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Syamantaka Mani

Updated on November 28, 2012

Syamantaka Mani and Shri Krishna is a story of Krishna getting false blame of being a thief of Syamantak mani and how he overcame such blame and proved that he was innocent.. Listening or reading this story is considered as a blessing from god and removes all the blames and rumours from your life.

Syamantaka Mani
Syamantaka Mani

King Satrajit received the Syamantaka gem by the elegance of his finest well - wisher, the sun - god, Surya. Following strap the gem to a string, which he afterward hung around his neckline, Satrajit traveled to Dvaraka. The people, thoughts he was the sun - god himself, went to Krishna and told Him that Noble Surya had approach to obtain His audience. But Krishna replied to the man who had approached was not Surya but Ruler Satrajit, who looked very effulgent since he was wearing the Syamantaka gem.

 In Dvaraka, Satrajit installed the valuable stone on a particular altar in his house. Each day the gem shaped a big amount of gold bars, and it had the extra influence of assuring that where it was correctly worshiped no tragedy might happen. On one time Lord Sri Krishna requested Satrajit to provide the gem to the Ruler of the Yadus, Ugrasena. But Satrajit refused due to greed. Soon afterthat Satrajit’s brother Prasena gone the city to hunt on horseback, wearing the Syamantaka gem on his collar. On the street a lion killed Prasena and took the gem left to a mountain cavern, somewhere the king of the bears, Jambavan, was living . Jambavan killed the lion and gave the gem to his son to play through.

When Ruler Satrajit’s brother did not comeback, the Ruler supposed that Sri Krishna had killed him for the Syamantaka gem. Noble Krishna heard regarding this report circulating amongst the general public, and to obvious His name He went with anumberof of the people to discover Prasena. They establish his deadbody, and soas of his horse and the deadbody of the lion, Jambavan had killed. Lord Krishna told the people to stay outside the cavern atthesametime He went in to examine.

The Noble entered Jambavan’s cave and saw the Syamantaka gemstone lying afterthat to a kid. But when Krishna tried to get the gem, the child’s cried out in fear, bringing Jambavan rapidly to the sight. Jambavan thoughtout Krishna an normal man and began combating Him. For twenty - eight time endlessly the two fought, until lastly Jambavan grew feeble beginning the Lord’s blows. Now sympathetic that Krishna was the Supreme Character of Godhead, Jambavan began to admire Him. The Lord afterthat explained all concerning the gemstone. With huge loyalty Jambavan happily presented the Syamantaka gemstone to the Lord, jointly with his single daughter, Jambavati. Inthemeantime Noble Krishna’s companions, having waited twelve days for Krishna to movetoward out of the cave, returned miserably to Dvaraka. While they were worshiping Deity Durga to promise the Lord’s secure comeback, Lord Krishna entered the city in the corporation of His new companion. He summoned Satrajit to the regal assembly and gave the gemstone back to him. Satrajit accepted the gemstone, but bymeansof huge disgrace and apologize. He went back to his house, and present he determined to present Lord Krishna not merely the gemstone but too his daughter so as to atone for the wrongdoing he had committed nextto the Lord’s lotus feet. Sri Krishna accepted the Satrajit’s daughter, Satyabhama, who was able with all heavenly character. But the gemstone He refused, returning it to Emperor Satrajit.

Hare Krishna!   Hare Krishna!


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    • profile image

      sathish 3 years ago

      Please "syamantaka mani" story translate to kannada format.

    • krbalram profile image

      rahul 5 years ago from Bangalore

      very nice pastime of lord.I have read it in krsna book.Marking as ineteresting.