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Surviving Mercury Retrograde in July and August of 2018

Updated on December 15, 2018

Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Here is your crash course guide to Mercury retrograde for July-August of 2018. I do not claim to know the mechanics of the agent that causes these forces, but I do understand the effects. The earlier Mercury retrograde this year wasn’t fun—it was frustrating. But this next one is going to be far worse, so it’s smart to have a game plan.

The real bad mamba jamba part of this retrograde began around July 25 and ends August 11th. These three weeks are going to be hot as the scorching heat of hell if this Mercury retrograde thing has anything to say about it. But since this Mercury retrograde has a particularly strong overlap with the constellation of Leo, the bad stuff in this one is already making people grumbly—and will continue to do so till about Labor Day. After that, things should start cooling down and make for a nice fall, till the next cycle... which I think off the top of my head is November, and that seems far away.

But it seems normal enough that things get cooler after Labor Day anyway, because that's naturally how this summer season works. Our summer season that we're stepping into, however, is getting about a 3x boost.

It won’t be any surprise if this ends up being the hottest summer on record... as previous ones have already done so. This is in part from global warming, climate change, and the like. This hot summer is also going to be dry.

Normal Mercury retrogrades cause errors in communication, delays, and travel problems. Mercury itself is seen as a symbol of communication, so when it goes backward that gets impacted. But this time it’s going through Leo 100%, and with an intensity that’s going to directly have results on the big three: jobs, relationships, and health.

It will wreck havoc by triggering people to be impatience, short fused tempers, rage, impulsiveness, explosiveness, dissatisfaction, confusion, and overblown ego. Ego is going to be a cup runneth over this season, which can bring great things. But if the ego isn’t in check, it could do damage to your life for months or longer. Leo is a symbol for matters of the heart and willpower. Leo can have it's ego bruised all too easy, and Leo can also be overconfident. You should be seeing these factors in just about anyone regardless of their sign. However, the generosity and creativity side of Leo will push people to open doors for themselves. Mercury retrograde acts as a way of cleansing all of us, and also giving us new opportunities. If you want to have a successful Mercury retrograde, then don't act too hasty. Slow down on your pocket book. And go after your creative hobbies as much as possible.

The best way to get through July and August is approach it with self-control and love. Usually you want your affairs in order before these events, because paperwork at this point can get muddied up. Mercury retrograde times are better spent checking on where you are rather than trying to throw out progress cards. Whatever this event is has a tendency to shake off all the crap we hold onto and give us a reality check, oft a painful one.

Willpower and love can express itself with generosity, creativity, and love—but it can also go off the rails into pride. Be self-reflective and notice what your pride is doing to yourself and others.

Expectations July

So, here's what can you expect: major traffic delays, car crashes out of road rage, sudden car problems, and very, very hot roads. Always keep water with you throughout this retrograde, and make sure you have a charged phone and tools ready—just in case.

Work: Unnecessary frustrations over small things and blowouts with people that could be prevented by redirecting that rage into creativity or a love of problem solving. Knocking peoples heads around doesn’t work. People are also going to show signs of being brain dead—like, hardcore. Don’t be tempted to get critical. It will be too easy to cut the skin deep, leaving last damage with coworkers.

Health: There will be a strong need to get everything accomplished, but in actuality, if there are things that can wait, let them wait. Restlessness over this energy of needing to accomplish more will also lead to fatigue. Not surprising if people run into heart attacks in the next couple of months. People will get snippy, so try not to take it personally.

This is a time where big purchases isn’t a great deal. Slow down on the wallet. Slow down on the food. Think before you make an impulsive decision—like deleting bunches of people, or throwing away important documents. Or getting into a yelling argument over something that's small but manageable. This is not a time to make big decisions.

Remember: much of what around you is manageable, and that which isn’t... just let it go. You have plenty on your plate anyway.

Best way to handle this retrograde: redirect energies into something productive. Now is a great time to start a creative venture—or at least layout the groundwork. Relax and pamper yourself and don’t get too hung up on perceived flaws. Instead of making hasty decisions or big changes, do maintenance on what you already have. Read a book, do something soothing. Don’t be easily alarmed or shaken.

