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Swamiji Escapes Gun Shot.( One in Jail.)

Updated on February 22, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Swamiji's Uniform.

Basic Quakifications.

A Swami's basic qualification is his uniform that is constant,clean and other items like beads,fore head dressing with any color and wooden foot ware.A head dress will be more attractive with gold and silver plated as also color stones filled to make it very impressive.

One such Swami / Guru / Baba has a full set of solid Gold eating plate with drinking glass and bowls to be filled with milk.ghee,sugar,salt,pickle etc all pur Gold.

Yes his Bed room will have a Royal Bed with Silk and pure Merino Wool and NASA bed and it will be a single bed with extra space for any devote to sit and sing song or press his leg and milk him if he needs and milk is a must.

I have seen a Pandit also a second class by rank eat everything with sugar in large helping.Another Swami eat from virgin floor well polished.Another Swami eat with Japanese style table and Chair.Another Swami eat only rice with Cow's milk.They are the kind that gets them a distinct rank.No Swami is accepted without a long hair and beard,White beard gets them more respect,few swamis dye black or white.A swami who is 80 years old has very curly black long hair that goes loke a big circle.Few Swami's in north have started making their Head Gear from best quality Turkey Towels.Another Swami has his Head Gear so made it is difficult to fake it.

Recently many devotees have started a new unheard way of protest to the Govt as their Swami is kept in Jail with out a Bail,While a minister sent to Jail on rape charges is kept in a a/c room in a hospital ever since he came out of the Court.This new protest is HUNGER PRAYER.Devotees can gather in his Ashram and start their Hunger Prayer after having a 3 course meal perhaps up to mid night or sooner.The Swami is in jail on rape charges.

Another Swamiji in his safron robe and very long beard and hair is travelling all over India and getting rousing reception every where.He speaks only Hindi and so he could not visit TAMIL NADU and KERALA where even English is never spoken.This Swami performs Yoga which no one in the audience mostly hindi speaking can never do.He is having Yoga training camps and his condition to attend his free camp is that you become a member of his organization and his application form needs our PAN CARD No.

We have a 24x7  TV  channel exclusively for Swamiji's you can see Male & Female some fresh from their Make up rooms.

WATCH CHANNEL    ASTHA or something like that.


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