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Updated on July 13, 2012

No More Drifting

No more drifting through veiled dreamings ...
unsure of direction , unsure of intent -
this is the way I've chosen to move ...
with clear sight and clear Mind;
not in debt to any fear or any hope.
I've no idea nor even concept of destination;
the journey is food and drink enough
for the soul trapped in this prison
of flesh and bone -
and "there" is transferred into "here"
the very instant I get ... there!
My demons have no names,
though they seem to know mine -
but they're nothing but smoke and mirrors
set in place to confuse me ...
day to night and again night to day,
and they break and shatter the nightquiet
with their acidic laughter
and caustic commentary on my choices.
No matter at the end of it all -
clear sight and clear Mind solve riddles ...
no debt to any fear or any hope.

The Heartless Place

It is your own perceptions that have led you here
to this still, cold, and heartless place.
No time to pass , rippling like smokey thunder
through and through,
No steps to take that might lead into tomorrow;
just staying still in the darkness encompassing
like the caress of a barbed wire blanket.
Smiling nonchalantly leaves a bitter taste
of hot blood and brass filings between the teeth,
and nothing ever washes it away completely.
You bury yourself beneath layers of fear
and call yourself protected,
but it definitely is not
You crawl out to look around in feigned surprise
and look for yet another direction to move in.
The execution of bitter ego is the key
that unlocks the greatness that hovers silently
at the edge of all that you dream of,
and when you finally understand that what
you know is not that which drives you onward,
You leave the still, cold, heartless place.


I sat back in the deep, cold infused Shadows of Thought -
watching my self with the yellowed eye of a beast...
waiting for the single mistake that could lead to the end
of that self of delusion and self of fear.
Sitting to kill this false ego - Zasetsu!
Spine reaching upwards into the Heavens
like a shoot of green bamboo -
spearing skyward to stab the clouds of perception ;
Giving shape to dream creatures running in the
dappled sunshine, flickering to distract
this single Thought of Diamond Perfection!
Self quickly fragmenting into shards of Not-I
and desperately I duck to avoid
the emotional shrapnel hurtling towards
this tattered and faded ghost-
only to pass through like beams of moonlight
through the fog...
A single, solitary bead of sweat rolling down
the bridge of my nose -
and it strikes the back of my hand -
The thunder of it deafens!
Sitting to kill this false ego -
What wondrous work!

Too Much Searching

I've been searching for too many reasons ... and excuses;
too many ways out of this ... and that.
Escape routes hidden with consumate skill -
warrens disguised slyly to vanish like smoke
before the hurried eye ...
but far behind the harried Mind!
I feel like some newly liberated prisoner,
drunken and stumbling - inebriated by freedoms -
blinded by the scintillating sunlight -
not caring about the desert growing around me,
just endlessly moving forward
for no reason other than to keep moving ...
Trapped in the clawed grip of Zeno's paradox -
not in the least bit surprised that I get
absolutely nowhere in record time!
It's taken mere seconds ...
seconds that could easily pass for lifetimes
in moonlit dappled shadows,
but escaping isn't the answer after all ...
it is all about Becoming ...


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    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 5 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      You are on a journey Home to heart and mind. A day will come when you delight that your spirit is in a body, because then others can see you, and follow you Home!