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Sylvia Mitchell

Updated on October 13, 2015

Psychic Services

Sometimes it is easy to believe that there are evil spirits out there, and that they are responsible for the bad luck and poor health experienced by truly unfortunate people. Even the most skeptical man or woman might give lip service to "bad things come in threes" or carry a talisman for luck.

Disambiguation: A different Sylvia Mitchell operates as a psychic in the United Kingdom, but is also embroiled in legal troubles due to alleged fraudulent activities.

Sylvia Mitchell

Sylvia Mitchell offered a more direct approach. For the right right price she could zap those bad spirits for good.

Psychic Fraud

Given the intangible nature of the service, it is hard to see how a charge of fraud could be levels against a psychic. But that is just what two clients of Sylvia Mitchell did.

One had paid about $27,000 and the another a total of $120,000 in a period between 2007 and 2009--which would be enough to make anyone experience buyers remorse.

They had also been offered refunds if their prospects did not improve and specific ways such as getting a new job, but them had trouble getting the money back as promised. And it is perhaps the overly specific nature of these promises that was Mitchell's downfall.

The police are hesitant to consider complaints against psychic anything but a civil matter. But with the assistance of a private investigator who collected specific evidence of fraud, the case went to trial and the psychic was found guilty.

A markerZena Clairvoyant -
82 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10011, USA
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Zena Clairvoyant

Sylvia is the daughter of a clairvoyant going by the name of Zena who has operated a boutique psychic business out of a storefront in Greenwich Village for many years.

Review such as those in Yelp suggest that Zena is pricier than the nearby competition and that some consider her readings to be generic and perhaps even rote performances delivered identically to many different people.

The Defense

Mitchell's lawyer stated that they plan to appeal the conviction, asserting that there is no way to prove she did not carry out the promised services.


Some commentators claim that Mitchell's credulous customers really only got what they deserved. But the problem Sylvia Mitchell has is that see did not only promise to do intangible and unprovable actions such as eliminating bad spirits. She offered tangible outcomes with associated deadlines and promised refunds on this basis. She offered to "hold" money (or various rather implausible reasons) and returned it when requested.

This means that one need not tale a firm position on the legitimacy of psychic services in general in order to see that she did not live up to her side the bargains she was offering. And for that reason she is on the hook for the money, and a possible jail service for perpetrating a fraud. Because a psychic offering to get reliable outcomes in the real, tangible world has to work by the same laws as any tradesman. People should either get whether they were promised, or get their money back.


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