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Superstitious Beliefs

Updated on April 15, 2016

Supernatural Beliefs and my People

It has been passed on from generation to generation, by folklore and as legends of how my people came to settle where they are now.

For generations, my people have been conditioned to believe and practice the art of capturing dead spirits for their use. In this modern times and age, this is still considered as part of our culture. Christianity has been a major player in the destruction of all of my peoples traditional rituals and dark sorcery.

Yet, what they have not been successful in destroying, has now become part of the church worship in my home province. A lot of my people profess to be Christians but their beliefs lies elsewhere and has roots in superstition.

My people believe that when someone dies, his/her spirit will bring riches to anyone that is successful, in capturing it. Male relatives of the deceased, will make camp at the burial site and spend days guarding it. They say that between the hours of midnight and dawn, is when spirits come out to roam the world. At this hour they are most likely to take human form and visit relatives to deliver messages regarding their deaths, or where to meet them to collect, the gift of riches, before they depart into their new lives as white men.

It is said that after departing this lifetime, the deceased takes the form of a white-man/woman and lives a new life, but he or she finds ways to contact their family in the past life.

In my entire life, I have only witnessed just two of this happenings from my distant relatives and their families. Sometimes, families turn to witch doctors to help them contact this Nao, in English translated as White. And these nao people can speak my native tongue, which is of-course amazing to me; where in the world can someone from a white-man tribe speak so fluent my native tongue? I still wonder about this and cannot comprehend this superstitious believes can produce such results.

Although, religion has become an important part of our lives, our customs and beliefs will be here for a long time.

There is black sorcery that is used to capture the spirits of the dead to use for evil purposes. Sometimes these spirits are controlled to hurt innocent people. The sorcerers use this spirits to kill for the land, food, money and you name it.

If a spirit of a deceased is captured, the person cannot have a new life, as the spirit will be used by the sorcerer for his evil purposes. My people still believe that this is something supernatural, that science cannot answer, nor can the bible can explain this.

In a sense, this beliefs are a primitive form of religious beliefs from our ancestors, that traveled the world before securing a piece, that we now call home. These beliefs are the one and same that I believe originated from pagan worship.

Bringing religion to my people has not quenched their thirst for customary beliefs, but has only fueled their desire to learn more of the dark arts associated with spirits.


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