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Supernaturally Speaking.

Updated on August 12, 2014

Ghosts and the Supernatural.

Many people hold the belief that the soul is not temporal. Usually borne of the desperation to stave off the notion of oblivion after death. It is not a welcoming thought to entertain. For everything you have been and known to suddenly evaporate once this vessel of flesh, blood and bone ceases function. The propagation of such fear has been the main force behind the growth and continued adherence of humanity to organised religion. The religious marketing tool: "follow our rules or forever flounder in nothingness," is a powerful magnetised message to the masses and remains so, even in our ever expanding, enlightened cultures.

Even among a more enlightened, irreligious populace, some rudimentary reliance on an afterlife proceeding death persists. Including a healthy observation and/or reverence of superstitions and the supernatural. One merely needs to ask a handful of people around them: "do you believe in ghosts?" for example, to affirm this.

Evidence for ghosts and the supernatural is tenuous at best. No solid evidence has been demonstrated to exhibit undisputed recordings or communications between the living and the dead. Those who purport to possess a talent for conversing with spirits are usually exposed as charlatans, or are vague showmen/women. Indulging their gullible audiences by taunting them with generic buzzwords, easily applicable to most people. Fooling them into thinking a loved ones' devotion has pierced the membrane of mortality, refusing to be sundered from their living relatives. All for a "nominal" fee of course...

Then of course, there are hauntings, poltergeist activity, possessions, witchcraft et al. a (sic.) potion of chicanery, deluding you once imbibed. I myself was once prey to this. Spending vast sums of money on tomes promising me that I could alter reality and change what so irked me about my life. Of course, nothing worked! A burgeoning interest in science (the real magic of reality, which, conversely, was once viewed with the same contempt at best. At worst, the sheer vitriolic hatred of the occult by organised religion) put paid to any interest in the occult.

However, there are some scientific applications, should one care to make them, to what has been deemed supernatural. One could argue the following case: would fear be solely potent enough after all these years to still make people devoutly religious? In short, yes. However, what if there was more to it?

One issue I take with the supernatural and spirits in particular is this. The continued difficulty in regular, solid proof of their manifestation. For example, if a ghost appears as an apparition, the psychic set will offer a raft of reasons why it cannot do so at will. "Spirits travel through water." "Manifestations require a large amount of spiritual energy and they need people or old places (stone ruins etc.) to appear," and so on.

However, all these excuses overlook the most salient point in the argument, so negate their beliefs by doing so. An apparition has breached the barrier between life and death. Surely that's the difficult part?! One would have thought that this seemingly insurmountable task would prove to be the obstacle to overcome? Once this process was mastered, manifesting at will should be a doddle, right? Wrong! A spirit is residual energy, or comes in visitation, or poltergeist activity is bound to a location or person for a finite period, or time in the spirit world doesn't function as it does on our world. The list of excuses dance on the tongues of apparitional apologists like the bull in a china shop vitality of... poltergeists! Pardon the pun.

Well, time in the Universe doesn't run the same as it does here on earth for example. Gravity warps Space/Time more, depending on the higher mass of an object, so time is (imperceptibly) slower inside Jupiter than it is on the surface of earth. But there is a more logical explanation of what ghosts are than all of the above.

We are not in full understanding of the potential in our minds at this stage. We are formed from the sub atomic fabric that everything else in the Universe is fashioned from, this includes our grey matter. Another reported phenomenon from the paranormal is that most odd occurrences take place during that vague period of being half-awake and half-asleep (which of course could explain the oddities themselves). In sleep, a brain is twice as active as when we are awake. So instead of being residual energy, like a video recording, perhaps ghosts are the by-products of some region of our uncharted mind, experiencing past destinies of the particles and energies that comprise us?

Perhaps this is why evidence to suggest the paranormal has failed to be pinpointed yet (other than the sceptics argument that such phenomena is false)? Further research into our minds may yield greater insight into this mystery. We may be able to possess the ability to fashion real history with our minds, which could only develop further once our minds evolve and Epoch 5 dawns on our species.

© Brad James, 2014.


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