own ship”. They take risks and make decisions based primarily on their own instincts and self-belief. Though they like their decisions to be approved by others, they can rarely take anyone else’s advice regarding their matters.

Aries represents a streak of independence which causes them to do exactly as they want and please in life. Because of this independent and free-thinking of Aries, it is highly unlikely for an Aries to be successful in the 9 to 5 job bearing someone’s orders all day. They like to do something of their own and in their own unique way.

Aries also show autonomous behavior in their personal relationships where they do not like to be dependent on their partner for basic life decisions and finances. The need for independence is prominent in this aspect too for the Aries. They like to see themselves in the situations in which they can call shots in one way or the other.

Valor and Nobility

Aries are said to be associated with valor and courage. They fight for noble causes and believe in justice. Aries always tend to avoid complications and rather want that the situation must be dealt in a very simple straight forward way. They prefer to deal with the truth of something, face it, embrace it and then move ahead.

Aries quickly set an ideal and then devote their actions and lives for that particular cause. They believe in nobility and eternal goodness.

Lack of Consideration

Aries are so absorbed into their own world and goals that they sometimes forget how other people feel. Aries tend to become insensitive while drenched in the spirit of their own battles. This lack of consideration can affect Aries in several areas of life. They do not even mean to do it intentionally but since they are so busy making plans and putting things into gear, they forget to look back at other’s feelings at that point.

Aries are motivated by their own needs and desires just like an infant. As an infant only considers his own needs to be urgent and important, Aries does not realize the needs of others can matter as well in front of their own wishes.

If Aries learns to be more sensitive towards other’s feelings, they can not only master in their professional life but can also lead a very happy and successful romantic and personal life.


Enthusiasm is another name for Aries. They are passionate and enthusiastic beings who are always excited about a new opportunity. They are usually the ones to realize an opportunity way before others and get to act on it spontaneously. They are the ones with high spirits and inspirations.

The important thing for Aries is to realize that the ideas they feel passionate about and the ones that are practically possible and achievable can be two separate things. More often, Aries get themselves to work on certain projects and opportunities which turn out impractical in the future and become a source of distress for them. Aries should recognize all practical implications along with the pros and cons of taking up an opportunity before actually taking it up.

The self-centeredness of an Aries can become detrimental for them in this as they do not take other’s input and steamroll over it all on their own. The due consideration over all aspects of anything is a necessary skill for Aries to learn.

Life Aspects of Sun in Aries

The people with Sun in Aries have their unique way of passing through different life aspects. Let’s take a look at it briefly


The sun in Aries has an action-oriented approach in their career. They get things done in the quickest manner without much strategizing.


They are passionate and excited about new beginnings but do not usually commit to staying long-term. They like the chase of a new relationship but also get bored easily.


Aries make friends who are as active as they are. They mostly go along with people who are thrill-seekers and take risks with them.

Spiritual Life

Aries are sensitive from inside despite the hard-core exterior. They make a noble or moral ideal and are likely to follow it throughout their lives.

The Solar Journey of Sun in Aries

The journey of the sun in Aries begins with extreme passion and excitement. Inspiration and enthusiasm are the key motivational forces for the sun in Aries. Aries continue in their lives with fresh energy and new experiences and by believing in here and now. Their action-oriented approach makes them achieve big in life but this same approach can land them into deep waters.

Aries need to learn cooperation with others and be patient while taking important decisions. They need to value other’s input in their life instead of being self-centered. A little sensitivity from their side can go a long way in making them successful and happy in their personal lives.

Celebrities With Sun In Aries

It always feels good to know about celebrities sharing your sign. You can learn from their life histories, study what traits you have similar to them and how can you turn them into your strengths just like they did. So some celebrities with the sun in Aries are:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Kate Hudson
  • Adam Rodriguez
  • Keri Russell
  • Nathan Fillion
  • Emma Watson
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Russell Crowe
  • James Franco
  • Jennifer Morrison
  • Jim Parsons
  • Taylor Kitsch
  • Hugo Weaving
  • Paul Rudd
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Lady Gaga

Final Words

If you are the sun in Aries or know anyone around you, you can look for these traits in yourself or that person. Knowing about your innate characteristics and drives would help you understand your true self which would ultimately reflect on your career and personal life.

We hope the article would give you knowledgeable insights for who you are and what you want to achieve in life. Wishing you the best life ahead!


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