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Tbh = Think Beyond Horizon

Updated on December 6, 2018


TBH is actually a short form for “to be honest” – we all probably know this. We use shortcuts or short forms as much as we can. We even improve them. For me it started with the well-known MSN Messenger!

I’ll type “gg?” (for “gohts guet?”), which means how are you in German.

What is our though about the short terms? Why do we use them? Let me make it clear, it is not wrong to use them. I do it all the time, because its faster and saves our fingers the extra mile to move from one letter to the other.

Although, we use all these short and fast terms, our world is running faster and faster. Everything has to be done fast.

God didn’t create you as a microwave product.

Two minutes in the Church and you become a leader, pastor, bishop, businessman, father, husband, daughter, wife and we could go on and on with this list!

Again, I am not saying that we should not be using these short terms, but let it not become a pattern that tells you that you should be stepping into your destiny right away.

Think beyond the horizon! When God tells us that He has a plan, He knows what you need to be capable for the position He is about to give you!

Coming out of High school, you have a small amount of experience on how to manage a Company, how to Pastor a Church or how to deal with problem situations.

I always tell my Team I work with – When you are prepared, you already did half of your work! Let me break this down. When my supervisor would tell me that I had to solder the Cables behind the Stage, in my mind I’m already planning.

What’s the priority level of this task? When do I have spare time? Once I have scheduled it and I’m about to start soldering those Cables, I get the tools I need and put it beside me. Imagine I just went to solder. Every time I needed a tool, I would have to go to the back room and grab it. One after the other. If you have a step tracker, you would reach more than the average steps you walk each day. However, because I was prepared before hand, I can sit there and finish the work with ease.

It’s not that God did half of His work (creating you) and He is now doing the other half.

He made you complete and in likeness of Himself. He knows where He wants you and He knows how to lead you to where He wants you. Our thoughts distract us. Humanity limits us. Once you hear Gods voice and you are about to step out the storm comes.

Your parents might disagree with the choice you made, your doubts open a gap for fear and your past tries to take away your confidence. Like a tornado, it’s the same storm but in a different position. It is about the same thing but a different kind of feeling. Anxiety, limitations, questions, guilt of our pasts etc.

What an eagle does is, it flies into the storm so it can fly higher.  If you are facing a storm at the moment, pray and be confident because you are about to reach your breakthrough. The worst thing you can do right now is to give up.

Picture a running race, you are about to cross the final line but you stop and sit down and look at the line. And every one else is just running by you and you lost the competition. This is what will happen when you give up.

Your destiny is not far from you, but the more you let others control your life and let fear into your life, you will start to feel depressed, not accepted and unqualified.

Let me encourage you. All things that are happening to you, is to prepare you for the greater purpose God has planned for you. We need to face it so we can learn from it everyday!

Our world is like a university. Once we wake up in the morning we go to school. We learn something new everyday.

So wake up and make sure you go to school!!

Lots of love

Jenan Joseph

© 2018 Jenan Joseph


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