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Thank You, Adonai! (Poem)

Updated on September 18, 2013

Upon arising from sleep this morning,

Imbedded in my spirit within me

Were the words, Thank You, Lord!

These words delighted me into consciousness

I could hear these words loud and clear on the inside,

I hadn’t opened my eyes to greet this new day, I was alone, but not alone

Waking up out of this cancelled slumber, because a new day had arrived,

Bursting through the chambers of my soul, my heart was singing a song of thanks,

I could hear these words so eminently rehearsed, Thank You, Lord!

Joy beckoned to me annunciate it, give voice to this inner cry

No other words were present at this call to awaken, it is then that I said, with my articulate voice

Heartily I proclaimed, “Thank You, Adonai" (Lord!)


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