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Supremacy of Faith over Intellect

Updated on January 26, 2012

One wonders! What is the difference between intellect and faith? Is there a link of some kind? Yes. Ours is not some blind faith!

Intellect is a fruit of nature (genetic), nurture (environment) and will power (drive within). Faith on the other hand sprouts from the very elements and transcends all. Faith is born of intellect, it is reasoned, internalized and possessed. It starts from the intellect and goes down to gut level. Once faith conquers one, it obsesses. Period.

Ones faith can never be questioned; it is about one and his/her creator. This is the foundation of the respect the world has for ones faith. It is written in our laws – thou shall not discriminate based on faith, … BUT does this hold in real life situations?

I have had hot debates in the past on the question of faith. The very world that has laws on respect for diverse faiths violates the very respect. People of different faiths see themselves as superior to others belonging to other faiths. They are custodians of TRUE GOD.


My position is that of respect for all faiths; It is about Dialogue of Religions to have a meeting ground. The GOD of one and different faiths remains ONE. In His/Her supremacy: All Sees, All Knows, All Embraces, All Blesses... In Him, there is only simplicity. Complexity is Ours the Mortal Creatures!


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