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Sunday School Puppet Show - The Story of Joseph

Updated on March 6, 2013

Puppets are a Great Learning Tool

Telling stories with puppets can be a lot of fun for all ages. It is both visual and well as audio. They are watching the puppets and listening to a story. The story of Joseph and his brothers is a great way to teach kids that God has a plan. Even when things may look bad, trust in God and know that he is always in control. This puppet script in particular was written for younger kids and I didn't get into as much detail as I could have but I wanted to keep it fairly simple. If you are teaching older kids you can either add in some of the details or just add them in the discussion at the end.

Tips For Performing with Puppets

  • Make sure you practice. "Practice makes perfect!"
  • Have the puppet facing the audience. Many people make the mistake of looking at the puppet and facing the puppet towards themselves.
  • Make sure you speak clearly and loudly. If they can't hear you they will lose interest.
  • Practice your lines to have them down. You don't need to memorize them but you don't want it to sound like you are reading.

Puppets are a Great Way to Tell A Story
Puppets are a Great Way to Tell A Story

Puppet Script

Larry: Hi Bob! Watcha doing?

Bob: Oh hi Larry, I’m just reading a letter from a friend of mine.

Larry: Oh yeah? Can you tell me what it says?

Bob: Uh, sure Larry. It’s from my friend Tommy in Cinncinnatti.

Larry: Tommy in Cinncinatti? I don’t think I know him. Oh well, what’s he

Say in his letter Bob?

Bob: Well, he writes:

Dear Bob,

I’m really upset about something that happened at school the

other day. I was in my class, and some kids were talking when

they weren’t supposed to be, and since I sit next to one of the

kids that was talking, the teacher made me go to in school

suspension too. Even though I wasn’t doing any thing wrong.

Larry: Wow, Bob, that’s really terrible.

Bob: Yeah Larry, it is.

Larry: Imagine getting in trouble for something you didn’t do!

Bob: Yeah but ya know Larry, God is in control of everything, and everything happens for a reason.

Larry: So what are you saying Bob, that God wanted Tommy to get in trouble for something he didn’t do?

Bob: What I’m saying Larry is that maybe God had a plan for Tommy and going to in school suspension was part of His plan

Larry: Wow Bob, that sounds like a crazy plan.

Bob: Well, it reminds me of a Bible story I know. About Joseph and his 11 brothers.

Larry: I don’t think I know this one Bob.

Bob: Ya see, Joseph’s father loved him more than he loved his other brothers, and that made Joseph’s brothers jealous.

Larry: Jealous?

Bob: Yeah, they were jealous of Joseph because they had to work hard everyday but Joseph didn’t. His father spent time with Joseph teaching him the Scrolls.

Larry: Uh, what’s a scroll Bob?

Bob: It’s the same thing as a Bible Larry. In the old days they didn’t have books, they had scrolls.

Larry: Oh, ok, so his dad spent all day teaching him the Bible while his brother’s had to get up early and work? Wow, I think I’d be jealous too!

Bob: God had also giving Joseph a gift.

Larry: Oh, I love presents Bob!

Bob: Not that kind of gift Larry! God gave Joseph the gift of interpreting dreams.

Larry: Doing what to dreams Bob?

Bob: Interpreting Larry, that means telling people what their dreams mean.

Larry: Oh, ok.

Bob: Anyway! One day Joseph went out to the fields to see his brothers, and they knocked him into a pit and sold him to slave traders. Then they told their father that he had been killed by wild animals.

Larry: Bob that’s terrible! How could they do that to their own brother! And then to lie to their father! I just can’t believe it.

Bob: I know it sounds bad Larry, but God had a plan for Joseph.

Larry: A Plan! What kind of Plan? One where he gets thrown in a pit and sold to slave traders! What kind of plan is that Bob?

Bob: A Good Plan Larry! Just wait to hear the rest of the story!

Larry: Ok Bob, but this story is sounding a little … uh … well, uh, … I don’t know Bob, but it just doesn’t sound good!

Bob: Well, the slave traders sold Joseph and he worked as a slave, then he was put in prison for something he didn’t do, then after being in prison for a while he was called out by the pharaoh to interpret a dream.

Larry: I’m still waiting for the story to get better Bob!

Bob: When Joseph interpreted the dream for pharaoh, he was put in charge of all the food in the land. Then a big famine came.

Larry: Famine, is that a good thing Bob?

Bob: No Larry, a famine is when there is no food.

Larry: Oh yeah Bob, the story’s definitely getting better now! No Food!

Bob: But Joseph knew the famine was coming and they stored up enough food for everybody!

Larry: Finally, something in this story that is good!

Bob: Yeah, and Joseph was in charge of all the food that was stored. One day, his brothers came looking for food for their families. They didn’t recognize Joseph.

Larry: They didn’t recognize their own brother!

Bob: No, a lot of time had passed, and Joseph was dressed as the Egyptians.

Larry: Wow, that must have been hard for Joseph.

Bob: It was Larry, but Joseph was able to see that his brothers had changed. They were really sorry for what they had done to him, and they learned their lesson.

Larry: Wow Bob! Joseph must have been so happy to see that his brothers were sorry.

Bob: He was, but he was also happy to see his father again. And it was all in God’s Plan.

Larry: You mean that God made all that bad stuff happen to Joseph so that he could feed his family during the famine?

Bob: Yes Larry, but not only that, Joseph also touched many other people’s lives along the way.

Larry: So if something bad happens to you, then you should just remember that God is in control, and He has a plan for everything?

Bob: That’s right! So it may seem like something bad, but God can turn it around to be good. So Tommy from Cincinatti, it may not seem fair that you got in school suspension for talking, when you weren’t talking, but God has a Plan for you.

Larry: Yeah, even if what’s happening doesn’t make sense, just trust in God.

Bob: Ya know Larry, this reminds me of another story I know. It’s about a …..

Larry: Woah, Bob! Yeah, I think I hear my mother calling me or if she isn’t then she will be soon! Yeah, I’m sure she needs me for something, anything, I don’t think I can take another one of your stories right now Bob! See ya!

You can make your own puppets with socks or brown paper bags.
You can make your own puppets with socks or brown paper bags.

Discussion at the end

When you finish the puppet show you will want to go over what they just learned. Repitition is the best way to make something stick, especially with kids. And it will give you a chance to add in some details that were not in the puppet script. It's also good to read some of the story, at least a few of the key verses, directly from the Bible.

Copyright 2013 - Michele Redmond

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