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The Power of Intention (and Why I Believe Thoughts and Prayers Can Be Helpful)

Updated on March 5, 2018

I have experienced miracles. However I didn't understand the connection between miracles and intention until I began to unpack my own experiences after becoming a Reiki practitioner.

And the first experience that stood out for me is this...

I had a complicated pregnancy with my daughter. On bed rest, attempting to parent a high needs toddler, stressed to the max in a relationship with a disordered individual who happened to work away from home, I was doing it all on my own with no support. At 30 weeks, baby stopped growing, and there was almost no amniotic fluid. The OB/GYN decided that if there was no change in the next ultrasound, they would induce labor.

Survival rates for babies born 9 weeks premature were not that great at the time. Grief-stricken, I informed my father. Who informed my grandparents and my aunts. Who (being devoutly Catholic) contacted everyone they could to set up a prayer chain, reaching all across Canada.

At the next appointment with the OB/GYN, after having another ultrasound, he had one look at the results, excused himself and left the room... Puzzled, I waited anxiously for 10 minutes... When he returned, he explained his abrupt departure...

"I had to call the clinic and double check your ultrasound, I was sure it was mislabeled. I couldn't believe it! But these are definitely your ultrasound results." He then proceeded to inform me that baby's growth was EXACTLY where it was supposed to be, gestationally. There was even a healthy amount of amniotic fluid present. There was absolutely no evidence of prior concerns.

My daughter was born on her due date, healthy and no concerns whatsoever.

The odds of that great of a shift in my unborn baby's health are minuscule... There was nothing obvious that I had done in my life to explain it. My partner was still away, driving truck. I still didn't have any support in raising my toddler. I was still unable to follow doctors orders of strict bed rest. And yet, miraculously, the situation shifted. She is my walking, talking miracle. And she was the first undeniable proof in my life that there is some type of force that operates on a different plane than the one the average, everyday human is grounded in.

After receiving my first Reiki attunement, I began to understand intention in a completely new sense. And as I began to apply my newfound awareness to better understand my life's experiences to this point, this was the first major example in my life that stood out as proof that intention can alter reality. My grandparents, while devoutly Catholic, had such an incredible understanding of the spiritual nature of life... In creating that prayer chain, they relied on the power of their intention, belief and faith, and that of others, to save their great-grandchild's life.

As is more prevalent these days, offering thoughts and prayers is seen as a token platitude, and I've seen many posts lately making light of the saying. When offered as a token, without intention and focus behind them, then yes, "thoughts and prayers" are platitudes and useless.

However, if you've read this entire article, I invite you to develop some curiosity about your judgement towards it, and perhaps, try to find examples in your everyday life where the power of thoughts and focused intent (prayers) might have shifted something in your experience.


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    • profile image

      Kathy Enslow 

      13 months ago

      Beautiful... There need to be more awareness about our power od intention. As it so works wonders in our life. :)


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