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Surrender in the real sense!

Updated on November 15, 2011

Surrender your will to God.

As we have seen before, there are certain terms in spirituality which is often misunderstood or misconstrued. To day I have taken up one such term "Surrender". In this material world, surrender conveys a different meaning as 'submission to authority'. This surrender mostly happens due to coercion or force. We often see in the newspaper that the criminal has surrendered to the Police or Judiciary. But, in spiritual parlance, the term 'surrender' has got a sublime meaning which elevates the individual. We voluntarily surrender to the higher power(God or Almighty) with Love and Faith. We surrender to God on our own volition after knowing the Truth about the Self and Over self. For clarity sake I use the term "Self and Over Self" to indicate the individual and God, though there is no real distinction between the Self and Over Self. In fact the Self of the individual is part and parcel of the so called "Over Self".

Now let us deal mainly with spiritual surrender. We always consider that the individual possess free will and whatever he does on his own bind him irrevocably to the cause and effect cycle. But the sages and saints asserts that there is no such thing as "Free Will". They say that God alone possess "Free will" and all others are bound by karmic bonds and they are not free at any time. Rationalists may not buy this argument. They assert that man has got the freedom to choose. He can discriminate and engage himself in action. But the scriptures put forth a different argument. They assert that man is a part of the society. He has got obligations towards his immediate family, friends and society. He can not live in isolation from the society. All his needs are met from society. He can not cultivate his own crops for consumption. Even if he does so as a land owner, he has to rely upon the society for his other needs. He has got duties towards the parents, brother and sister. After marriage, he has to look after his wife and children. In profession or career, he should obey the instructions from his seniors. He can not act on his own both in family and Office. He has further responsibilities towards society, though he may neglect it. He has to keep his house and environment clean. He has to pay taxes to the administration for water, power and garbage removal. Hence none can assert that an individual is a free man in society. The dependency factor may vary from person to person but invariably every man is bound by the canons of the society. Secondly man accumulates without his knowledge, the effects of all actions he performed earlier, the effects of his emotional upheavals, and his thoughts. Here many may wonder how thoughts affect. We know that certain harmful chemical fumes affect the atmosphere and the hole in the ozone layer is due to the indiscriminate use of certain gadgets like air conditioner, refrigerator etc., Nowadays it is found that even the mobile phones and other wireless gadgets too contribute to the harmful effects in atmosphere. In fact, the cell phone towers distract the sparrows and the little bird has dwindled much in many cities which has got high number of mobile communication towers. Yes, the technological advances and industrial revolutions deprive natural resources to the common man miserably. Now, reverting back to the subject of Surrender to the Divine Self, first of all one should have faith in God self or Almighty. The entire creation is conceived and controlled by the Divine will. Truth and Love is the basis for every thing. When man alienate himself from Truth, he undergoes turmoils. Hence man's life is intertwined with God's will. When we surrender our ego at the feet of God and abide by His supreme will, Peace and Joy will be the result. We have seen in this world, neither wealth nor properties gives real joy. When we are content with what we have and abide by the will of God, surrender acquires a new meaning and it renders the individual peaceful and enable him to reach the Over Self. Once we realize the identity of the individual self and supreme self, our turmoils are over and we escape from this miserable earthly Life. We won't suffer from further births in this illusory world. In surrender the individual asserts. "My Lord, it is your concern" and he can remain free from further worry. Once we surrendered to the Supreme will of God, there is no more going back to your individual Ego. If you back tracks, then you invite all the troubles and concerns of the worldly life once again. Rest in next hub.

Saibaba explaining some teachings.


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    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I agree with MsDora's comment. That may be one of the most important sentences of this piece of writing, although the entire piece was beautiful.

      I also liked the part where you wrote that: "Once we realize the identity of the individual self and supreme self, our turmoils are over". I would leave out the "miserable earthly Life" - I do enjoy it ... that's just personal opinion though.

      Many thanks for the write. Cheers!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thank you for sharing! "When man alienates himself from Truth, he undergoes turmoils." This is good reason to surrender.