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Children's Sunday school lessons - Heroes of the Bible for Kids

Updated on March 11, 2013
Paul the apostle
Paul the apostle | Source

Did you realise that the web also holds a wealth of instructions for teachers, for many, years of pre-set books have lead to a minimal, just add water, approach to teaching. but sites such as the catholic blogger ( has a wonderful selection of informative posts, and other sites like are set up to be a resource for teachers to train themselves, with on-line training and access to mentors. Many individual lesson plan sites also offer teachers pages with tips and tricks to allow individual tailoring of lessons to the specifics of the group they are working with.

Children need heroes

In a world that elevates celebrity for seemingly no reason, other than spin doctors and a chance timing thrusting them forward, it's important to give children real heroes, everyday people who falter and fail and learn without tabloid disappointment.

The bible holds such heroes, such as Paul, who started life as Saul on a mission of massacre, and became the mouthpiece of the early church moving beyond the safety of the Jewish nation and thus into the whole world. It's the daunting and thrilling task of the teacher in the Sunday school groups to give their temporary charges the messages of these less glamorous and unknown to Photoshop faces.

There is a wealth of materials on the web that can assist the weather worn teacher, and can lead the novice through the pitfalls of such a task. Many have published materials, others believe in giving the gift in the same way they received it, freely. as well as the site take the concept of hero's and weave it into the very fabric of their teaching. The animated cartoon also sees the need for heroes inspired by the translating of dusty scrolls that we have held true over the last two millennia or more

Many a holiday material has taken up this notion of heroes, the material is dripping out into the world and churches just need to embrace the notion and let it grow. Move beyond the 12 apostles and embrace the smaller characters, use them to introduce humility, hope, forgiveness, honestly, perseverance, and other traits that are so hard to grasp in the abstract way they are often painted.


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