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Synchronization or Canonization of Life

Updated on September 12, 2016

Words Make A Sentence and Create A Sentence

Synchronization requires a chronicle of words to create a visible result such as a dance routine. The dance requires words to create details, including measurements describing what is necessary to create the synchronization. The dancers ability to understand the instructions of the choreographer is determined by the clarity of the instructions. The same is true when we learn anything. In nature, God is the choreographer, we are the dancers, Jesus is the instructor. When we are not in sync with life and each other, it is easy to see something is wrong, nothing works out the way we want. The words of Jesus sync together to help us understand the synchronization between ourselves, life and others. When everything is in sync, things move and function perfectly. In the same way as the earth syncs with the sun, moon and the rest of the solar system.

Canonization is just the opposite, it uses words as a sphere, as a canon ball, or a bullet of a gun. Notice when you look into the barrel of any type of canon or gun it is dark until the sphere comes out. When it comes out it strikes it’s target with it’s destructive force. The same is true with any written canon. The words are used as a sphere to judge, then destroy those that are not in agreement with the canon. A canon forces everyone to look down the same barrel into the same darkness at the same sphere, in the same way. The canon of the church or any organization is the spirit of that church or organization. It is comprised of words believed to be absolutely true, with no room for negotiation. Organizations with different canons, take aim at each other’s canons.

The reformation created many different sects of Christianity, each taking aim at the other’s with their own canon, using the matters of their own concern. It is impossible for organizations to concur with each other, when they have a different canons aimed at each other. It is like two gunfighters ready to kill one another, the only difference is they are not using guns they are using words. The canon is not only used to cast spheres at each other it cast spheres back at the person aiming the canon. This is a dilemma we live in and leave to our children from generation to generation. The worse part is, as these spheres of traditions continue barreling down the canon, they are wrapped in self righteous goodness and inculcate new members of society with the same canon. We are trained to ignore and are unable to see beyond the goodness that wraps the darkness of the canon. Any synchronization that would lead to a better life for all, is destroyed by the canon.

Thomas Jefferson, Matthew, Luke, Mark, Mary Magdalene, Thomas, Philip, among others were aware of this beautiful synchronization of words laid down by God through Jesus Christ.

Gospel Synchronization or Bible Canonization are two different belief systems of theology. I find that we all have a little bit of both, whether we want to admit it or not. Gospel Synchronization is a coordination of the teachings of Jesus Christ, applied to life, through words. When this information does not sync with our understanding we search to find answers. Societies inculcate people with their own canon, causing the people to look to the expertise of the authorities to solve any issue they may have. Anything that does not agree with the council of the canon is ignored or shot down, with their authority. Thus making it impossible to look at the content in any other way.

When solutions do not match the outcome it is not in sync, our natural tendency is to search for something that synchronizes, in some way or another. In theology, we do this by syncing the words of Jesus to our issue at hand. Synchronization looks at the total performance from many different angles, while canonization looks only at it’s barrel of rules based upon justifications. Rules are good for governments, they have to exist in one capacity or another in order to control the masses. But in an individuals relationship with life or with a supreme being they serve as a blinder preventing everyone from seeing the multitude of applications available. Synchronization is always a target for canonization. When the authorities of a canon see something is against their council they take aim with their authority to subdue it.

Jesus Christ is not looked upon as an authority to solve problems but as a sacrifice to lift people into their glory after death. This ideal is engraved into the walls of the canon of religious organizations. The reality is, Jesus should be our only authority on problem solving regarding all issues of morality, science and the natures of life. When issues of life arise and we seek answers from others, we absorb their canon that often misfires with a solution we are unable to obtain. Bible Canonization is the result of people compiling ideals the way they want God to exist, then engraving these ideals into their own canon. The canon becomes loaded with regulations that create standards that become traditional beliefs providing justification for everyone to follow. The problem is we take on the canon of society and it ends up aimed at ourselves preventing us from synchronizing with anything that is not inculcated by society. These canonized standards do not, if at all, synchronize with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Words identify everything, including all matter and everything that matters. No communication occurs without a word. Words create a sentence and provide a sentence. Words provide a channel of collecting scientific facts such as how the earth we live on synchronizes with the sun at a given speed and distance. All nature is communicated through the synchronization of words. When our words are out of sync we are visibly impaired. Sort of like a dancer that is out of step in a dance routine. The same is true of spiritual beliefs, when in sync good things happen and the goodness is visible. Maybe this is how good tidings became the definition for the word Gospel, since this is the result when practiced. When out of sync with the Gospel of Jesus Christ bad things happen and the natural beauty of our spirit is disrupted.

Each person has a choice to affect their own spirit either by being in sync with Jesus or trying to be in sync with their own canon. God gave us Jesus Christ so we could be in sync with the nature of life and bring Good Tidings to our lives and the lives of others. With out recognizing our inequities nothing is ever corrected or changes in our lives. When our lives are corrected we exalt and respect all of life’s nature through the light of the words of Jesus Christ. It is difficult to understand some of His teaching since the translations of the original words He spoke have been altered to meet the canonization of the various organizations. We have to synchronize the words of Jesus with each other to insure their witness and authenticity. This is easily done when we look only at His words from all of His disciples without canonizing a particular verse or disciple. Just as Jesus makes it clear that His words are parables not to be literally realized. Once synchronized they make a good pair of spectacles to sync and understand the issues of life.


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