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TWIST: Remote Viewing

Updated on May 24, 2011

The name of Remote Viewing (RV) is somewhat wrong. The process of RV is not actually a 'picture view' in the true sense; it is rather a matter of sensing and comprehension or understanding. Additional to that, it is not really remote in the way that one would say to view from a distance or to go to the object and view that from closer.

All humans are a spiritual existence and all our non-physical experiences are on the level of our spiritual beings. In our modern world we tend to dissect everything into small bite size pieces and then look at that under a microscope. The same is valid in our western world when it comes to the things of the spirit world.

We give them different names, description and people go off writing lots of complicated books about a small aspect of the spirit world. Whether we talk of Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Channelling, spiritual healing, or whatever - it is basically the same thing; All our mental and spiritual ability to manifest on a super-physical level; beyond that of the 3D physical confinements. Now consider that as my definition.

Back to Remote Viewing. Basically there is a small difference between Astral Projection and Remote Viewing; but both are similar and in advancement of the other when experienced. In other words, Remote Viewing is a part of Astral Projection; or Astral Projection is a part of Remote Viewing. Now, maybe I have your attention, so let us take a step backward and see what we are dealing with.

We are only a small fraction of the universe and everything in the universe is fully connected. Whatever happens anywhere in the whole big universe does affect everything else in the universe. Light is a form of energy which I will explain in more detail in another section on a later stage. For now, let us just remain with Light being Energy and a source of life.

Whether you want to accept it or not; you are part of a Universe wide field of knowledge. Your life here is all to gain experience and knowledge; and to contribute that to the Universal knowledge.

In Astral Projection (AP) you visualize objects, locations and conditions the keyword is vision. With Remote 'viewing' the key word is actually 'sensing'. It is at the same time more detailed than AP but also less in certain areas. Trying to explain I will have to use non-perfect examples. but that is the best I can think of. AP you can compare to sitting in a 3D IMAX type of cinema with no sound. You have movement, pictures and in some way you are almost like part of the whole scene. RV on the other hand is like a visually impaired person say 85% blind. You can 'see' the image but you are more relying on your senses - colour, shape, smell, awareness and even possible sound.

The incident of Remote Viewing is very similar to that of Astral Projection; but you remain more conscious. Even to the extent of open eye and still aware of what is happening around your physical being - you need to use your senses!

With much of the current teachings and techniques I do have one little problem; much of RV could be the effect of 'Mind Reading'. The subjects are being fed information and what they sense is in part that of the theacher or controller. This is not always the case.

Again: This is my perspective, based on my personal experience and observations.

The normal steps to prepare for RV is also relaxing procedure as I described earlier in "My Astral Experience". However the level of relaxing for RV is much less, remain more conscious. Above all; RV does not have the same dangers as you might find in Astral Projections.

As for the rest, you also need to 'link' your physical and spiritual consciousness but with RV the general applied method is to use paper and pencil.

See my next Hub about "The Secret Truth"


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    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 5 years ago from Isle of Man

      An excellent article and I like the way you explain RV clarifying the terminology and comparing it to Astral Projection. The fact that you have personal experience makes this a very special read indeed. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Siriporn Benjawan 6 years ago

      Oh i hope so, but it is not easy it take for me many years to success in RV. Then i loose my RV ability because of economic and busy with works works works ! Huh so tire.. Thank you for your inspiration.

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile image

      Corrie Lamprecht 6 years ago from Thailand

      You can get it back, it has never been LOST; only supressed by your own mind. It is a matter of re-training your mind to observe.

      Wake up your senses. As I said above, begin by analyzing your immediate envirnment; become aware of everything around you, all sounds, all vibrations, all smells, colours, feelings. Expand to including all people you come in contact with.

    • profile image

      Siriporn Benjawan 6 years ago

      RV is the tools in everyone. But the accuracy is another story. To prove that the RV is good quality is to read a book without opening eyes. Then have someone check your reading is correct or not. I have been experienced RV reading my telephone diary book, last 10 years ago i forgot to bring my diary book i could not find the telephone number of my friends. So i closed my eyes and concentrate deep meditation to the diary book and suddenly i saw my book then i slowly open the book page by page and found my friend telephone number appeared to my meditation. When i came back home i open the book to check if it is the same that i saw in my RV or not. The answer is YES 100% correct. Now i can not recover that gift back as i have many works and no time to train. So now i loose my RV ability. I wish i could get it back oneday if i have nothing to worry about my living and my future. Thanks for Corrie posting your RV experiences.