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Surfing With God

Updated on May 18, 2011

We love because God first loved us. Being honest with you, I cannot get into the whole bride of Christ thing. I'm a guy. You catch my drift? I know it's theologically accurate and politically correct to connect with your feminine side, to connect with the bride thing, but I like to eat my steaks medium rare and watch Jason Bourne kick butt. I actually have the whole series and I am proud of it, too.

Well, before you judge me as insecure or in denial to my softer side, I will venture forth into the wonderful world of Christian theology, specifically the agape love of God.

Throughout mankind's dubious history, God has always initiated the first move. He made us. That's pretty initiatory. He also loved us enough by sending his son to die on the cross for all our stupid sins. You would think that we would look at the lowly millipede and realize, "Gee, those little legs and body are pretty amazing! Maybe someone wiser than me made it or should I mention the G word? Maybe God made it. Wow! What a novel idea!"

With all this evidence around us, you would think that we would seek out this God who made the millipede, the mynah bird (maybe not the mynah bird), the gecko, the limpet, the mango, the lau lau, our eye balls, the air, the sun, the moon, and all the other fascinating things in creation. Sadly, mankind is too bakatare (stupid) to raise their eyes from creation and look for this loving God who created this thing called life. It's like looking at a painting by Monet and saying, "He didn't create it. The tooth fairy farted it out." The denial of The Master Painter, God, is that absurd.

In the midst of our foolishness, God initiates his love towards us. He reaches out into our mud pit and saves us from destroying our lives with drugs, sex, alcohol addiction, gluttony, hate, revenge, murder, thievery, witchcraft, self-rejection, and other destructive past times. He spoke, "Forgiven! Finished! I love you!" Our lives went through a metamorphosis and we became joyful, peace-filled, and full of love. Yes, it doesn't happen over night, but it happens. God initiated and we responded.

"Okay, okay, it's like a dance. Wait! How about I use a surfing analogy? Whew! I saved my manhood!" Surfers wait for the ocean to initiate a wave before they ride. It's the same in the Christian life. We wait for God in prayer and he initiates his presence and inspiration. We then experience deeper levels of revelation as we read his word; we then sense God's love at the inner core of our being; we then ride the wave of his spirit into a deeper relationship with Him.
As I shared in earlier articles, I lived to achieve. I strove, drove, and wove myself into an anxiety filled knot. I got saved by his love and then I lived to earn something I already had. We’ve all been there and done that. We’ve all worked for his love.

It’s time to rest and let God initiate again. Don’t strive for his love. Rest in his love. Don’t strive for his presence. Rest and wait for his presence. He will come (James 4:7-8). He already loves us. He already abides with us.

All you women out there, please forgive me for my male dominated article. Blame Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg. Keanu Reeves, and all the other male stud actors who make being male really an awesome thing. I love you church. Beef rules!

We love because he first loved us - 1John 4:19


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    • Tamarajo profile image

      Tamarajo 6 years ago

      I loved the surf analogy of waiting for His initiation.

    • The Minstrel profile image

      The Minstrel 6 years ago from Hawaii

      Bless you Tony,

      Thank you for your comments and powerful testimony of the bride of Christ.

    • Tony L Smith profile image

      Tony L Smith 6 years ago from Macon

      understandable feelings and a good article. Once in a worship service I saw Holy Spirit carry the bride across the threshold, then He spoke inside me and said 'This is where the sons are made' The son's of God carry the 'Seed of God'

      Bless you Brother

      By the way I love Bourne Identity too, I could watch it over and over.

      And yes being male is a thrill and an honor

    • The Minstrel profile image

      The Minstrel 6 years ago from Hawaii

      Thank you Reynold Jay, I will look at your new book. Keep up the good work.


      Keep on shining your light. From your past writings and comments, I sense that you are a very sincere follower of Jesus. He is so pleased with your heart. I am encouraged that my spiritual rantings are being used to encourage others.

    • Kristeen profile image

      Christine 6 years ago from Michigan

      Minstrel, It is amazing how God works and talks to us. I just commented to VOICE CIW that I had a bad day yesterday because I worked with a lady who claims to love God and have faith, but she believes in evolution and doesn't feel the Bible is always correct etc. I stood for the truth no matter what she said, but it really upset me, not for my own sake, but for the sake of a loving God who fearfully and wonderfully made us and the earth we live on, and sent His Son to save us and this is the kind of thanks He gets.

      I prayed about it and I get on the hubpages tonight and you and also VOICE wrote supportive hubs regarding the same issue. God is awesome! Thank you for this. It gives me new strength and makes me realize (although I already knew) that I am not alone in the faith. Blessings!

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. Up one and Useful. Hey! I'm now your fan! I am working a series of 5 novels Seeds from Heaven that touches on a lot of the things you mention. I’ll have some HUB information posted on it in a day or so. Read about it at