If there is an issue, don’t get tunnel vision. Set aside items gracefully. Watch what you say because it has an impact on others; this is a time to be watchful of how others feel. This is an easy time to get really self-centered. Well intentioned items may get interpreted incorrectly. Try not to see things only one way or rush forth. Be diplomatic and egalitarian.

This is a good time to hang out with pets, but if they show signs of distress (or even anger) just give them space. They may seem like they’re in love-hate relationships. Everything might feel like it’s in a love-hate relationship. Try to expand that scope. This is a good time to hone in skills for better willpower.

Methods to Follow, Methods Not to Follow

Good ideas:

  1. Relax, take a nap, meditate, exercise in moderation.
  2. Go for a walk.
  3. Try learning something new or doing a refresher.
  4. Think about how you can put love (yeah, I know it’s cheesy) into the world, rather than turning into the Dark Maul? Or that really bad dialogue from Star Wars episode III.
  5. Get food that’s supposed to be heart healthy: avocados, salmon, walnuts, whole grains, red wine, dark chocolate, tomatoes, berries, apples, oranges, spinach, legumes, fish, asparagus. Eat these. Avoid: caffeine, red meats, butter, candy, sugary cereals, frozen meals, bacon, potato chips, and diet soda.
  6. When drinking fruit juice, mix half of it with water. That will help dilute some of the extra sugar and salt.
  7. Practice self control, don’t speak faster than you can think. There is no race to be won.
  8. Be collaborative over competitive. Right now being competitive will really backfire.
  9. Find ways to see the humor in things and not take things too seriously.
  10. Keep track of moods and thoughts.
  11. Give out compliments intentionally. You have the choice to put out two different kinds of fires: friendly warmth or competitive rage.
  12. Find ways to say positive things, this helps prevent tunnel vision.
  13. Be willing to compromise. You are not the ruler of the planet.
  14. Home spa day. A relaxed and pampered you is going to be more inviting to people when they step out their home.
  15. Yoga. Your body needs flexibility and cardio.
  16. Listen to soothing music.
  17. Be willing to apologize for misunderstandings.


  1. Buy something that’s really expensive. Conserve money. New spending habits are not advised.
  2. Bottle up emotions and then rage. Ease out emotions gradually, and into projects. Talk out what you’re thinking because people can’t read minds or automatically know other people’s experiences.
  3. Get impatient and do nuclear options for things. Cool your jets.
  4. Let your gas get too low.
  5. Pick on others for small things just because you feel like it. Instruct gracefully.
  6. Throw a fit if something doesn’t go your way.
  7. Try to show people whose boss (Angela’s the boss).
  8. Roll your eyes or make other passive forms of aggression.
  9. Be petulant.
  10. Be rude to wait staff or other people doing their jobs.
  11. Let whatever is going on in your brain come out without any processing.
  12. Drink caffeine, alcohol.
  13. Let the libido do all the talking.
  14. Allow anxieties to control you.
  15. Try to do everything at once.
  16. Be insensitive.

Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea Volcano is a great symbol for this year. The Mercury retrograde will be fierce in Leo, and Kilauea started erupting months ago, but it hasn't ended. People throughout Hawaii have had to abandon their homes, some people are living in shelters while others are making arrangements to live somewhere entirely different. What should be a paradise, is actually a dangerous place. The volcano is sending out so much lava that it's meeting the ocean and making something that is highly toxic. You can't fight the volcano head on; you have to let it run out of its steam. What you need to do is seek protection. Kilauea Volcano's damage is going to ultimately be extremely expensive, and put an extensive amount of pressure on Hawaii's state government. The eruptions haven't been deadly, but costly—and that's something that's going to take decades of reconstruction.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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    • profile image

      Gemini ct 

      3 years ago

      So THAT'S what's going on!!

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great read:-)

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Being in the cottage makes it easier as we can just stay in the water when it is really hot. Still, it makes it unpleasant for many and patience is needed. Thanks for the warning.


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