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Supernatural Visions & Out of Body Experiences

Updated on December 12, 2015

Many people of different religious associations and some of the apostles and religious prophets of the bible; including and not limited to other religious sects have experienced the out of body experience, trance-state, and dreamscape visions.

The bible is one of the factual pieces of evidence that has been recorded and taken as a factual history that has clear and concise interpretations and invocations of the apostles, prophets, and parties who wrote and interpreted experiences in a type of dreamscape, trance, or out of body experience. They are experiences that is something the individual experienced in their God-like visions, or trances and other things related to Jesus Christ for the purpose of writing the bible and the books in the bible. The bible is a purposeful book and revelations or group of writings for everyday living.

The out of body experiences. trance, or visions as they are commonly called (visions) are visions that people in general experience in their sleep or dreamscape.

Visions are something that a person has seen or has and was engaged in during a dreamscape. and the symbols or feelings felt are that what the individual encountered in the dreamscape, trance, or out of body experience and is the interpreter of the his or her own vision. Each of the interpretations of each of these people is unique to that particular individual, and they are or are driven by their visions to write about the vision they dreamt about or seen in a vision or trance.

The difference is clear, as well as, what transpires in a dreamscape and it is felt in emotions with the out of body experience. that is not only in the dreamscape, but it could very well be a dreamscape or state of mind when we are in a unconscious state or when we are conscious and wide-awake. But most when we are are in a trance, dreamscape, or having some type of out of body experience and it is in an unconscious state of mind.

Some examples of these types of dreamscapes are those that Matthew and Jacob who wrote their experiences in the bible and interpreted their experience and wrote about these experiences and feelings of revelation in the bible that is clearly religious symbolism and based on their belief system. It is their unique interpretation and an interpretation of the paranormal or supernatural as they perceived it in their particular dreamscape.

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung perceived these interpretations as a mirror of oneself. The hidden unconscious self and the conscious self. Both are two different archtypes one being manifest content of dreams and remembering it upon waking from a dream. The other being Latent content that is hidden and an unconscious or symbolic meaning that is seen or felt while in an unconscious or dreamscape. (Freud, Sigmund,(1920) Manifest Dreams content and Latent dreams content and thoughts, NY, Bali and Livermont)

The interpretations were ways to step into other realms of existence or supernatural realms and they would and could be discerned by the party who is immediately engaged in the dreamscape or the person experiencing the vision.

The bible and its principles are very clear and they are designed to invoke purposeful intentions with the devine or sacred and leading them to the discernment of the vision or having purpose or meaningful revelations behind the vision.

The vision is in a spiritual dreamscape or soul-life realm and it normally and most vividly present in dream states like; Theta, Alpha, and Delta stages of sleep. (Dreams, Visions, and Seers, Peter McArthur, pg.3 par. 1)

The dream state is an important and integral part of the dreamscape or out of body experience.

There are several different stages of dreamscape when we are most receptive and responsive where we could interpret those visions or dreams more vivdly; those visions or dreams are near the end of our dreamscape or shortly after our waking from a deep sleep.

Ancient Freudian and Jungian psychology have mentioned the dreamscape and the spiritual interpretations that they drew from them. Carl Jung expressed his interpretations of dreams and or out of body experiences as those that were led by his spirit guide.

Truly spiritual dreams will cause our inner man or spirit-man to respond (p.11, par.8) like that in 1 Corinthians 2:14 "interpretation must not be rational or intellectual but spiritual." when it is interpreted and with caution as to how it was brought about. The most spiritual being that the dream or vision was induced was brought on by a lot of prayer and the party who saw the vision is immediately involved or engaged in the prayer before it is dreamt.

Any religious person should take caution in the induced dream or vision that is not brought about by prayer to a higher God or being. If we are not careful in our own beliefs then we could allow other belief systems to override our own religious beliefs.

The religious or spiritual realm is not just privy to religious people but could be to any religion or atheist person or party. This phenomenon is and has been experienced by Christians, Muslims, Buddists, and many other religious people or non-religious people. (p..17)

Trances are also out of body experiences were the person who is interpreting the trance or vision, who is engaged or was engaged in the trance or dream-like state while in an awake state or conscious state and who is influenced by some unknown phenomenon of the trance and/or becomes en-tranced. When they wake from the trance they interpret what they saw in the vision they experienced.

Must also mention that induced trances are some of the trances that many Christians believe are of the occult and not of God or made by god for the person seeing it to interpret.

People have practiced different techniques in many religions, sects, and denominations to induce a dreamscape or vision and it is the impression or revelation of the person who see's or interprets this state of mind that directs the interpretation or is the one who perceives this vision to be. So again, many have a viable reason to be cautious when inducing such states of mind or dreamscapes to induce a out of body experience. It is a medium that is used or technique to induce or invoke a dreamscape.

Some of the Experiences that invoke a out of body experience are:

  • Trauma's
  • Drug induced dreamscapes
  • Transcendal meditation
  • Hypnosis
  • Astral Projection/travel
  • Prophesying
  • Near death experiences
  • Unconscious states of mind
  • Conscious states of mind
  • Neurosis


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